The group arrives at Rothenso, but finds it under attack by a new threat as two member of Nathan's Group catches the deadly virus that plagues the camp.

Episode 15

Nathan and his group packs up their supplies, and heads towards Rothenso.

As they arrive, they see dead bodies being placed into a burning firepit. "Why are you all here? There's a bad sickness here." Tyson says to the survivors. "We need somewhere to stay." Nathan says to Tyson. "Go at your own risk. The Black Death is among us." Skylar says to the survivors. Skylar walks to her son, and the two enters their house.

As Nathan and his group arrives at the center, Dana begins to cough up blood. The group stares at Dana. A doctor and a supply runner runs outside. "Damn. Another patient to care for against the Black Death." Alfred says to himself. "Alfred, they might have a doctor, since one of them is carrying a medic bag." Scott says to Alfred. "I'm Louis, one of the group's doctors. Amy and Vince are the backup doctors for our group." Louis says to Alfred. "Then come help me in the hospital. We have electricity, but it all must be for a good use." Alfred says to the three. Louis, Amy, and Vince follows Alfred and Dana into the hospital. Rothenso's leader walks out towards Nathan and his group. "Hello. I'm Drake Williams. We've been attacked by marauders, who spiked the area with a airborne virus that we nickname it the Black Death, but it slowly turns the living into the undead without dying. Alfred is working on making a cure for it." Drake says to the group.

Nathan and Nathan III enters their house as the other members moves into another. "Why are we staying?" Nathan III asks Nathan. "We'll need to help these people. Leaving them to suffer is cruel." Nathan answers to Nathan III.

Ryker walks to the public bathroom, and pukes into the toilet. Ryker looks as his skin turns pale. Ryker walks to the mirror, and he collapses on the group, dying on the ground. Ryker reanimates quickly, and as a Rothenso survivor walks in, the zombified Ryker goes behind the survivor, and bites into his neck. The survivor begins to choke on his blood as the zombified Ryker begins to bite into his face.

Another deceased survivor inside of the bathroom reanimates, and attacks Stacy as she takes a shower. The zombie bites into her left hand. Stacy kicks the zombified survivor off from her, and she pulls out his dagger, and she stabs the zombie in the head.

Amy looks as she puts down the zombified Dana.

Stacy kills the two other zombified survivors, including Ryker, and she runs to Nathan's house. Nathan opens the door, and is punched in the face. "We should've never came here! I almost died!!!" Stacy yells at Nathan until Nathan III walks out of his room while aiming his gun at Stacy. Stacy leaves the house. Stacy cuts her hand off from herself, and as she sits on the bench, she realizes that she caught the Black Death. Stacy runs into the hospital, and gets tied to a table by Vince. Alfred pulls out a syringe, and injects the liquid into Stacy. The doctors places Stacy in the same room as Tommy, who also caught the virus, and got the injection.

A weeks goes by as the Black Death disappears. Stacy died from the virus, but Tommy lives on as the first survivor of the Black Death.

Nathan, Nathan III, Caleb, Amy, Mikey, Salazar, and Dante heads towards Welters Heights.


@=Doesn't appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Shawn Erons
  • Woodrow Ford
  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Darius Campbell
  • Hughes Benson
  • Drake Williams
  • Skylar Page


  • Mikey Wilson
  • Salazar Goede
  • Dana Lopez
  • Louis DeVries
  • Sarah Smith
  • Anderson Carson
  • Damian Walters
  • Amy Jones
  • Dante Licaros
  • Leevi Page
  • Tyson Monroe
  • Scott Monroe


  • Seth Gomez
  • Ryker Terrent
  • Tommy Lawrence
  • Vince Scott
  • Connar Rodman
  • Tyler Wilson
  • Alfred Phelps


  • Taya Gomez


  • Ryker Terrent
  • Dana Lopez
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Several unnamed Rothenso survivors


  • First appearance of Drake Williams.
  • First appearance of Skylar Page.
  • First appearance of Leevi Page.
  • First appearance of Tyson Monroe.
  • First appearance of Scott Monroe.
  • First appearance of Tyler Wilson.
  • First appearance of Alfred Phelps.
  • Last appearance of Stacy Mallard.
  • Last appearance of Dana Lopez. (Alive and Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Ryker Terrent. (Alive and Zombified)

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