Narrow Path
Chasing The Truth Episode 34
Season 6, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 10/22/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

Jack and his group walks through a herd of zombies after the RV's engine stops working. A hostile group attacks the group. A new group helps Jack's group. Two survivors stalks Jack's Group, but for a great reason. The group makes it to an airport, but are tricked.


Jack stops the RV as it runs over sharp wires on the ground, which ruined the tires. "Everyone, we need to get out of this RV. Tires are fucked up." As the group gets out, a stealthy sniper shoots Jack in the head, and wounds Chang in his leg. Shawn grabs an assault rifle, and kills the sniper. Another survivor sneaks behind Tom, and slits his throat. Luke decapitates the survivor. Elliot leads the group away from the RV. "Get them!!!" A masked man points his finger at the group as several armored bandits on bikes chases after them. "We're The Collectors. We're gonna collect your skulls as trophies!!!"

Travis manages to kill the secondary leader. "Phillips, you failed me..." Negan and the Collectors retreats. "We'll get you all next time." Travis stares over the dead survivor. "They looked like us, but they're.....younger." "How much younger?" "Mid to late teens. Their leader looks like a 17 year old. I know this because I was a teacher here. Their leader was a shy student named Negan Marksman. His friends that we killed was Burton, Mark, and Phillips. They might be..." "They killed your brother." "I know, but I don't want this to escalate anymore than what it is." A small group of survivors walks over to the group. "Hey, there's a herd of zombies coming this way." "What's your names?" "I'm Ethan Lucas. The others are Maya, Joshua, Morgan, Kelsey, Yusuke, and Nathan." Jack looks at Nathan, who looks similar to the friend from the past. "How about we try, and camouflage with the zombies?" "Agree." The survivors finds 5 corpses of zombies, and covers themselves with the guts.

Two survivors waits on the other side of the bridge. "Jack, we'll finally get to meet up with your father again. We made it to DC, we followed him here in St. Louis." Jack looks up at his mother. "I know, mother."

As Jack's group arrived at the exit, they spots two survivors. "Dad!!!" Jack runs up to his family. "I thought..." "We're alive. I missed you. We can finally be back together." Jack cries while hugging his family. Luke looks at Clancy, who is bleeding. "Clancy?" Clancy faints. Yusuke pulls out his katana, and puts down Clancy. "We'll meet with him in heaven some day." The group continues their walk.

The group arrives at an airport. "We get to finally..." "Welcome to The Sanctuary! We congratulate you all for....surrendering to us." It's revealed that the Airport survivors are the remaining member of The Hunters. "Damn....Not them again." The cannibals knocks Chang out, and forces the survivors onto an airplane. "Hello, baits. We're heading to LA, where you all will die!!!" The leader walks towards the group. "Don't take this personal. This is what we need to survive. We have your friend with us, but he has one leg less than he had back at your camp. Welcome back, Jared." Jared is tossed towards the group. "Believe me. They're going realize that they're fucking with the wrong people."


  • Jack Larson
  • Burton
  • Mark
  • Phillips
  • Clancy Wildey


  • Negan is confirmed to be similar to Negan.
    • However, Negan from the Walking Dead comics is more of a central threat than Negan from this story.
    • Negan from this story is evil while Negan for the Walking Dead comics is understandably rude.
  • Ethan's Group is confirmed to replace deceased main characters from the past.
    • However, they'll remain as supporting roles.
  • The shadows in the end are revealed that Bobby and Nicole never died at all.
  • Jared is reveal to have also survived his capture from Noah's Gang.
    • However, he's the first known live bait from The Hunters.
  • The Hunters makes it's return, since it's a worldwide cult.

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