The Killer Within Part 2
Chasing The Truth Episode 30
Season 5, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 10/16/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

Nathan and Salazar confronts Johnny after he crashed into a tree, which helped with Hailey escaping for the rescue squad. Zombies barges into the Farm Community, destroying any hope of a secure land with peace. Loki and the rest of the group faces against the huge horde, which killed a few of their members. Willow and Daniel plans an escape. Two mysterious survivors arrives at Porter Colony with his pet tiger. Chase and Sam continues to mourn the loss of Kevin. Daniel reveals his secret. A Alexandrian survivor walks around the community to check up on the guards. Gulliver looks out for his own community, Adams Colony. An Adams Colony Guard spots a injured survivor.


Nathan and Salazar aimed their guns at the truck as it crashed into a tree. Hailey flees towards Nathan and Salazar. Johnny gets out of the truck, and shoots Salazar in the head, killing him. Hailey grabs Salazar's shotgun, and shoots Johnny in the chest, killing him. Hailey reveals a zombie bite on her neck to Nathan. Nathan cries, and proceeds to put her down. Nathan plans on heading to an airport to try and flee the country, but finds no airplane. "Looks like I'll travel, and try and find a potential safe haven, maybe check up on Alexandria.

Zombies breaks through the Farm gates, and begins to devour on the livestock. Nathan walks past the area while disguised. "No more future..." Nathan walks away, and proceeds to head towards Alexandria.

Willow dies from her fever, and her eyes opens, and bites into Daniel's neck, killing him. Chase and Sam tries to block the door, but a zombie grabs onto Chase's head, and bites into his left eye, infecting him. Sam drags Chase away, and Chase reanimates, and devours Sam, killing her. A zombified Daniel walks towards Loki, but Archer puts him down. Loki and Archer sees a zombified Sam getting up. "We better leave." A zombie grabs Archer shoulder, and bites him. Loki shoots Archer in the head, and escapes the building, and drives away.

Gulliver looks at one of his guards, Andrew. "What's out there?" "A survivor!!!" The survivor slowly walks to the Colony. "Shit...he's injured." Gulliver and another survivor help the man to the medical center. "What's your name, survivor." "I'm...Samson Hicks."

A male survivor walks up to Porter Colony, which increased it's area property by a triple amount. "Michonne, you trust them?" "Yeah, Mathers." Michonne pets Lia. 2 guards opens the gate. "Welcome to Porter Colony!!!" "What your names?" "I'm Billy and this is Atticus. Jack will want you all in his office. Maybe not that tiger." "Her name is Lia." "Ohh...okay..." Billy and Atticus shuts the gate as the newcomers enters.

A survivor walks to the construction crew. "Phil, Gil, Bonnie, Roger; You better not lack off." The four survivors returns to their job. Willis looks at the church. Shawn walks out of his church. "Hey Willis." "Hello. How was the service?" "You know that I don't work there anymore. I've been praying to be able to go on a supply run with a few others." "Don't worry. I'm assigning you to go on a supply run to Richardson Colony in Lexington, which is in Kentucky.

Nathan camps in a camp in Lexington. A survivor walks towards him. "Don't think that you're gonna get anything!!!" The survivor and several tries to attack him with melee weapons, but Nathan pulls out his rifle. "Get the fuck away from me, you sick bastards. The survivors walks away. A survivor looks at Nathan. "Those are the leaders of the jerks here. They'll try, and steal from others. Don't worry. I'm a nice person here." Who are you?" "I'm Serena. My kids are in the local daycare here." "I knew a man that was talking about his family. I think his name was..." "Isham?" "Yeah." "Where is he?" "Dead." Loki walks in. "I found his corpse, and I buried him. He was killed by a traitor in my group. Nathan, the school fell." "I know. Where's my brothers?" "Both died." "Fuck..." Nathan looks as an infected survivor grabs Loki, and bites him in the neck. Serena puts the survivor down, and Nathan puts Loki down. The survivors at the camp turns on the two. Serena and Nathan shoots the survivors in their heads, and Nathan and Serena gets Bobby and Joyce, and drives away.

Shawn and his squad drives, and stops as they spot another car driving towards. "Get out of the car!!!" Nathan regconizes Shawn. "Shawn!!!" Nathan, and Serena and her family walks to Shawn's squad. "Nathan and others, join Alexandria." The survivors drives away towards Alexandria.


  • Salazar Thompson
  • Johnny Blend
  • Hailey Thompson
  • Chase DeVries(Alive)
  • Sam Zimmerman(Alive)
  • Willow Kane(Alive)
  • Daniel Harrison(Alive and Zombified)
  • Archer Rodriguez
  • Loki Wells


  • Michonne isn't the character from the Walking Dead TV and Comics.
  • Mathers is based on Ezekiel from the Walking Dead Comics.
    • Ironically, he appears alongside a pet tiger.
  • Porter Colony makes its return.
  • More Alexandrian Survivors are revealed.
    • Ironically, they're newcomers to there, as the original members were all confirmed to be killed, excpet for Loki(Who joined with the main group) and Willis(Who returned to there from Porter Colony).
  • The author is confirming that Jack Waynes is in Alexandria, but won't appear until Season 6, Episode 2.
  • Gulliver is confirmed to return, along with Shawn.
    • However, his followers never followed his back to DC. Instead, they moved to an unknown location.

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