Serena slowly gets used to being alone until she starts a relationship with another survivor; Nathan, Benji, Jack, and Isham travels to the Westlington; Carter is sent to the prison of the New California Colony after Carl and Frank were sent to the infirmary. Several DeVries Community are murdered.

Episode 4

Carter walks with Dana to the infirmary, and places her on a bed. A doctor arrives, and checks up on Dana. Carter walks outside, and sees several doctors carrying Carl and Frank to the infirmary. Xander and Hughes arrives as two other guards handcuffs Carter. "I hope you rot in prison for nearly my brother and his friend." Hughes says to Carter. "Xander, they were going to hurt and rape Dana!!!" Carter yells at Xander.

Xander and Hughes walks into the infirmary, and sees Dana is critical conditions. "Hughes, your brother and his friend are also going to prison, but for a longer time than Carter. They broke two rules. Carter only broke one, which is disturbing the public with fighting." Xander says to Hughes.

Carter is placed in a prison cell.

Nathan, Benji, Jack, and Isham looks as Dwight shoots a distant zombie in the head. "Why did you do that? Zombies will be here soon." Jack says to Dwight. Noah looks as a zombie pulls one of his guards into some bushes, killing him. Nathan looks as a zombie gets on top of Benji. "Someone help me!!!" Benji yells for help. Nathan shoots the zombie off from Benji. Nathan turns around, and sees Isham aiming his rifle at Dwight's head. "You've caused 6 of your own guards to die. I hope Noah punishes you." Isham says to Dwight. A gunshot is heard.

Serena walks up to Bobby as he finishes eating a hamburger. "Bobby, do you want to go on a walk in the woods?" Serena asks Bobby. Bobby nods. The two grabs a pistol, and holsters it as they walks out towards the woods.

Nathan looks as Noah shoots a zombie that was walking towards Isham. The survivors continues their journey to Wesllington.

Serena and Bobby manages to each kill a deer. "Let's bring this back to the others." Serena says to Bobby. The two carries the deer's bodies back to the community.

Daniel walks to his bedroom, and he goes to sleep. A masked woman sneaks through the window, and decapitates him, and carries the head out of the house, and the woman sneaks out of the community with a bag full of head.

The survivors wakes up within the DeVries Community. Mikey and Caleb arrives at a bordered line of zombified heads of Daniel, Brian, Sebastian, Bonnie, Edgar, Dan. Caleb walks up towards the masked zombie head, and as he pulls it off from it, it's revealed to be a zombie head of his son. "No! Not Carter!!!" Caleb yells at his son's zombified head.


@=Doesn't Appear


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr @
  • Noah Chance
  • Dwight Horseman
  • Jack Wayans


  • Nathan DeVries III @
  • Isham Summerville
  • Carter Vennema
  • Xander Reese
  • Bobby Wayans
  • Mikey Wilson
  • Daniel Goede
  • Salazar Goede @
  • Serena MacMiller
  • Sophia Gomez


  • Sebastian Ronnings
  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr @
  • Allie Mitchell @
  • Dana Lopez
  • Carl Carson
  • Benji Billiams
  • Marco Wilkinson @
  • Frank Benson
  • Hughes Benson


  • Justin Ronnings @
  • Carter Hyatt
  • Brian Deulings
  • Bonnie Walters
  • Edgar Maize
  • Dan Marcles
  • Donald MacMiller @
  • Ryan MacMiller @


  • 6 unnamed Westlington Colony guards
  • Daniel Goede (Alive)
  • Brian Deulings (Alive)
  • Bonnie Walters (Alive)
  • Edgar Maize (Alive)
  • Dan Marcles (Alive)
  • Sebastian Ronnings (Alive)
  • Carter Hyatt (Alive)


  • First appearance of Sophia Gomez.
  • Last appearance of Daniel Goede. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Brian Deulings. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Bonnie Walters. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Edgar Maize. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Dan Marcles. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Sebastian Ronnings. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Carter Hyatt. (Alive)

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