Chasing The Truth Episode 31
Season 6, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 10/17/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

Shawn goes on another supply run, but gets attacked. Bobby sexually assaults Hannah, but another survivor steps in, but gets a fatal result. Joyce learns her father's fate from her mother. Willis meets with Jack and Gulliver about checking out Richardson Colony. Greyson teaches Brady how to write. Mathers and Michonne returns to their base, which is called The Kingdom. Samson reveals that he's a part of The Kingdom. 2 kingdom survivors encounters a herd. A couple is attacked by an infected survivor. A zombie invasion occurs in Alexandria. Two new small groups are introduced. Two survivors in the outskirts of DC are revealed to be lovers.


Shawn and his fellow survivors drives into the store, and a survivor hands another supply the radio. "Roger, tell Willis that we have arrived." "We will." The survivor silences the radio. "Jared and Tommy, we're going in." The three jogs into the store, as 4 survivors waits outside with the radio man. Shawn looks at Jared and Tommy. "We better hurry. Ted, Lilly, Briggs, Troy, and Mason might leave us behind." "Alright." "Got it."

A survivor lunges out of the shadows, and grabs Jared. Tommy panics, and runs into a masked survivor holding a blade. The masked man reveals his position. "I'm Matthew Black aka The Assassin." Matthew knocks Shawn out. The 5 survivors outside spots the two masked men, and opens fire on them. Matthew breaks Jared's neck, and him and his fellow survivor drags Shawn into a room. "Jeremy, watch him. You're The Sidekick, right?" "Alright. How about we warn the others of the intruders?" "Yeah. We'll just lock him here." Matthew blocks the door with Jared and Tommy's bodies as he puts them down. Matthew arrives at the entrance, and finds zombies killing the 5 survivors. "Damn..." Matthew shuts the door.

Nathan walks past Serena's room as she tells Joyce that her father died. Joyce cries on her mother's shoulder. Nathan walks away, and meets up with the butcher of the community. "How much meat do you need?" "I came by to ask a question. Who is the leader of Adams Colony?" "Gulliver Bennett. He's a strict dictator there. He'll rarely allow newcomers into his Colony." "I need to know where his Colony is at?" "Why?" "I know him." "It's between The Kingdom and Porter Colony. The Kingdom probably fell due to a bandit group. I could be wrong." Nathan walks away, and drives to Porter Colony, and the guards walks to his car. "Your ban is over. Join back. We were scared of your leadership, and you would use us." "I'm sorry, but I don't plan on leading anything anymore. Good luck, Billy and Atticus." Atticus kicks Nathan's car, but Billy pulls him back. "You're trying to get him to go to war against us? Stop that!!!"

A couple walks around a small camp in Richmond, and a zombified survivor attacks Jill, and bites into her arm. Linus puts Max down, and proceeds to amputate his wife's arm, but she refuses. "Allow myself to die so I can be with my miscarried child easier." "I'm so sorry..." Linus puts his wife down. The survivors pulls him away. "We're gonna bury her and Max later. Stay home, and rest." "Barnaby Rockefeller, what is life most important for me now?" "Keep surviving. Suicide is the lazy way out. Dying while trying to survive is what you want to die from. I've seen suicide since when I was a toddler. It ain't good." Linus and Barnaby walks to the local library.

2 Kingdom survivors scouts the area in the watchtower, and finds another huge horde coming. "We better alert the others." "I agree."

Mathers and Michonne walks to their mansion, and as they get into their bed, the two guards barges into the room. "Get out, Marcus and Eddie!!!" "Listen! A huge horde is coming his way!!!" Mathers is shocked. "I guess my fun time will be postponed until this threat is gone." Mathers walks with Marcus and Eddie out of the mansion. "Also, Samson hasn't returned from his 1st solo supply run. We found bandits at the location that he was gonna head to. He was injured, and another survivor here confirmed that the Adams Colony invited him in for to care for him." "Ok...We'll need to get him here." "Alright."

Greyson gives his 4 year old son a pencil. "What's this, Brady." "A pencil..." "Correct. I'm gonna teach you how to write." Greyson guides his son through the steps. "Honey, I'm going to the market." "Alright."

Hannah walks out of her house, and Bobby walks up to her. "Nice legs. I bet they're waiting for myself to make love with the woman who has them." Hannah slaps Bobby. The closest survivor tackles Bobby. "You better suffer." "Do it! I dare you, fucker!!!" Bobby slits the survivor's neck, and grabs Hannah. Bobby grabs Hannah's shoulder, and stabs her in the stomach, killing her. "I'll be a hidden killer." Hannah reanimates as Bobby runs away, and grabs the butcher, and kills him. A zombified Ty gets up, and breaks into Greyson's home, and tries to attack Brady, but bites into Greyson's leg. Greyson gets up, and stomps on the zombified Ty's head. Bobby walks by the window, and shoots through the window, shooting Greyson in the neck, allowing him to reanimate.

Bobby grabs Brady, and brings him to a secret location in the community. "Stay here, little Brady." "Where my momma?" "She's busy." Bobby locks the child in the secret outhouse, which is soundproof. A zombie enters Serena's apartment, and as Serena opens the door, the zombie bite her in the neck, killing her. Joyce screams as another zombie bites her in the arm and then the face.

Willis, Jack, and Gulliver meets in a small pharmacy to discuss the group plan. "We're gonna need to do this plan." "What so important about Richardson?" "Don't we have The Kingdom still?" "The Kingdom is my ally. Richardson might be another."

Matthew and Jeremy walks towards the others. "We should celebrate a victory for us defending our community, which is only in this large apartment, Richardson Colony." The survivors cheers as they drink the juice.

Samson begins to talk to the nurse. "Helena, I need to confess you something." "What is it?" "The Kingdom is still going." "How do you..." "I'm the secondary leader of The Kingdom. Mathers is still running it. I was attacked by Richardson Colony. They're the big enemy. They're leading the horde to The Kingdom. You should alert Gulliver about this." "I will. This is serious. Thank you." "No problem."

Shawn escapes from the room, and flees to the meeting place. "Don't help Richardson. They kill the others on my supply run. They're trying to kill us all." Jack stands up. "You're shitting me?" "I'm speaking the truth. The leader almost killed me. The Colony size is 34 survivors. The Kingdom exists still." "Let's change the plan. Let's recruit The Kingdom to help us take down Richardson."

Bobby tries to escape the community, but a Alexandrian guard shoots him in the head, killing him. Roger looks in the secret outhouse, and picks up Brady, and a zombie bites into Roger's shoulder. "Run! Brady Run!!!" Brady tries to run, but a zombie gets him. Roger shoots himself in the head.

Jeremy alerts Matthew. "The survivor escaped. Also other problems. Bobby was executed." "Dammit. Our pawn failed our idea. Get the sniper squad. We'll teach them fuckers who we are." Jeremy and Matthew returns to the group.

Linus and the rest of the group packs up, and arrives in DC. "We better find somewhere to camp." "Yeah...we all know that, Brandon." "Jason, don't mock me. I'm the leader. You're not." Linus spots a community. The survivors arrives at The Kingdom, and are letted in. "Who are you all?" "We're a group of survivors from Richmond." "Welcome to The Kingdom."

A survivor stares from the hills in DC. "Jack, you're ready to have the group move to Porter Colony?" Tom looks at Jack and April. April's clumsiness causes her to fall off the large hill, and died on impact. "Well, she's dead." "Let's get the group out of here." Tom and Jack returns to the group. Edward looks at them. "Where's April?" "She was clumsy, and it killed her." "She should've been careful." "We're gonna join Porter Colony." "Alright, everyone. Let's get going." Travis leads the rest of the group to the RV, and the group drives to the entrance. "Welcome to paradise!!!"

2 survivors wonders around the entrance of a destroyed building in DC. "I want to find more survivors to join us." "Luke, we're fine with just us." "Yeah, but..." Clancy hugs Luke. "We should find a place to sleep, before it gets dark." Luke kisses Clancy on the check as they enter a house.


  • Tommy
  • Jared
  • Ted
  • Lilly
  • Briggs
  • Troy
  • Mason
  • Max(Zombified)
  • Jill Ryans
  • Ty(Alive and Zombified)
  • Hannah Bennett(Alive)
  • Nolan(Alive)
  • Greyson Bennett(Alive)
  • Serena Summerville(Alive)
  • Joyce Summerville(Alive)
  • Bobby Summerville
  • Brady Bennett
  • Roger
  • April


  • The first gay survivor(s) is revealed to be Luke and Clancy.

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