Chasing The Truth Episode 28
Season 5, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 10/13/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Endangered The Killer Within Part 1



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Episode Info

Archer sees a sense of guilt with in the group. Nathan plans on overthrowing Horace's rule over the community. A farm survivor plans to murder the others on the farm. A survivor spots a bandit raid on his fort.


Archer looks at how Isham talks to the group about the past. "Isham, can I say something? You're guilt of your past, aren't you?" "You're right." Archer and Isham walks away from the others. "How do you know?" "I could sense it." "Yeah, so..." "I would like the group to vote on who should actually lead this group." "This group ain't a democracy anymore. We've changed, and so should you." Archer walks away, believing that Isham was right.

Nathan and Dan walks by the barn. "We should overthrow Horace. All he done to the both of us is torture us. We should convince your father to put Horace in his place." "Horace is old, and a punch in the face could kill him." "Not attack, talk it over." "Ohh...alright." "We should do it while we have the chance." Nathan and Dan walks to Curtis.

Hailey and Nicole walks to the chickens, and checks for some eggs. "We should convince dad to allow ourselves to have boyfriends." "Right." "He's being a total moron." "I know, but he might be trying to protect us...from getting pregnant." Nicole realizes the safety and danger. "I understand..." The two returns to their tasks.

Johnny looks at the others, and reloads his pistol. "I'll claim all the food for myself, and kill everyone. They'll be stupid to understand what kind of a person I really am." Johnny hides his gun in his jacket, and walks to Horace's room, and shoots the person in the head, but he realizes that he shot Dan, who was sneaking through the files at Horace's desk. Curtis rushes in, but Johnny knocks him out, and ties him to a pole, and slits his throat. Nathan hears the gunfire, and rushes for cover. "Everyone! Get in cover!!!" Salazar and the siblings hides. Horace sneaks behind Nathan. "Do something, Nathan!!!"

Daniel walks up to an entrance to his fort, and finds a dying man coughing on his blood. "What happened?" "The Framers Gang attacked us..." The survivor dies. A gang member shoots at Daniel, but misses. Daniel shoots a member in his chest, killing him. "Gary, rush to put down York. Craig, follow me." The leader advances with Craig, and Daniel escapes. Daniel runs towards a gate, and sees gunfire. "Help me!!!" Salazar looks back, and rushes to open the gate. "Help us take down a traitor of ours." "Fine." Daniel and Nathan breaks into the house, and a gunshot is fired.


  • Dan Douglas
  • Curtis Douglas
  • James Seevers
  • York

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