Nathan and others with him must face the herd from outside of the DeVries Community as it breaks through the main gates, which causes many survivors to die; Seth and Taya watches the sky as they miss Sophia.

Episode 10

Nathan, Jack, Joshua, Parker, and Dexter slowly gets towards the DeVries Community. "Dammit. We'll have to face them head on." Parker says to the others. 

Sly and the zombies breaks into the community. Sly runs into a house, and sees a woman in it. "Don't kill me. I'm too young to die." The woman says to Sly. Sly sees that the woman's name is Helen. "Goodbye, Helen." Sly says to Helen before stabbing her in the neck.

Salazar unlocks the cell, and allows Sophia to fight off the zombies. Salazar looks as Justin falls to the ground whike getting away from the zombies. As the zombies to reaching for him, Sophia jumps in the way, letting herself die as a sacrifice for Justin's life. Salazar grabs Justin, and carries him into a store.

Stacy and Nathan Jr walks out of the infirmary, and starts to shoot at the zombies. Sly arrives, and tries to stab Nathan Jr, but Stacy shoots him in the head. "Hopefully Allie, Fred, and Tony saves my son's life." Nathan Jr says to Stacy.

Dante looks as the three does surgery on Nathan III.

Nathan and the others manages to kill the surrounding zombies from outside of the community, and as they walk in, they find several corpses of survivors.

A zombified Helen begins to feed on a survivor from within her home.

Seth and his daughter watches the sky as they sit in their home. "I miss mommy." Taya says to Seth. Seth cries as she reminds him about Sophia.


@=Doesn't appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr
  • Jack Wayans
  • Sophia Gomez
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Joshua Wayans


  • Mikey Wilson @
  • Salazar Goede
  • Caleb Hyatt @
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr @
  • Dana Lopez @
  • Ryan Javier @
  • Jonas Rivera @
  • Parker Martinez
  • Dexter Mason
  • Sly


  • Allie Mitchell
  • Amy Jones @
  • Justin Ronnings
  • Dante Licaros
  • Lia Kenway @
  • Ethan Kenway @
  • Kiki Michaels @
  • Saul MacRoy @
  • Seth Gomez


  • Taya Gomez
  • Helen
  • Fred
  • Tony


  • Helen
  • Sly
  • Several unnamed DeVries Community survivors (Confirmed Fates)


  • First appearance of Fred.
  • First appearance of Tony.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Helen. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Sly.

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