It was a cold morning. 25 year old Jason Paul woke up in his apartment room, he groggly got off the bed and walked to the small bathroom, a few bugs crawled around the tile floor, Jason turned on the faucet and splashed water on his face, Jason's black hair was messy. Jason walked over to his closet and threw on a white t-shirt, blue jeans, and some boots, Jason looked out the window, nobody was outside. Jason sat in the living room and looked at the blank tv screen. Jason looked around and opened the door and walked out in the hallway and looked at the main courtyard and saw the nicely trimmed plants. Jason heard some grunting and a single gunshot, he ran over to Mr.Kingsley's room and kicked it open and saw a body with a bullet hole in the head, and Mr.Kingsley on the carpet, a chunk out of his arm missing, he held the wound, Jason rushed to him and picked up the pistol and tucked it in the back of his pants.

"Wh...What happened?" Jason asked

"" Mr.Kingsley gave out a long sigh and then stopped breathing. Jason cussed and looked around the room. Soon, mr.kingsley got up, looking pale, he tried grabbing for Jason who fired a shot into kingsley's shoulder. Jason then tripped and shot him in the head. Jason looked ran out of the room, throwing his pistol away. He saw more creatures in the courtyard, Jason then ran into his room and slammed the door shut, he slumped against the door. Jason thought of a plan and ran to get a couple of bags packed, and opened the sliding glass door and stepped out onto the balcony and looked over the edge, high enough to break a person's ankle. Jason then jumped off the balcony and landed on his foot, he hopped to his Porsche Panamera Turbo and got in. Several creatures surrounded the car, Jason drove out of the place. He drove towards his Friend, Zeke Mercer's house. Jason turned on the radio, a broadcast played out.

"we are outnumbered......(static).......the virus has completely devestated over 150 of the world's major regions, and is spreading rapidly. at this point in time, we only know one method of killing the walkers, destroy the brain, beyond the guard of any loved ones who may have been in any sort of contact with the undead, and if you find yourself in a threatened position, do not hesitate to act.....(static)....again, this is not a test, this is not a joke, we as a species are overwhelmed, we are outnumbered" the radio stopped as a truck crashed into Jason's car.

Jason woke up in the crashed car, the window's were broken, Jason saw blood dripping from his forehead. He moved around and rolled out of the car, and saw the truck, crashed into a fence, Jason walked over to it, and saw a bloody, pale man fall out, he tried grabbing for Jason. Jason yelped and fell onto the street and took out a small pocket knife and stabbed the walker in between the eyes, jason gasped and got off and held his forehead, and limped through the street. Jason saw more walkers roaming the streets, Jason looked back and forward and then collapsed he heard gunshots and he blacked out.

Kylie Jackson ran through the rows and rows of houses, she held a snub nosed python. The world turned into Hell pretty fast. Kylie Jackson was living with her older brother, George in an average house, Kylie and George fended off the walkers, short story, George was bitten, and Kylie had to run. Kylie slumped against a white car and cried, kylie stood up and shot some walkers, and broke the car's window open, the alarm sounded, walkers soon began walking towards her, she hotwired the car and drove out of the neighborhood.

Duncan Porter, led the military vehicles through the refuge city. Duncan took out his M4A1 and aimed it at the walkers, and shot a few. Marcus Lane stopped the truck and got out Marcus and Duncan had orderes from the military to come to the refugee center and protect the people. Marcus looked at duncan and at the sidewalk. Duncan opened one car, a body fell out, Marcus chuckled lightly and kept walking. "you know, we could put up fences around the city, put guards on the lookout, and secure the inside, make an invetory check, every second day" Marcus offered looking at the shining sun. Duncan nodded. Several people ran around, some were getting bit. Duncan took out a lighter and a smoke, Marucs threw it out of his hand. Duncan cussed. Several helicopters flew overhead. Duncan and Marcus looked around at all the wreakage.

Zach West ran with his mother and father through a walker filled town. Zach took out his pistol and shot a walker, Zach and his family ran inside a supermarket and put tables against the doors. Zach's mother, Maria looked around. More gunshots echoing off of wooden pallets. Zach ran to his father, Jesse. The two hug. Maria screams, Zach and Jesse ran to the back where, two african americans wearing black jeans, black hoodies and boots tried to get maria undressed. Zach raised his pistol, but Jesse shot the two in the leg. Jesse walked over to one of the men. He picked a cleaver from the floor and stabbed the man, then the other, he breathed hard and gasped. Jesse wiped the blood from his face. Jesse reached out to maria who pushed his hand away. Zach saw more people running in the supermarket.

"we need to go for the city" jesse said


"it's safer there than out here, think about it...military....fences....and food...please agree with me son" jesse looked at his son

"okay" Zach and jesse got two duffel bags of food, the family left the supermarket.

Kylie Jackson was driving towards the city, several people, walkers, and cars laid in the streets, several families fended, but kylie just kept driving. Kylie flipped through the radio stations.

"please.." her voiced trailed off. Nothing but static. Kylie passed by a car wreck, a white truck crashed into a fence, and a dead walker, a male with black hair was on the ground. Kylie stopped the car and picked him up and struggled to put him into the car. Soon a gunshot hit kylie's car, she ducked as more bullets ricocheted. Kylie pulled out the snub nosed python and scanned the horizon, she got in the car and continued to the city.

Duncan searched an abandoned house with Albert Clane. A walker was smashed under a fallen bookshelf. Duncan aimed his M4A1 on it and lowered it and took out a machete and sliced it and kept hitting it.

"You like that?Huh?Did ya fuckin' like that?!Cos I fuckin' did!" Duncan laughed to albert. The two kept walking. Duncan looked out the giant glass window, a car stopped at the gates. Albert looked around. Albert picked up a bottle of brandy. Duncan snatched it out of his hands. Albert and Duncan left the building. Several cars honked. Duncan walked on top of the gate and looked down, several cars lined below to enter. Duncan loaded his M4A1 and opened fire into the sky. Marcus walked next to duncan.

Marcus smiled. "Come my friends. "Tis not to late to seek a newer world." Marcus ordered the gates to be opened.

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