No More Government
Chasing The Truth Episode 41
Season 7, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 11/1/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Episode Info

Jack's Group gets attacked by FEMA at the last stand. A Former Camp Survivor makes a return.


Chang and Maya walks towards the guard posts. "We're gonna need to use these while we snipe those FEMA Soldiers." "I understand." Maya becomes sad. "I don't think we'll survive." "Linus wouldn't want you to feel defeated. We'll survive." Chang hands Maya a sniper rifle.

Linus hides behind cover with Linus, Travis, Jack and his Family. "Where's Nathan?" "He went on a sabotage mission." "Alone? What the fuck were you thinking?" Nicole becomes outrages. "Mom...calm down. We can't have our location be found."

Nathan looks through his binoculars, and then pulls out his walkie-talkie. "Jack, I'm there. I'm going to plant the C4.....oh fuck!!!" Jack hears gunfire, and the walkie-talkie goes silent. "....fuck. I've been shot. I don't think I'll make it back. I've been shot in the head. I lost my left ear to a sniper. I've escaped. I'll make it..." A gunshot is fired. As Jack drops his walkie-talkie, Nicole panics. "Mom!!!" Jack covers Nicole's mouth. "Travis and Bobby, get on the turrets. They'll attack soon." "Nathan's....gone?" "Yes, Linus."

A FEMA sniper shoots at Chang and Maya. "Maya, jumps!!!" Maya jumps as a rocket hits and kills Chang. "Chang!!!" Travis and Bobby pulls Maya back. A FEMA Soldier shoots Bobby in the back, killing him. As a FEMA Soldier is about to assassinate Jack, Linus steps in the way, sacrificing his life for Jack. "Linus!!!" Jack retreats to Travis and Maya. Nicole spots Bobby's corpse, and sits on her knees as a FEMA Soldier aims his rifle at her. "Just shot me!!!" Nicole gets executed. Jack, Maya, and Travis runs into the RV. As The trio waits for their supposed fate to occur, several heavy explosions occurs outside. "Jack? Anyone?" As Jack, Travis, and Maya exits the RV, he spot Nathan alive, but bleeding. "I've been shot in my ear." Maya hugs Nathan. Jack cries. "Where's the others...." "They....didn't make it." Nathan cries as he sees Chang lying dead on the ground. "No! No! No!!!" Nathan cries as he picks his adoptive son up. "I was supposed to be buried by him, not for me to bury him!!!"

The group packs up after they bury their fallen members. As Nathan is about to enter the RV, Jack stops him. "You need to know this..." "Know what?" "You're my other brother by bonds." Nathan smiles. The two enters the RV, where Travis is waiting at the driver seat, and Maya is sitting at the table. "Let's get somewhere away from here." The group drives away.

A man walks to a fence with two other men. "I'll need you both to put up more effort now." "Why, Hughes?" "I need to make a plan for the group to regroup with my former friend, Jack Waynes."


  • Chang Zhang
  • Bobby Waynes
  • Linus Ryan
  • Nicole Waynes
  • Numerous FEMA Soldiers


  • Jack, Nathan, Travis, and Maya becomes more hardened after this Episode.
  • Hughes makes a return, but with another group.

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