Chasing The Truth Episode 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date 9/15/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Battle is the fifth episode of Chasing The Truth.



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Jack shoots the zombified Mikey in the head, and Gregory rushes towards the RV. Noah's Gang arrives, and shoots at the group, accidentally shooting in the shoulder Benji. Jack, Christian, and Benji hides behind the truck. "Give me a gun!!!" Benji snatches Christian. "Hey! That's my..." Benji shoots Brian in the head. Noah, realizes that he lost trust in his army, retreats behind his fellow bandits. "Advance!!!" Vincent, Phillips, Glenn, Nicole, Bobby, and Nicholas drives away in the RV. Gregory is revealed to have reanimate. Jack puts his brother down.

The bandits advanced, but most fell victim to the herd near the camp. Noah, realizing that his group is worthless, tries to flee, but three bandits tackles him to the ground, and almost executes him. "Clancy, will you be leading?" "Sure. Chase, you got the doors unlocked at the base still?" "Yep." The three bandits flees from the camp.

Jack, Benji, and Christian runs into the forest towards a cabin. "We've been separated from the group. Benji, how about you go back to your base, and stay with the bandits there." "Alright." Benji leaves the two for his group. "Well, he was useful." "I didn't trust him." "How about us?" Four survivors arrived. "Who are you all?" "I'm Isham. One of the leaders of our group. This is Nelson, Teresa, and Ezekiel. We're friendlies." Christian and Jack becomes wary of the new survivors, and follows them through the woods. "We've been splitted from the group." "What group? The RV survivors. They said that they were looking for their fellow members, but they wanted 4 of you. Where's the two others?" "1 left the group, and the other is dead, which is my brother." "....It's tough to lose family. That's what happened with mine. My wife, my son, and my daughter.....all died from these zombies." The 6 returns to the RV. Nicole hugs Jack. "Where's Gregory and Benji?" "We had to put Gregory down, but he reanimated. Benji was kicked from the group. I saw Noah being executed by three of his own men. Benji is most likely with them now."


  • Mikey Wilson(Zombified)
  • Brian Dueling
  • Gregory Waynes(Alive and Zombified)
  • Doug Clems
  • Jill Benkert
  • Several bandits

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