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  • @@ = No Lines


  • Hughes Lincoln
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Chase DeVries
  • Jared Kingston
  • Vincent Williams
  • Glenn Harrell
  • Dwight Horseman


  • Shane Ward@@
  • Allison DeVries
  • Lia DeVries
  • Noah Chance
  • Brian Deuling
  • Isham Summerville
  • Bobby Waynes
  • Steve Davis@@
  • Cassidy Davis@@
  • Emily Davis@@
  • Maya Malecki
  • Elliot Peels
  • Christian Kentman
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Ashton Neil


  • Leonard Peels@@
  • Mike Gere@@
  • Salazar Reeves@@
  • Lilly Neil@@

Chapter 3

Maya and Dwight are looked at by Lia. "Why did you attack us?" "We're a gang. You'll be a fool if you thought that there was only 5 of us. Matthew was instructed to take lead if I got captured or killed. He'll kill you all soon." "Leave my daughter alone. Lia, get in the RV." Allison walks up to Dwight. "If you cause anyone in my family to die, I'll promise that I'll kill you painfully and slowly." Is that so? Mike and Salazar, help me kidnap her." Matthew knocks Allison out, and frees Dwight and Maya. "Maya, stay here, and kill them in their sleep." Mike walks towards a garbage can, but a man pulls out his machete, and decapitates him. "Leonard, ambush them!!!" Leonard impales his wooden spear into Salazar's stomach, killing him. Matthew shoots Leonard in the head. "Retreat!!!" Nathan tackles Maya. "Dwight, you have my wife, I have your girlfriend. Let's switch." "I'll decide my choices." Maya is freed and given her pistol back, but she shoots Dwight in the head, and allows Matthew to be executed by Nathan.

Elliot looks at his brother's corpse. "I made him sacrifice his life for to warn them. I caused his demise." "No, you didn't." "Christian, what am I suppose to do? Forget my brother's death?" "No. Remember the good times." Christian walks away as Elliot and Shane proceeds to bury Leonard. Christian plans a trip with Hughes and Jared. "Christian, we're gonna check out a big house outside of Detroit. Maya told us about it. She told me that she's gonna help us now on." Christian becomes disgusted with the two. "You better not give me a gun. I'll kill that woman!!!" "Calm down, Christian. We're gonna see if she with us or not. I'll giving her my shotgun while I have nothing. If she kills me, execute her." "Then who would help Vincent with his leadership?" "Hughes will." Christian looks at Hughes. "...fuck."

Nathan and Vincent discusses a plan. "We're getting attacked by Dwight's Gang. If his remaining members attacks tonight, we're leaving. Everyone here will leave here under my leadership. You'll be overthrown by me now." "Well, since I've failed, you're the new leader." Nathan looks at Vincent. "Announce it to the survivors then later." "I will."

As Hughes and his supply running squad leaves the camp, Glenn and Isham begins to build another guard tower. "There better not be anymore attacks on us." "I know, Isham. Hopefully, Maya is gone for good."

As Jared drops his lighter and picks it up, Maya blows him head off with the shotgun, but Christian shoots her in the head with his sniper rifle. "Looks like she wasn't trustworthy, Christian. I should've just executed her while Matthew was." The two arrives at the house, where they spot a man with his daughter. "You're gonna attack us again?" "Who attacked you?" "Dwight's gang. They kill my wife, the mother of my daughter, Lilly. I'm Ashton Neil." Lilly hides behind her father. "We have a camp. It's safe there. It's in the woods." "Doubt it. There's several bandit groups in the woods. Should I even trust you? Get the fuck away from here or I'll have to force you off my property!!!" Ashton aims his shotgun at Hughes. "Christian, let's go. They..." "I'll help them." "You sure?" "Ashton, could I?" "Sure, but don't try anything stupid." "I won't." Hughes leaves the house as Christian, Ashton, and Lilly enters the house.

As Noah walks by Brian, who was carrying out Nicole's body after she committed suicide, he tells him to bury her next to Leonard. "Alright, Noah." Bobby cries as he sits outside the RV. Who's gonna care for me now?" "I will." Nathan walks out of the RV. "Noah, you know what happened to Nicole?" "Brian found her body in the tent. She stabbed herself in the head with a hunting knife that Jack had from before he died. Steve is thinking of having his family leave camp." "Let's wait until Hughes and the others returns." Brian runs up to Nathan. "Hughes is the only who has returned. He told me and Isham that Christian left the group while Jared and Maya are dead. The house that they were heading to was attacked before by the same enemy we had." Isham and Vincent walks to the Davis Family's truck, and enters it. "We're heading to the border. We're gonna be in Canada. Hopefully, you all survive. Best of luck, Nathan." Vincent gives Nathan a thumbs up."

The survivors packs up, and leaves the camp. As the survivors heads onto the highway, they see a zombified Christian and Lilly eating the corpse of Ashton. "Damn...." The group leaves quickly as a small horde forms. Chase looks at Nathan. "You better not get us killed." "I won't."


  • Mike Gere
  • Salazar Reeves
  • Leonard Peels
  • Dwight Horseman
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Jared Kingston
  • Maya Malecki
  • Nicole Waynes(Confirmed Fate)
  • Christian Kentman(Alive)
  • Ashton Neil
  • Lilly Neil(Alive)

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