• @ = Not appeared
  • @@ = No Lines


  • Hughes Lincoln
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Glenn Harrell


  • Lia DeVries
  • Noah Chance
  • Brian Deuling
  • Bobby Waynes
  • Elliot Peels
  • Shawn Eron


  • None

Chapter 5

Hughes walks to an abandoned gas station along with Glenn and Noah. "Why us?" "I don't trust Nathan. He's a danger to me now. He will get us all killed. Us three should execute him in his sleep. "Oh really?" Nathan and the rest of the group arrives, and aims at the three. "This wasn't my idea." "Bullshit, Hughes. Noah, do you want to flee now alongside me?" "Yeah.....sure...." The two survivors runs away as Lia grabs Hughes, and slits his throat. "The two others can run, but they'll die from the zombies, not us." Nathan and his fellow survivors walks to an abandoned train, and began to get it working.

Brian and Elliot walks to the rear carts. "I wander what's in here." "It's possibly...." A man with an eyepatch smashes a beer bottle on Elliot's head, knocking him out. Brian pulls out a gun on him. "Don't make me do this!!!" "You're gonna wake the others up!!!" Brian looks over to his left, and sees 3 other survivors sleeping. "Let us help. I sorry about with your friend." Nathan and Bobby arrives. "Nathan, what are gonna do to them?" "I'll speak to them." Nathan enters the cart as Brian and Bobby carries Elliot to another cart. "What's your name?" "Ain't telling." Nathan pulls out his machete. "Answer now or your friends are dead." "Do it. I dare...." Nathan decapitates the 2 other survivors, and begins to hack the man to death. Lia walks in, and begins to be disgusted with her father. "They were a threat to us. If something seems wierd, don't trust the people." Lia looks at the dead survivors. "They looked like bandits." 

After the father and daughter threw the bodies off the train, Shawn walks to a chair, and sits on it. "How you killed those survivors was pure evil." "Is that what you did to others as you survived in your church?" Shawn looks down at himself. "It was a simple mistake." "Yeah.....a mistake that possibly killed more people than how many I killed, pre and post apoc. Well, god would probably be mad at us for the violence that we all have done. Me executing the group's enemies, and you allowing zombies to kill people....even children. I know who I am, but I don't know if you're an asset or you're a burden. Either way, I still trust you to not kill me." Lia hears the two start to talk about there should still be religion. "I doubt that would happen, knowing that the others are probably turned athiest now. I'm still a christian, just like my father." "I'm still religious. I helped my church in Lansing. They....unfortunely died from a small bandit group." Elliot is followed by the rest of the group, except for Brian, who is in the front of the train, monitering the drive.

The train enters a subway. "Stop the train!!!" Brian stops the train, and as the group exits, zombies starts coming closer as Nathan and his group looks at weapons on the group. "We ain't gonna allow them to scare us. We'll take them down,!!!" Nathan and his group starts attacking the zombies with melees.


  • Hughes Lincoln
  • 3 Unnamed Train Survivors
  • Several Unnamed Subway Station Survivors(Corpses Only)

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