Chasing The Truth Episode 27
Season 5, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 10/13/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

Nathan forms a love interest with Hailey, but she reveals a family that'll possibly ruin the relationship. Curtis becomes curious about what's hidden in the cornfields. Salazar argues with Horace.


Nathan walks towards the barn along with Hailey. "Can't believe that 2 weeks after you joined us, we became lovers." Nathan kisses Hailey, but Hailey looks down after. "What's wrong?" "I have to tell you the truth about how my father feels about you. He wants you to quit dating me." "How the fuck does he know?" "Guess who?" "The twins." "Yeah. Eddie and Matt spied on us." "Well, if your father want me away from you, then it'll be alright. You might find a better man." Nathan walks away, and Hailey looks down, and cries. Horace walks to Hailey. "You did the right choice. He's dead weight." "Bullshit! He helped me lots!!!" Salazar yells at his father. "Salazar, get in the house! You're gonna be punished!!!" Salazar storms into the house.

Curtis carried supplies to the barn, and sees movement in the cornfield within the walls. Dan walks to his father. "Dad, what's wrong?" "Son, check the cornfield. There's a stranger in here." "Why me?" "I said so." Dan walks to the bushes while Curtis enters the barn, and Nicole runs into Dan. "Nicole! Don't scare me like that!!!" "I'm sorry."


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