Made To Suffer
Chasing The Truth Episode 9
Season 2, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 9/18/2014
Written by TWDFan630
Directed by TWDFan630
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The Killing Squad This Sorrowful Life

Made To Suffer is the nineth episode of Chasing The Truth.



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Bobby and the others arrived into a church, and found a preacher praying. The preacher walks up to the four, and closes the door. "Welcome to my church! I'm so glad to finally see others who are alive and well." "Can we stay here for a while?" "Yes. Of course." "Thank you." Alice and Natalie sets up their sleeping bags, and sleeps. Bobby and Billy walks around the church with the preacher. "I'm Billy, and this is my nephew, Bobby." "I'm Father Shawn Eron. I owned this church since when I was 23. I'm 44 now, but the year before the outbreak happened, this church began to break apart, but my son helped fix it, and it's gonna break apart in a few weeks, since it's been losing some part on the ceiling. Maybe all 5 of us will move out tonight rather than to see this beautiful church turn into rubble." "Alright." The 5 drives away, and arrived back in Atlanta, where the group encounters Noah and his gang going on a mission. Bobby sees Isham and Glenn with them. The squad notices Bobby and the others, and allows them into the base. "You all will be living with us." "Why did you abandon me?" "We were not sure if you would turn crazy and kill us all." "I..." Bobby realizes that they're right. "I told you. We never wanted to do it. If we didn't care, you would've been somewhere dangerous." Bobby and the others walks to their beds, and begins to sleep.

Noah walks up to Benji, and gives him food. "You've done wrong things that I'd been shocked about." Benji spits at Noah, and Noah walks out, leaving Benji to talk with the other prisoners. Clancy begins to talk to Benji. You better be able to get Glenn, Isham, or someone else to free us or if I suffer more, you'll be made to suffer, Benji." Benji becomes scared.

Isham and Brody goes on watch, and discovers a huge herd arriving. "Herd!!!" Glenn and Daryl walks outside, and discovers a group of bandits shooting at them, killing Eddie and Samuel. "They killed my...." One of the bandits shoots Daryl in the head. Glenn rushes inside, and is forced to lock Dylan, Jared, Aaron, and Shane outside to be killed. "You're next!!!" Glenn is confronted by Bonnie, who aims a shotgun at him. Noah loots Glenn, and attacks him. Eric and Liam walks by, but Bonnie reacts, and kills Eric. Liam executes Bonnie, and wounds Noah. "You gonna kill me like you kill my girlfriend?" "No, the bandits outside will." Liam opens the door, and throws Noah outside, where he dies. Liam carries Glenn to the infirmary. Noah sees the corpses next to the entrance, and runs to his room, where he pulls out his signature weapon, a sawed off shotgun. Noah begins to kill some of the bandits alongside Christian and Teresa. "Noah, you should be glad that I'm gonna help you after what you've done recently for me and my group." "I've changed." Noah shoots Teresa in the head, and shoots Christian in the chest, killing him.

As Noah returns inside of the base, a reanimated Christian sneaks in, and bites into a survivor's neck, instantly killing him. The survivor reanimates, and starts a zombie invasion inside of the base, which has 13, including Christian, as zombified members of the group. A survivor named Bryce tries to warn Noah, but a zombie bites into him, killing him. Noah locks his door, and sets up a plan to escape. A zombified survivor enters Bobby's group's chamber, but Bobby wakes up, and puts it down.


  • Samuel Shepard
  • Eddie Jenkins
  • Daryl Jenkins
  • Dylan Wyant
  • Jared Yak
  • Aaron Black
  • Shane Adams
  • Eric Belmarez
  • Bonnie Andrews
  • Noah Clarkmane
  • Teresa Adams
  • Christian Kentman(Alive)
  • Bryce McCoy(Alive)
  • Ethan Match(Alive)
  • Jordan(Alive)
  • Justin(Alive)
  • Juan(Alive)
  • Felipe(Alive)
  • Anna(Alive)
  • Douglas(Alive)
  • Lee(Alive and Zombified)
  • Several Bandits
  • Several Survivors(Alive)

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