• @ = Not appeared
  • @@ = No Lines


  • Hughes Lincoln
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Chase DeVries
  • Jared Kingston
  • Vincent Williams
  • Glenn Harrell
  • Dwight Horseman


  • Shane Ward
  • Allison DeVries
  • Lia DeVries@@
  • Noah Chance@@
  • Brian Deuling@@
  • Isham Summerville@@
  • Jack Waynes@@
  • Nicole Waynes@@
  • Bobby Waynes@@
  • Steve Davis@@
  • Cassidy Davis@@
  • Emily Davis@@
  • Mikey Wilson
  • Maya Malecki


  • None

Chapter 1

Hughes and Shane checks a camp full of survivors. "We should get to base, and tell the others." "Yeah, you're right." "What's going on...." Nathan walks with his family and twin brother. "Damn, there's a camp." "Do we even trust them?" Allison questions the moving. "If you're asking Hughes, why do we even trust Hughes and Shane to protect us?" "Nathan, we'll sacrifice our lives for you." "Yeah, why?" "You're our priority. You're a US Army General, right?" "Yes. Let's walk in, and decide if we can trust them." "Got it, Boss."

As the group enters the camp, the guards there questions the group. "Back away from him. He's a US Army General." Shane aims his rifle at the guards. "Get that damn rifle out of my face!!!" "Jared, shut it. Let them pass." Vincent walks with Nathan and Hughes through the camp. "Welcome to my campground. I'm Vincent, the leader here. You've met Jared, Jack's bestfriend. Jack and his wife and son lives in the farthest tent." Nathan sees Jack cooking dinner for the group while Bobby is flirting with Emily. Nicole walks with Cassidy to the group center. "I got to check up on the water. Glenn, can you guide them for me?" "Sure." Glenn walks to the men. "If you're a soldier, you should drop your rank. Most of us dislikes them for not protecting the people from the zombies." "So, I just get killed if I won't." "Hughes, let's do it. Make sure you tell Shane about my orders." "Fine, Nathan." Hughes walks away. "Nathan? That's your name?" "Yes."

Dwight and two others watches over the camp. "We need the supplies." "I know, Mikey." "We should shoot from up here." "Alright, Maya." Dwight aims his rifle in, and shoots it.


  • None

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