Nathan, Isham, and Allie begins to chat as several coyotes led by Alan and Jack sneaks up to the house armed with rifles, resulting in more deaths than predicted; Nathan Jr, Mikey, and Benji chats with a tied up Bobby as a new issue is revealed; Jeremy and several guards arrives at the ruins of the Pheonix Border Colony to meet up with some old faces; Diego and Alan takes The Governor to a cave for an execution, but everything turns deadly as ; Noah and Dwight discovers the DeVries Community alongside several bodyguards; Carter and Dana checks up on several teenage survivors for Xander; Nathan and other students from the middle grade northern school sneaks into the school for answers for a test while the teachers of the northern schools discusses a plan with Daniel and Salazar within the same school.

Episode 2

Nathan walks back to Isham and Allie. "Where's Max?" Allie asks Nathan. "I don't know." Nathan answers to Allie. "Then what was the gunshots?" Isham asks Nathan. The three turns around, and sees several men waiting outside the house.

Jack opens the door, and Nathan knocks the man out, and drags him away from the door as Isham closes the door as gunfire is shot through the windows. "Get down!!!" Nathan yells for Isham and Allie. Nathan regconizes Jack, and wakes him up, and the four sneaks out of the house.

Grant runs to the side of the house, and Jack pulls out his pistol, and shoots him in the head. "I'm done working with these fuckers. They killed a member of your son's community." Jack says to Nathan. "Who?" Nathan asks Jack. "Nathan Rossi, a survivor from the Peterson Safe-Zone of the Central Section. I remember how Diego, the leader of The Coyotes, killed Abraham and Heather. It pissed me off." Jack answers to Nathan. The other coyotes runs to the side of the house to getting gunned down by Nathan, Jack, and Isham.

"We should save the others at the Pheonix Border Colony." Jack says to the others. "We escaped from there. Why save them?" Nathan asks Jack. "The Coyotes are going to kill everyone there." Jack answers to Nathan. The four walks to the ruined Pheonix Border Colony. "Everyone's dead...." Allie says to the others. Allie searches for The Governor, but finds a note of his capture. "The Coyotes captured him." Allie says to the others.

Nathan looks behind the others, and sees Jeremy arriving at the ruined colony with several DeVries Community guards. "Steven and Marco, search the area for anymore survivors." Jeremy says to the two. Bo runs to a watchtower, and guards the perimeter. "What happened?" Jeremy asks Nathan. "The Coyotes attacked, and one of them joined us after getting tired of them. He know where Diego and the other coyotes might be at." Nathan answers to Jeremy. "They'll most likely be in the nearest cave with Douglas executing The Governor. We'll need to save him before Douglas executes him." Jack says to Jeremy. "Why save him?" Jeremy asks Jack. "Even though he might sound like an asshole, but he isn't the enemy. The Coyotes are the enemy now." Jack answers to Jeremy.

Jack, Jeremy, Caleb, Nathan, Isham, Steven, Marco, Bo, and several other DeVries Community guards arrives at the cave while Allie and the other guards returned to the DeVries Community. Steven pulls out his sniper rifle, and as The Governor is placed on the stage by Douglas, he snipes Douglas in the head. Alan pulls out his rifle, and shoots at the others, managing to kill Bo. Two more DeVries Community guards are killed by Alan before Jeremy snipes him in the head. Nathan tackles, and punches Diego in the face. The Governor gets up, and pulls Nathan off from him until Diego decapitates The Governor. Diego flees from the cave, decapitating Steven in the process. Nathan and the survivors of the attack walks away from the area as the heads of Steven and The Governor begins to reanimate.

Nathan Jr, Mikey, and Benji enters the warehouse, which Liam Jr and Brian are standing outside of. Nathan Jr walks up to Bobby. "Are you gonna kill me?" Bobby asks Nathan Jr. "No. We want you to know that your father betrayed The Coyotes." Nathan Jr answers to Bobby. "Prove it." Bobby says to Nathan Jr. "They're telling the truth. I want to tell you that we can trust Nathan again. Despite what he did, he saw me as a danger from the past. I'll admit, that's true, but I owe him, and you do too. If not for him, we would suffer with The Coyotes' authority and terror." Jack says to Bobby. Nathan walks in, and frees Bobby.

Nathan III, Carter, and several students walks up to the middle grade northern school, and sneaks into the school. "Why are we doing this?" A student asks Nathan III. "Want the answers to the tests?" Nathan III asks the student. "Yes...." The student answers to Nathan. "Have you heard that the teachers from all of the northern schools are here in a conference regarding the upcoming exams for all of us?" Carter asks the others. "Shut it, Carter. One of the teachers will catch us." Another student answers to Carter.

The students enters the right classroom, and they begin to write down the answers, then they begin to scrap the papers into the garbage. "Don't throw them away! The teacher will find them! Let's bury them outside." Nathan III says to the others.

Daniel and Salazar closes the door as the teachers from the northern schools arrived inside of the conference room. "We're here to discuss the term called exams. Let's prepare the students soon. Bonnie, Edgar, and Dan will announce their classes theirs first then the rest will tell on the day after. Got it?" Daniel asks the others. "I think they got it, dad." Salazar answers to Daniel. "Ok. Dismissed." Daniel says to the others.

The students begins to walk to the garden, and sees Brian and Liam Jr planting crops. "What are you making, Mr. Wilkinson." Nathan III asks Liam Jr. "He's busy choosing if he plant some carrots or blueberries." Brian answers to Nathan III.

Noah and Dwight arrives at the DeVries Community alongside their guards. "Anyone ready to meet their leader?" Noah asks the others. "If you're ready, then sure." A guard answers to Noah.

Xander hands Carter and Dana a notebook. "Follow the rules, you two." Xander says to the two. "Got it." Dana says to Xander. Carter and Dana walks up to several teenagers. "Dana, ready to give pleasure to me? If not, then buzz off with your lame lover." A teenager says to Dana. "Cut it out, you selfish little bastard! Xander wants to enlist all of you into the New California Colony Army." Carter says to the teenager. "Sure. As long as I get pussy. Right?" The teenager asks Carter. "Fine. Sure, Carl." Carter answers to Carl. Carter walks away from the teenagers with Dana. "Have you done anything with Carl?" Carter asks Dana. "Yes. I slept with him after the fight that we had a few weeks ago. I think that he's the father of the child." Dana answers to Carter. "No matter what, I'll still love you. I slept with a woman when we had that fight anyways." Carter says to Dana. "We're even now." Dana says to Carter.

Sebastian and Justin walks to the DeVries Community, and meets up with Mikey. "I'll let you in. Jeremy, open the gate." Mikey says to the three. Jeremy allows the two in, and shows them to the DeVries Family Mansion. Caleb opens the door, and Nathan looks as the two enters the mansion. "What happened with you, Nathan." Sebastian asks Nathan. "My son allowed me to lead this community after I formerly pledged to serve The Governor, who is now dead." Nathan answers to Sebastian.


@=Doesn't Appear


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr
  • The Governor
  • Noah Chance
  • Diego Morroco
  • Dwight Horseman
  • Jack Wayans


  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Alan York
  • Isham Summerville
  • Carter Vennema
  • Xander Reese
  • Jeremy Kenway
  • Bobby Wayans
  • Mikey Wilson
  • Daniel Goede
  • Salazar Goede


  • Grant York
  • Sebastian Ronnings
  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr
  • Allie Mitchell
  • Douglas Wright
  • Dana Lopez
  • Carl Carson
  • Benji Billiams
  • Steven Wilkinson
  • Marco Wilkinson


  • Bo Jackson
  • Justin Ronnings
  • Carter Hyatt
  • Brian Deulings
  • Bonnie Walters
  • Edgar Maize
  • Dan Marcles


  • Grant York
  • Abraham Rossi (Confirmed Fate)
  • Heather Rossi (Confirmed Fate)
  • Douglas Wright
  • Bo Jackson
  • Alan York
  • The Governor (Alive)
  • Steven Wilkinson (Alive)
  • Several unnamed coyotes
  • Numerous unnamed Pheonix Border Colony survivors and guards (Confirmed Fates)
  • Two unnamed DeVries Community guards


  • First appearance of Carter Vennema.
  • First appearance of Xander Reese.
  • First appearance of Mikey Wilson.
  • First appearance of Daniel Goede.
  • First appearance of Salazar Goede.
  • First appearance of Dana Lopez.
  • First appearance of Carl Carson.
  • First appearance of Benji Billiams.
  • First appearance of Marco Wilkinson.
  • First appearance of Brian Deulings.
  • First appearance of Bonnie Walters.
  • First appearance of Edgar Maize.
  • First appearance of Dan Marcles.
  • First mentions of Abraham Rossi.
  • First mentions of Heather Rossi.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Douglas Wright.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Steven Wilkinson.
  • Last appearance of The Governor. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Bo Jackson.
  • Last appearance of Alan York.
  • Last appearance of Grant York.

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