Ryan and Liam Jr arrives at the New League Caravan Safe-Lands, and meets some of the major survivors of the Safe-Lands; Lia and Ethan are forced to face Jonas and the Masked Gang; Stacy, Salazar, and Ryker takes down the remaining crawling zombies within the community's walls.

Episode 11

Ryan and Liam Jr stares at Kiki and Saul. "If this Safe-Lands of yours is false, we will kill you." Liam Jr says to the two. The two holsters their weapons as the four walks on the dirt path.

Lia and Ethan watches as Jonas walks to the couch, and sits on it. The two siblings exits from under the bed, and looks as a man is sleeping on the bed that her and Ethan were hiding under. Lia walks to the window, and opens it. "Let's go." Lia says to Ethan. Ethan snatches the man's rifle, and hands it to Lia as he grabs the pistol. The two flees from the house. A masked gang member runs outside, and aims at them. "Forget it.....they're kids." The masked man says to himself.

Jonas walks outside, and slugs the man. "Earl, you should've killed them." Jonas says to Earl. "They were kids! I once had some, but my ex took them away, and forced me to pay child support for them. I won't ever kill a kid!!!" Earl yells at Jonas. "Then start walking then. Our gang must be willing to kill anyone, even kids. We'll spare you and them, but you better watch yourself, because the next time you meet us again is when you'll meet your fate." Jonas says to Earl.

A gang member walks out towards Earl, and hands him his rifle. "Take it. I wished for you to be safe out there. No matter what Jonas says, he'll regret his choices. I hope that you find somewhere safe. I'll make sure, because I'm joining up with you." The masked man says to Earl as the two walks away. "Patrick! You fool!!!" Jonas yells at Patrick.

Stacy, Salazar, and Ryker walks up several crawling zombies. "Ryker, kill the one near the stores. We'll kill the others." Salazar says to Ryker. Ryker walks up to a crawling zombie, and stabs it in the head.

Earl and Patrick finds the two kids sitting in a barricaded house. "Hello. I spared your lives while I was guarding my old group. Me and Patrick here won't hurt you." Earl says to the two. Lia and Ethan aims at the two. "Oh shit! You took Milo's weapons. He'll be pissed off at someone at the house." Patrick says to the two before laughing. "What's so funny?" Lia asks Patrick. "Milo is the so-called bitch of the group. Jonas and him are lovers, which is actually against the rules for anyone else. I'm glad that I left them." Patrick answers to Lia. "So they're gay?" Ethan asks Patrick. "Yes. They are gay. Some homophobes from the group were executed for saying the word "gay" and others like that." Patrick answers to Ethan. "Let us four go searching for a community to join." Earl says to the others.

Ryan and the others arrives at the New League Caravan Safe-Lands. "How many people are here?" Ryan asks Kiki. "789 people." Kiki answers to Ryan. As they arrive at the mansion, they meet up with the leader and his family with a guard. "This is Darius, a guard for here; The leader, Dominic Sandler: His wife, Patricia Sandler; Their son, Brendan Sandler. Brendan is the other scout for us." Saul says to the two. "Hello. What community are you apart of?" Dominic asks the two. "The DeVries Community. It has about 870 survivors. Mainly children. There's two district; Northern and Southern. Each district has a lower grade, middle grade, upper grade school. We're some of it's scouts, and we want to ask if you're willing to be it's ally." Liam Jr answers to Dominic. "Sure, but I never heard of this....DeVries Community. Where is it at?" Dominic asks the two. "New Mexico." Ryan answers to Dominic.

Earl and his group arrives at the DeVries Community. Joshua walks up to the survivors. "Hello. Welcome to the DeVries Community. The leader is currently on a trip to a new potential ally, but he'll return here once his mission is done." Joshua says to the four survivors before opening the gates.

Jonas looks as Milo freaks out after not being able to find his weapons. "I'm sorry, Milo." Jonas says to Milo before shooting him in the head.


@=Doesn't appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries @
  • Nathan DeVries Jr @
  • Jack Wayans @
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Nathan DeVries III @
  • Joshua Wayans
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr


  • Mikey Wilson @
  • Salazar Goede
  • Caleb Hyatt @
  • Dana Lopez @
  • Ryan Javier
  • Jonas Rivera
  • Parker Martinez @
  • Dexter Mason @
  • Lia Kenway
  • Ethan Kenway
  • Dominic Sandler
  • Darius Campbell


  • Allie Mitchell @
  • Amy Jones @
  • Justin Ronnings @
  • Dante Licaros @
  • Kiki Michaels
  • Saul MacRoy
  • Seth Gomez @
  • Brendan Sandler
  • Ryker Terrent
  • Earl Thompson
  • Patrick Walsh


  • Taya Gomez @
  • Fred @
  • Tony @
  • Patricia Sandler
  • Milo Kim


  • Milo Kim


  • First appearance of Dominic Sandler.
  • First appearance of Patricia Sandler.
  • First appearance of Brendan Sandler.
  • First appearance of Darius Campbell.
  • First appearance of Ryker Terrent.
  • First appearance of Earl Thompson.
  • First appearance of Patrick Walsh.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Milo Kim.

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