Chasing The Truth Episode 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date 9/15/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Interrogation Battle

Bait is the fourth episode of Chasing The Truth.



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Gregory walks into Mikey's Small base. "Welcome. We were gonna use Michael here as Bait." "At your plan.....when are you going to attack Noah's Gang." "After this." "I hope you do it." "We will." Gregory leaves, and Mikey and Bo drags Michael outside, and stabs him in the head. Bo begins to chop the corpse up, and began to throw the meat at the zombies. "I wanted to do this, knowing that he was a dick."

Jack sees Gregory walking back to the truck. "How about the plan?" "It's still in game." "Good. If they betray us, we'll show no mercy to them, and if they turn, we'll let them stay a zombie." Jack and Gregory drives away.

Noah grabs his shotgun. "Nathan Walsh, find Derek Quensman for me." "Alright, Boss." As Nathan left the room, Brian rushes in. "We got bad news. Michael's Rescue Squad hasn't returned." "Well, we should give up on finding Mikey, Kelvin, and Bo. I liked Mikey." Derek walks in. "Noah, do you want me and some others to attack those fools or not." "Sure, if you do good, maybe you could be the second-in-command." "I'll do my best." "Go out there, and kill those damn survivors." "Yes Sir!!!"

Derek sneaks through Atlanta. "Billy and Chapman, move to the right. Noris and Gilbert, move to the left. Benji and Vince, follow the main street with me." The bandits follows Derek's directions, but the side runners are quickly killed by planted mines. "Derek, there's Mikey. He's a traitor!!!" Benji shoots, and kills Kelvin, but Bo shoots Vince in the head. Benji to flees from Derek, who is ambushed by Gregory and Jack Waynes, but Bobby Waynes aims his gun at him. "Don't Move." "Little kid, you should put your gun down. You could..." "I killed someone from your gang. Don't make me..." "Fine....I'll surrender." Benji drops his gun as Christian pulls him toward the truck, which had Nicole, Allison, and Glenn in it. Jack walks up to Derek, and shoots him in the head. Jack looks as Mikey carries Kelvin's corpse to the other bodies. "Kelvin died." "Maybe you and Bo should join us." "Yep, but..." "The group will welcome you both." "Bo has to have insulin. He can't be in a camp. I've been his friend, and he needs me, but we've made a promise to not be in the woods. There's lots of...." Noah and his men shoots Bo in the head, and wounds Mikey. "Retreat!!!" Jack and Gregory carries Mikey to the truck, and the group retreats to the camp.

As Gregory carries Mikey out of the RV, a newly reanimated Mikey bites into Allison's neck, killing her. Jack tries to pull his brother away, but the zombified survivor bites into Gregory's arm. "Ahhh!!!!"


  • Michael Benson
  • Billy Brown
  • Chapman Eastwood
  • Noris Billiams
  • Gilbert Woodrow
  • Kelvin Mitchell
  • Vince Anderson
  • Derek Quensman
  • Bo Jackson
  • Mikey Wilson(Alive)
  • Allison Parker

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