Smooth Lining
Chasing The Truth Episode 38
Season 7, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 10/25/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Alcatraz Sickness



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Episode Info

Jack meets up with Ethan and Bobby. Linus and Ashton are attacked by The Hunters. Yusuke and Chang explores the docks near Alcatraz. Elliot comes face to face with his fears. Most of Jack's Group gets captured by FEMA.


Jack walks towards Ethan and Bobby, who are looking at Burton. "Who is he?" "His name is Burton. The Hunters had him as a livestock." "That's fucking sick." The 4 walks up the stairs, and locks up the bottom level.

Yusuke and Chang walks to the docks after they got done searching the nearby shops for supplies. "What is that?" "It's nothing. It's the fish in the water." Nicole walks towards them with Morgan. "We're looking for somewhere to go fishing." "Morgan, here is several fish." "Alright. Thanks."

Linus manages to kill 4 Hunters as Ashton decapitates a Hunter. "Dwight, retreat!!!" Linus shoots Dwight in the back, killing him. Christian drags the corpse of Dwight with him, and stabs him in the head, and then licks the blood off the knife. "Time to die, asshole." Ashton shoots Christian in the head.

Jack, Ethan, Bobby, and Burton walks away from Alcatraz. "We're gonna search for some supplies, Jared." "Hey Jack. Elliot and Nathan went to check up on a potential survivor group. I'll take guard alone." "Be careful."

Maya and Travis checks the bottom level of the fort to check for survivors. "Any zombies that we find, we lock them in the cells." As the two searches the bottom floor, several FEMA Soldiers throws gases at the survivors on the central level, and captures. "Mission successful. Time to have these survivors as the objective to help build the New Order Society." "Mikey, remember the past." "I wander where my is at." "Liam is probably dead." "Let's just focus, and return these survivor to base." As the captured survivors are putted in a computer-controlled truck, Travis and Maya ambushes the FEMA survivors, killing all but one. "Please don't kill me. I was undercover. You killed my co-worker, James Derango. We were trying to take down the remaining part of the pre-apocalypse government officials." "So you're a ally?" "Maybe not anymore." "Let's work together, and find the rest of our group that left before FEMA got here."

As Nathan and Elliot makes it to a shack, Elliot starts to have a seizure. "Ohh shit, Elliot." Nathan tries to stop the seizure, but it continues. "I'm sorry." Nathan flees back to the fort, but Maya stops him. "The others got captured back there. Why were you..." "Elliot has a seizure." "Let's help him." As the 4 makes it to Elliot, who is revealed to have reanimated without dying. "What the..." Mikey spots several flies exitting Elliot's mouth. Travis shoots the reanimated Elliot in the head. As the remaining members of the group regroups together, they hear a sound from the forest. As they look down, they spot a rotting zombified Vincent. "Shit....He died?" Jack cries as he puts down Vincent. As the group walks down main street, Ashton and Linus spots the group. "Jack?" Linus and Ashton rejoins the group.


  • Theresa
  • David
  • Albert
  • Cripe
  • Carr
  • Dwight
  • Christian
  • James Derango
  • Elliot Peels(Alive and Zombified)
  • Vincent Williams(Zombified)
  • Several FEMA Soldiers

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