The Killing Squad
Chasing The Truth Episode 8
Season 2, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 9/18/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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Waynes Made To Suffer

The Killing Squad is the eighth episode of Chasing The Truth.



  • @=Doesn't appear
  • @@=No lines
  • @@@=Flashback





A man gets kicked in the chest by the Dallas Scavengers. "Tell us about your past or I'll just kill you, Brody." Dale holds a knife to Brody's neck. "Fine! I'll tell you all!!!"

Brody has a flashback of his journey before being lost from Isham's group. "Isham wait up!!!" Isham and the others keeps going. "Fuck you all!!!" Brody walks to a cabin, and discovers a gang. It was the Cruz Family Gang. "Shit! There's Jose and Bob there!!!" Brody shoots at the guards, and also at Bob and Jose, killing them.

The Dallas Scavengers frees Brody, and throws him out of the warehouse. Brody runs away, and camps out in a store.

A man wanders the street, and spots Brody. He begins to remember how Brody killed his group, and he began to shoot at him. "You killed my business and brother, asshole!!!" Chris tries to reload his gun, but two survivors sneaks behind him, and executes him. Brody sees that it's a skinny man and a child. "Who are you both?" "I'm Benji, and this is Bobby. His father is our leader, or was." Isham and Glenn follows the two, and Isham and Brody confronts each other. "Why did you ignore me?" "Why did you leave the group?" Brody and Isham begins to argue and fight. "Stop! Stop! The Dallas Scavengers could be here to kill us all!!!" "We're already here!!!" The five survivors aims at the scavengers, killing only two of them. "Do it! Shoot me!!!" Bobby walks up to the last man, and begins to cut his hands off, and slowly makes the man suffer. Bobby shoots the man in the groins, and then the chest. "You killed my friend!!!" Bobby begins to cry, and Glenn comforts him. Two figures walks slowly out of the warehouse. It's confirmed to be survivors that looks like Jack and Nicole. Glenn and Benji puts the two down. Isham and Glenn begins to take over the group.

Christian and Teresa carries a sleeping Bobby to the bed in the RV. "Man....he lost both parents at the same time...." "I know. Maybe me and you could watch over him." "If he acts weird tomorrow. I'm afraid that we'll have to abandon him." "Alright." Teresa walks to the camp fire while Christian walks to Isham, and tells him about his plan. "Alright. We should do it tonight right now." Isham and Christian a sleeping Bobby to the warehouse, and puts him in a holding cage with some supplies, two guns, a katana, and the keys. Christian locks Bobby in the cage, and walks away.

Bobby wakes up, and realizes that his group abandoned him. "Those fuckers!!!" A female survivor with her daughter arrived to scavenge for supplies. The two notices Bobby, and walks towards him. "Hello...." "Where am I?" Bobby finds the keys next to him, and frees himself. The woman grabs Bobby. "You should stay with us. You're too young to..." "My damn group abandoned me after they putted down my parents!!!" The woman becomes shocked, and the three walks out of the warehouse. As they get to the truck, a man walks up to Bobby. "Bobby?" "Uncle Billy!!!" Bobby jumps onto Billy, and hugs him. "I seen your..." "Will you come with us?" "Sure. I want to care for my nephew." The four drives away.

Isham and the group gathers their supplies, and moves into Noah's Safehouse, where Benji has the rest of the group move into rooms. Benji sees some others there, and he sits on a bench, and sees Noah as alive. Noah walks to him, and chokes him. "Don't ever do that again. We've won. Clancy, and the two others are prisoners here, and so will you." 3 guards carries Benji to the jail, and locks him in a cell.


  • Johnny(Flashback)
  • Bud(Flashback)
  • Cole(Flashback)
  • Mitchell(Flashback)
  • Marshall(Flashback)
  • Nathan(Flashback)
  • Victor(Flashback)
  • Bob Coleman(Flashback)
  • Jose Cruz(Flashback)
  • Chris Cruz
  • Joshua Kidder
  • Hendricks Smith
  • Dale Hanks
  • Two Camp Survivors(Zombified)

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