Broken World is a story made by SkilledNoob359. It'll start up in Late December 2015.


Ryan, a teenager, is one of the survivors of WWIII within his hometown of San Diego, and the harsh reality after the war escalated. He discovers that the war brought out a deadly virus commonly called the Z-Virus, which turned most of humanity into flesh-eating zombies.


Volume 1 - Introduction

Volume 2 - TBA


  • San Diego Residents
    • Ryan (Alive)
    • Elliot (Alive)
    • Bruce (Alive)
    • Adam (Alive)
    • Melissa (Alive)
    • Trevor (Alive)
    • Jett (Alive)
    • Benjamin (Alive)


  • This story is the first story of the Operation: Z-Virus Story Series.

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