This Sorrowful Life
Chasing The Truth Episode 10
Season 2, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 9/19/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Made To Suffer The Dying Lights

This Sorrowful Life is the tenth episode of Chasing The Truth.



  • @=Doesn't appear
  • @@=No lines





Noah looks outside the door, and sees a horde of zombies trying to break through the door. Noah grabs his gun, and aims as the zombies are trying to break open his door. As Bobby and the others flees towards the stairs, he hears screams for help. As Bobby and the others arrived to the jail, he spots several prisoners, including Benji. "Noah will betray his word, and he will kill all of you. Believe me!!!"

Glenn and Isham runs towards the garage alongside Brody, Ezekiel, and 2 others. As Glenn and Isham got into the truck, zombies surrounded, and killed the 4 others.

As Chase was the last to get freed, a zombie bites into his neck, and proceeding to devour, but Gulliver putted him down. As Bobby and the others escapes, and putted down the zombies surrounding the truck. bobby stays behind, and goes to look for Noah. The group drives away, and sets their goal to make it to DC. "We'll cure this disease. It better happen." Clancy tries to take leadership of the group, but Billy announces a plan. "Me and Billy will be leaving the group now. Let us leave this truck." Gulliver and Billy walks into the woods while the group returns to driving.

As Noah got out of his office, and checked out the window, a teenagers walks up to him. "Time to die, asshole." The teenager shoots Noah in the head, and zombies surrounded the survivor, and began to devour him.

As the group stopped after someone shoots their tires, a group of survivors aims at them. "Who are you all? You're traveling to DC?" "We're a group. Yes, we're heading to DC." The survivors sets up camp. "Cars aren't allowed here. Noises will cause our traveling community to worry. I hate worrying. No cars!!!" "But we..." "If you don't like our rules, you should tell our leader in Redworks. He would be angry at you all. Welcome to the community." Searchlights are shined onto the group, and the men aims at them.


  • Harris
  • Craig
  • Ezekiel Neil
  • Brody Cloyd
  • Chase MacLane
  • Jordan(Zombified)
  • Justin(Zombified)
  • Juan(Zombified)
  • Felipe(Zombified)
  • Anna(Zombified)
  • Douglas(Zombified)
  • Christian Kentman(Zombified)
  • Noah Chance
  • Unknown Survivor
  • 3 Noah's Gang Members(Zombified)

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