Huge Drop
Chasing The Truth Episode 36
Season 6, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 10/23/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

The survivors attacks The Hunters on the plane. Linus gets ambushed by The Collectors, but two survivors saves him. Two dead survivors are thrown off the airplane. Flashbacks learns more about several main characters.


Linus sits at the camp fire he made. "How have you been?" Negan kicks Linus in his back. The Collectors kicks at Linus until an archer shoots Negan in the head. "Jason, charge!!!" Jason and Ashton kills the other bandits. "Thanks." "We're looking for the main group." "Follow me. They're heading to LA, via airplane." "Alright." Jason and Ashton follows Linus.

Dustin throws the remains of two survivors. Jack recognizes the two survivors. "Shit....not Patricia and Joseph." Elliot gets up, and kicks Dustin out of the plane, making him fly into the engines, instantly killing him. The survivors executes the remaining Hunters. "Grab the parachutes! We're gonna jump out! This plane is gonna crash!!!" Elliot looks into the bathroom, and sees a survivor. "Help free me!!!" It's revealed to be John, a Porter Colony survivor. John grabs a parachute, and jumps out with Elliot. "Thank you!!!" Jack counts the survivors, and spots another new member. "What's your name?" "Cassidy Monroe." "She was the original first lady of Porter Colony."

Linus has a flashback of himself at the beginning of the apocalypse. "Everyone, let's go." Mark and Ellen leads the three young adult outside. "Mark and Ellen, we should get to the Evacuation Center. We'll..." A zombie bites into Mark's neck killing following Ellen's death. "Brother, follow me and Jill." Joshua panics, and picks up a knife from the ground. "Linus, I can't live without my parents!!!" Joshua slits his own throat, killing himself. Linus and Jill hides inside of a school in Baltimore. "Jill, I'll protect you. I promise." Jill hugs Linus, and kisses him. "I'm your only close family. We're a couple." "Yeah, but...." Linus wakes up, and cries as he pulls out his photo with his wife and his family on it.

Jack has a flashback of him at school. "Jack, you should play with us after school." "I'm busy. My mother's funeral is tonight." "I'm sorry to hear about that. Me and Cody are gonna play baseball tomorrow. You want to do it tomorrow?" "Sure." Jack has another flashback of him and his friends on a supply run in Atlanta, where Noah's Gang first attacked the camp group. "Cody and Matthew, you want to check outside?" "Sure." Jack and Hughes continues to search the building, then gunshots are fired. "Fuck! Matthew and Cody are dead!!!" Hughes and Jack spots the two dead survivors before getting shot at by Noah's Gang. "Surrender!!!" Noah aims at the two. "No!!!" Jack and Noah flees from Atlanta, and returns to the camp. "We're attacked!!!" A family packs their stuff up. "Miguel, where are you going?" "Me and my family have decided to leave. This camp is no longer safe for us now." "You're fucking kidding me..." Christian glares at Miguel as him and his family leaves the camp. "They're a bunch of pussies." "Bullshit. This camp isn't safe for me and my son, Carter." "Caleb, can I come with you?" "Sure, Hughes." The three leaves the camp. The Brosnan Brothers follows. "Jeremiah and Keith? What the fuck?" Vincent begins to get pissed off along with Christian. "Christian, since you have been an ass towards me and others, I'm thinking of joining Noah's Gang. "Bruce, you're crazy." Gregory points his gun at Bruce. "Even though now we're best friends, next time I'll see you, you'll be a dead man. I promise." Bruce runs away from camp.

Jack is waken up by Chang. "Jack, wake up. We're in Alcatraz." "Shit..."


  • Negan Marksman
  • Riley
  • Patricia(Confirmed Fate)
  • Joseph(Confirmed Fate)
  • Dustin Kennedy
  • Mark Ryan(Flashback)
  • Ellen Ryan(Flashback)
  • Joshua Ryan(Flashback)
  • Matthew Lacoy(Flashback)
  • Cody Maxwest(Flashback)
  • Several Hunters
  • Several Collectors Bandits


  • John, a Porter Colony, makes a return.
    • John is one of the only characters to move up from a minor to a supporting role.
  • Cassidy Monroe returns as a main character.
    • Also, he's one of the only supporting characters without a last name.
  • The rest of the Camp Survivors from Pre-Season 1 has been confirmed.

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