Life's A Bitch
Chasing The Truth Episode 17
Season 3, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 10/5/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Notice Full Out Assault



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  • @@=No lines





Loki runs to the gun shop, and gathers the remaining guns there, and he spots a note, saying, "Put down Louise and Markos for me, Samuel." As Loki drops the note, he spots a zombified Samuel, and puts him down. As Loki opens the warehouse, he spots the two other zombified survivors, and he puts them down. As he walks towards the river, he spots two stranded survivors surrounded by alligators. As Loki tries, and take down the alligators, some Arbor Village Bandits shoots at him. The two stranded survivors falls into the river, getting killed by the alligators. As Loki looks from his cover, he spots their leader, The Master. "Loki, leave your cover, and surrender!!!" Loki opens fire on the bandits, killing 5 of them. Loki jumps into the river, going missing from the sights. "Shit! He's gone!!!" The Master and his men retreats. Loki leaves the river, and climb up the hill, where Liam regroups with him. I've escaped from The Hunters, with a price." Liam shows Loki his missing left hand. "They ate it. The Hunters are cannibals." "Let's find a safe place to stay in until we move to Porter Colony." "Alright."

Isham, Nathan, and Shawn stays in an apartment, and plans their next move. "Shawn, do you want to lead the church here?" "Sure. I'm still a religious man." "Same here. Isham, are you still..." "Yeah." Nathan and Isham leaves the room, and chats in the hallway. "I don't trust these people, Nathan. This might be a death trap for us." "Trust me, you'll be fine." Isham returns to his room, and Nathan roams outside. A guard walks up to Nathan. "Did you know any other Alexandrian survivors that died before you returned there?" "Nope. I only knew Loki, Bill, and Harry." "You remember me? I'm Calvin Raider, Alexis' boyfriend. We've been doing alright." A man stalks the Porter Colony. "Kirk, when will us Hunters make our move?" "Not now, Milo."


  • Samuel(Zombified)
  • Louise(Zombified)
  • Markos(Zombified)
  • Erin
  • Jack
  • Patrick
  • Brian
  • 3 Arbor Village Bandits

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