Chasing The Truth Episode 26
Season 5, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 10/12/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

After be notified of himself being exiled from entering Porter Colony and traveling to the Midwest, Nathan finds a fortified farm with survivors in it. Isham's group decides the fates of two bandits. Chase, Sam, and Loki gets caught in a situation with a gang of cannibals. A survivor checks on his group, but they're getting attacked by a horde of zombies.


Nathan drives alone to a fortified farm named the Thompson Family Farm. "I wish I wasn't exiled from Porter Colony." Nathan drives to the gate, and a survivor lets him in. "Who are you, fellow survivor." "Nathan." "I'm Salazar, The owner's oldest son, and second oldest child. My father is Horace. I'm the sniper here." "I had to give up on caring for my son after he, along with my friend Natalie, died. I was alone for the past 5 months after Loki left for Alexandria." "Let's get you settled in." Salazar enters Nathan's car, and drives up to the farm house. The survivors at the farm gathers up to the car. "Salazar, who's that with you?" "He's a lone survivor. He had a son, but he died from zombies. He's been alone for a long time." Horace walks up to Nathan, who had a long beard. "What's your age?" "19." Salazar is shocked. "I had a group in Michigan, but I was kicked from their group for trying to keep all of my friend alive, and failed." Nathan drops his supplies, and gives Horace his pistol. "Can you take me out of this suffering?" "No. I can't kill you. You seem to be a capable survivor for us. Maybe you could help Salazar with..." "I suck at sniper rifles. I'm better at killing bandits and enemy groups." Horace becomes suspicious of Nathan. "I'm starting to want you out of here. Stop being an ass." Nathan walks to his car, but the oldest child stops him. "Maybe you can help me with farming?" "Alright."

Isham finds two thieves going through the group's supplies, and takes them down, and ties them to two poles. "Everyone, let's decide the fate of these thieves." "Please don't kill us!!!" "Yeah, don't! We're hungry!!!" "Shut the fuck up!!!" Ashton shoots one of the thieves in the head, and Simon shoots the other. Isham walks back into the base. "Willow and Kevin, take guard." "Alright." Isham sits down next to Daniel. "I can't believe this happened. We should've held him as prisoners." "Feed them? Fuck no!!!" Daniel looks down.

Chase and Sam enters a house, which has blood on the walls. "This is sick!!!" "We should still check for supplies." Chase opens a food shelf, but a bandit tackles him, and aims his rifle at him. "Sam, run!!!" The bandit knocks Chase out. Sam tries to escape, but another bandit knocks her out. "Kelly, nice!!!" "Yeah, Mac. Where's Gilroy?" "I found another survivor for our dinner tonight." Gilroy drags a knocked-out Loki to the hallway. "Let's line them up, and execute them, one by one." The two others smiles at Mac's request. A survivor looks through the window, and sneaks up to the bandits, and kills them. The three survivors wakes up, and sees a masked survivor climbing out the window. "Who are you?" Loki asks the survivor. "I'm Archer Rodriguez. I need to get back to my secret hideout." Archer leaves the house.

Archer runs back to his base, and finds zombies are attacking his 6 fellow survivors. Archer finds two of his fellow members dead. "Mitch and" Archer looks at the zombies, and shoots at them, helping the others escape. Archer retreats with them, but they leave him behind. Archer walks to the main road, and finds Loki, Chase, and Sam driving a truck. "Wait!!!" The truck stops. "You're joining us now?" "Yeah." Archer enters the truck, and the 4 returns to the base.


  • Nathan DeVries Jr.(Confirmed Fate)
  • Natalie Smith(Confirmed Fate)
  • Manuel Shepard
  • Marcus Channel
  • Mac
  • Gilroy
  • Kelly
  • Mitch(Confirmed Fate)
  • Doug(Confirmed Fate)

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