Nathan Jr and several guards checks around the whole community while Sophia and her fellow members stalks them; Nathan, Benji, and Jack must force themselves to be neutral with Noah and Dwight; Carter breaks free out of prison after hearing rumors about Carl, Dana, and Frank's disappearance from the colony; Stacy and her crew gets in an ambush with several disguised survivors led by Jane.

Episode 6

Stacy, Caleb, Mark, and Andre walks up to a blood splattered sign of the DeVries Community. A disguised survivor sneaks behind Andre, and slits his throat. Stacy pulls out her machete, and she decapitates the survivor. "Watch out for anymore disguised survivors." Stacy says to the two.

Jane jumps onto her, and tries to stab her blade into Stacy's chest, but Caleb shoots Jane in the head.

The disguised survivors surrounding them charges at the survivors, but all are gunned down by Liam Jr and a few other guards. "Get back to the community. The mission is cancelled until dawn." Liam Jr says to the three.

Nathan, Benji, and Jack walks into their temporary house with the Westlington Colony. "I wonder if we should investigate them on the death of Isham." Benji says to Nathan. "Let's wait on there until it's the right time to do so." Nathan says to Benji. "We should wander around here, and look at every place around here. If shit hits the fan, then we'll know which place within here is safe to hide in." Jack says to the two. "That's pretty smart." Benji says to Jack. 

Carter looks as Hughes walks to the cell. "Can Dana see me yet? Carter asks Hughes. Hughes ignores Carter. Hughes hands Cartera newspaper, and Carter begins to read it. Carter finds out that Carl, Frank, and Dana are missing. "Let me out dammit!!!" Carter yells at Hughes. Carter breaks open the cell, and knocks Hughes out. Carter packs up a bag of supplies from within his house, and he flees out of the colony.

Noah looks as Stone, Dwight, and another survivor sits at the conference table. "What's going on?" Noah asks the three. "Dwight, Ryan, and I were think of doing something with a potential ally. Maybe we should show them the New California Colony." Stone answers to Noah. "I think that they won't want to. They lost a man on the way to here. They'll turn against us if one more of them dies." Noah says to Stone.

Carter arrives at a shack, and sees Carl and Frank torturing Dana. Carter shoots Frank in the head as he breaks open the door. Carter aims at Carl's head. "Just why would you do this when there was plenty of other women that would've wanted to date you. You fucked up, Carl." Carter says to Carl.

"Carter! Don't kill him!!!" Xander yells at Carter. Carter turns around, and shoots Xander in the head. Carter looks behind himself, and sees that Carl shot him in the chest. Carter aims his gun at Carl's head, and shoots him in the head. Carter slowly walks towards Dana, and frees her before he collapses to the ground, dying.

Hughes and most of the survivors of the New California Colony packs up, and disperses.

Dana arrives at the recently abandoned colony. Dana runs around the place, and as she falls to the ground crying, someone walks up to her.

Nathan, Dwight, Ryan, and Benji begins a trip to the New California. As the four arrives at a checkpoint setup stop for the New California Colony, Dwight shoots Benji in the leg. Nathan turns around, and almost gets shot by Dwight. As Dwight holds him hostage, Ryan shoots Dwight in the head. "I'll take Benji back to the Westlington Colony. Go meet up with the main place of the New California Colony." Ryan says to Nathan.

Nathan Jr and his fellow guards searches the area for any hostiles.

Sophia walks to her fellow members. "We'll call this attack off for now, since we've discovered the deaths of Jane and her squad." Sophia says to her fellow members.

Nathan arrives at the New California Colony, and discovered that it was abandoned. He begins to hear a woman crying. He walks into the colony, and discovers Dana crying on the ground. "Dana? You should come with me." Nathan says to Dana. Dana looks up at Nathan. Dana hugs and cries on Nathan's shoulder.

Nathan Jr walks up to a corpse of a disguised survivor as Justin hides under a wooden table. "I had to kill...." Justin says to Nathan Jr.

Ryan carries an injured Benji into the infirmary. Noah looks as Dwight and Nathan aren't with them. Ryan tells Noah about the whole story as Nathan and Dana walks into the infirmary. "The New California Colony has been disbanded." Nathan says to Noah.


@=Doesn't Appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr
  • Noah Chance
  • Dwight Horseman
  • Jack Wayans


  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Carter Vennema
  • Xander Reese
  • Bobby Wayans @
  • Mikey Wilson @
  • Salazar Goede @
  • Serena MacMiller @
  • Sophia Gomez
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Mark Malecki


  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr
  • Allie Mitchell @
  • Dana Lopez
  • Carl Carson
  • Benji Billiams
  • Marco Wilkinson @
  • Frank Benson
  • Hughes Benson
  • Amy Jones
  • Andre Langlois
  • Stone Carrigans
  • Ryan Javier


  • Justin Ronnings
  • Donald MacMiller @
  • Ryan MacMiller @
  • Jane


  • Andre Langlois
  • Jane
  • Frank Benson
  • Xander Reese
  • Carl Carson
  • Carter Vennema
  • Dwight Horseman
  • Several unnamed disguised survivors


  • First appearance of Ryan Javier.
  • Last appearance of Andre Langlois.
  • Last appearance of Jane. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Frank Benson.
  • Last appearance of Xander Reese.
  • Last appearance of Carl Carson.
  • Last appearance of Carter Vennema.
  • Last appearance of Dwight Horseman.

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