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N/A              Episode 102


To Whom it may Concern,

Thank You for reading this First Issue/Episode for my new Series Afriad of Living. Thank You.

Plot Synopsis

Tony Garcia looked at the Road Sign. REFUGE CENTER UP AHEAD!. Tony kept on walking to the Downtown Los Angeles Refuge Center on foot. Tony saw Walkers chained up to abandoned cars. Tony took out his Beretta 92fs and continued walking. As Tony Walked he saw a mutilated body of a little girl. He Gaged and the walkers began walking towards him. Tony shot one bullet into a Walker's skull and started to run. Tony saw an abandoned Cube Van and hopped in and started to hot wire it. Walkers began crowding the Van. Tony then ran over the horde and began driving towards the Refuge Center. As Tony arrived, he spotted a Little Group fending off Walkers. Tony Stopped the Van and ran to the back and opened the back.

"Come on!GET IN!" Tony Roared as walkers began walking towards the area. Tony shot walkers, one by one. The Little group of Four got in an they began to drive away.

The Leader of the Group sat up front.

"Thank you, Name's Leon Magcro." Leon looked out the window.

"What are you here for anyways?" Leon asked Tony.

"They said a Refuge Center would be located at Downtown Los Angeles"

Leon scoffed "That turned out to be a pipe dream"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, we were just there and there were walkers everywhere" Leon replied.

"Okay" Tony stopped the Cube Van.

"Where to now?" Fred asked

"San Francisco, I have a Family Member there" Tony said

"Yeah, San Francisco is safe" Melissa said as she hugged Xavier. Tony looked at them "That's what I heard from an emergency Broadcast a few days back" she said. Tony started up the Cube Van and continued Driving.

The Van soon started slowing down and ran out of gas.

"Shit!" Tony shouted

"Didn't check the gas" Fred seethed

"Couldn't" Tony said. The Group began walking on foot, Melissa singing a song to Xavier as he kissed her. Tony, Leon, and Fred walked up front.

"Uh....So Tony, what'd you do before all this came down?" Fred asked

"I was a Professor" he replied. Leon took out his Sawed off Shotgun and raised it.

"Be quiet" he whispered angrily. Three Men wearing Masks came walking out.

"Woah there now!' the leader said.

"What are you doing here?" the second man asked.

"Drew, shut the fuck up!" the leader roared as he took out a pistol. Leon then shot him in the head. Fred watched in fear. Xavier shelded Melissa as Leon shot the third man and finished off Drew. Walkers soon were drawned to the gunshots. Leon ordered his Group into a building as he shot walkers. The Group got in with Leon and they barricaded the door. The Windows Broke open and walkers grabbed Xavier. Fred was looking around the building. Melissa screamed to Leon who shot the walker to late. Xavier's body fell to the floor with a giant bite on his shoulder. Leon and Tony looked at Xavier and Melissa.

Gunshots went off in the building. Fred then came out of the corner with his pistol in hand.

"Shit.." he whispered as he looked at Xavier's body.

Cast and Crew Credits

To Be Added


Unnamed Bandits



First apperance of Tony Garcia

First Apperance of Leon's Group

First Apperance of Bandits

First(And Last)Apperance of Drew

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