The Last Man Standing
Chasing The Truth Episode 48
Season 8, Episode 6
Vital statistics
Air date 11/2/14
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Chance Of Luck Soldier Of Fortune



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Episode Info

Jack becomes jealous of Nathan. Josh goes on a mission to DC alongside Heath.


Jack looks at Nathan, who is holding baby Natalie. "Cute baby." "Thanks." Jack walks away. Jack begins to talk to himself. "I swear. If I can't live with a child, Nathan can't." Jack punches the mirror. "Jack, are you alright?" "Yeah."

Josh, Heath, and others packs up for DC. "Hughes, make sure your leadership goes alright." "I will. Heath, don't smoke." "I won't" The survivors leaves the Safe-Zone. "I'm gonna miss them." "Same here." Nathan walks outside. "Abraham is watching over Natalie with his girlfriend." "I can't believe this world is back to normal."


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