Chasing The Truth Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 9/14/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Opposition Bait

Interrogation is the third episode of Chasing The Truth.



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Gregory and Cassidy went into the police station to gather some weapons. As they gathered the weapons, a zombie bites into Cassidy's arm. Gregory shoots the zombie in it's head. "Cut my arm off!!!" Gregory amputates Cassidy's arm, and the survivors retreats from the police station. As they store the weapons into the car, zombies starts to come closer. "Only 2 of us can go. I'll be at the camp later. I'm gonna find another vehicle to drive to camp." Gregory walks away. As Cassidy begins to faint, Jack tries to carry her into the car, but the horde is getting too close for his comfort. "I'm sorry." Jack puts Cassidy down, and drives towards the camp.

Gregory looked as his brother putted Cassidy down. "I understand what he did....." Someone knocks Gregory out. "Timmy and Michael, let's get Gregory to the base." "How about you, Chuck." "I'm gonna spy on...." Mikey shoots Chuck in the head, and Kelvin holds Timmy and Michael hostage. "You traitors..." "Shut it!!!" Kelvin shoots Timmy in the head. "Gregory, we're gonna help your camp. We've betrayed Noah. Go, and alert your camp of Noah's ext attack that'll occur tomorrow! Run!!!" Gregory looks at Kelvin. "Thank you all!!!" "No problem. Michael will be our bait." The four returns to the police station, and locks Michael up.

Jack returns to the camp. Christian sees that Gregory and Cassidy aren't with him. "Gregory is coming. Cassidy was killed by zombies." Gregory drives up with a Military Humvee. "I've found this for the upcoming battle tomorrow. Mikey and his squad betrayed Noah, and killed 2 of Noah's guards, and are holding one hostage or using as bait." Gregory walks into the RV. Vincent walks up to Jack. "Jared's execution has to occur tonight. He's been harassing Allison." Allison walks over to the two. "Yep. He tried to have me free him or that he would rape me." Jack realizes the danger of the camp.

Jack and Christian carries Jared to a store in Atlanta, and shoots Jared's legs with a shotgun. "Jared, what will be your last words?" "I don't want to...." Christian shoots Jared in the head with his shotgun.


  • Cooper(Zombified)
  • Cassidy Davis
  • Chuck Harrison
  • Timmy Bud
  • Jared Kingston

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