A New Day (The Regular Dead)
Season 1, Episode 1
The Regular Dead Episode 1 A New Day
Post Date August 15, 2014
Written By JustSomeGuy23
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Main Characters
Mordecai, Vanellope, Rigby, Eileen, Rancis, Margaret, Benson, Gloyd, CJ, Don
Minor Characters
Officer, Felix, Steve, Ralph

"A New Day", retitled "Episode 1" is the first episode of JustSomeGuy23's The Regular Dead.


College student Mordecai Quintel is being transported to prison for killing a state senator that had an affair with his girlfriend. While leaving Atlanta with a police officer, the police vehicle crashes into a walker and the officer loses control of the vehicle and crashes off the highway.

Mordecai stirs from consciousness and finds out that the police officer is dead. After grabbing the handcuff keys from the police officer's pocket to unlock himself, Mordecai sees the police officer reanimate. Frightened, Mordecai manages to kill the undead officer before it could devour him.

After fighting off the police officer, Mordecai finds a young girl named Vanellope hiding in her treehouse from the walkers after her parents took a trip to Savannah. Mordecai kills Vanellope's undead babysitter, and then he tells her that he'll look after her until her parents are found. Along the way, the duo meet Felix and Steve, the former offering Mordecai and Vanellope to stay at his brother, Ralph's house in exchange for assistance. While at the property, Mordecai and Vanellope meet Ralph, and a family of three consisting of Rigby, Eileen, and their adopted son Rancis.

After failing to save Felix from the walkers, Ralph banishes the group from his property. A few hours later, Mordecai and company arrive at Macon, where they meet a group consisting of their leader Margaret, her best friend Benson, and fellow group members CJ, Don, and Gloyd. After an argument between Mordecai's group and Benson, the latter suffers a small heart attack due to his heart problem. Mordecai agrees to help find nitroglycerin pills that Benson is required to take for his heart condition. Gloyd volunteers to head to a motel just outside Peach Tree to get some supplies for the group, he becomes stranded there, leading Mordecai and CJ to rescue him.

While at the motel, Gloyd explains to Mordecai and CJ that he was trying to rescue a survivor who is trapped in her room due to walkers banging on the front door, however after rescuing her, the trio discovers that she's been bit, and wants to commit suicide so that she doesn't reanimate. This event leads to a scuffle between Mordecai's small group and the bitten survivor. Eventually, the survivor gains the upper hand and manages to kill herself.

The trio return to the drugstore, where Mordecai goes outside with Don to investigate. Before hand, Mordecai heads to his parents office, where CJ confronts him of his identity, and his past, and promises to keep it a secret.

While outside the drugstore with Don, Mordecai is forced to kill his reanimated sister to retrieve the keys for the pharmacy. After successfully grabbing the keys, Mordecai and Margaret unlock the pharmacy, causing the store's alarm to blare upon entering the pharmacy. The walkers outside take quick notice and start attacking the drugstore. Upon leaving, Mordecai is forced to choose between CJ or Don, which he picks the former. Benson punches Mordecai, intending to leave him for dead, but is rescued by Rigby right before the walkers could devour Mordecai.

The group returns to the motel where they plan on taking shelter. Gloyd leaves the group to head to Atlanta in order to rescue his friends after hearing that the city is overrun by walkers. Despite finding comfortable shelter and water, the group's glimpse of hope is short-lived when electricity is suddenly shut off.



  • Swizzle Malarkey's girlfriend (Confirmed Fate)
  • Atlanta Police Officer
  • Vanellope's babysitter (Zombified)
  • Felix
  • William Quintel (Confirmed Fate)
  • Mrs. Quintel (Confirmed Fate)
  • Bitten Macon Survivor
  • Lacey Quintel (Zombified)
  • Don

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