Nathan teaches his grandson how to use a gun; Jack and Bobby meets an estranged relative to the both of them; Nathan Jr and several others are ambushed by a new threat; Sophia starts to have a change of heart after realizing that she previously killed a child of the DeVries Community, and some of her past is revealed; hostility between Noah and Nathan goes to a potential breaking point; Serena finds out about Bobby's biggest secret from Stone; two children in an abandoned house within the destroyed Pheonix Border Colony hides from several looters; Ryan and Liam Jr packs up to search for a new potential ally for the DeVries Community as it's relations to the Westlington Colony begins to break apart.

Episode 7

Nathan wakes up to his alarm clock. He looks as Dana is sleeping next to him. "I'm going outside with Nathan III." Nathan says to Dana. "Ok. You really don't need to remind me. I trust you." Dana says to Nathan. Nathan and Nathan III walks outside. The two begins to walk towards the armory. "You'll need to learn to survive, and a gun will help you live. I've taught you the basics, and now you'll learn to use a gun." Nathan says to Nathan III.

Jack and Bobby walks up to a familiar face. "Have we met before?" Jack asks the man. "Yeah, father. So you decided to keep the younger one over me. After you cheated on your wife with my mother, and you left her for your own ass to be saved from arguments, I hate you for what you've done. My name is Joshua by the way. Bobby, don't take it personal about what I've said." Joshua answers to the two.

Nathan Jr, Benji, and several others walks towards a crashed truck. "Some of our own were here, but where are they now?" Nathan Jr asks the others. A masked man shoots one of Nathan Jr's guards. A zombie for within the woods tackles Benji to the ground, and tries to bite into his neck. "Help me!!!" Benji yells for help. Another of Nathan's guards is shot in the hand. Nathan Jr tries to aim his gun at the zombie that's on top of Benji, but the leader of the masked men punches Nathan Jr in the face.

Nathan's guard cries as the zombie bites into Benji's neck. "Benji! Oh god no!!!" The guard yells for Benji. "Shut up!!!" A masked man yells at the guard until Sophia shoots the masked man in the head as her fellow members brutally kills the masked men.

Nathan Jr looks up as Sophia aims her pistol at his head. "You're just gonna be a dead man walking, Junior." Sophia says to Nathan Jr. "You're gonna kill us now? Huh?" Nathan Jr asks Sophia. "Maybe...." Sophia answers to Nathan Jr. "You know that one of the heads of your victims was of a child. A little boy who his father very much loved, and misses him." The guard says to Sophia. Sophia cries as she sits down. "I had a family once, but these people that I'm leading now killed them, and I've realized, that I was brainwashed by these to kill the innocent." Sophia says to the guard. "What the fuck?" A disguised survivor asks Sophia before she slits his throat. Nathan Jr and his remaining guard helps chase off the disguised survivors. Nathan Jr knocks out Sophia, and aims his rifle at her head. "We can do this later. Now isn't a good time. We'll mourn our losses later." The guard says to Nathan Jr. "Dante, you want her to kill you like how Ty died?" Nathan Jr asks Dante. "No, but her being a prisoner would be a better punishment than death. She'll suffer while we'll thrive." Dante answers to Nathan Jr.

Nathan III walks up to the main gates with his pistol holstered. A disguised survivor aims at the gates. "Please, little boy. Let me in!!!" The disguised survivor yells at Nathan III. Nathan III aims his pistol at the disguised survivor. "Yeah....right." Nathan III says to the disguised survivor before shooting him in the head. As he looks at his first human kill in shock, Nathan looks at the kill in shock.

Nathan III looks as his father and Dante are carrying Sophia. Nathan walks up to his son. "What the hell is wrong with you! She's dangerous! Your son had to kill someone who arrived at the gates!!!" Nathan yells at Nathan Jr. "Dante gave me a good idea. How about Sophia here stays in the prison within here." Nathan Jr says to Nathan. "Dante, dismissed for the day." Nathan says to Dante.

Dante walks past Nathan III. "Hey mister! What's going on?" Nathan III asks Dante. "Sophia, who killed Carter, will rot in the prison here." Dante answers to Nathan III.

Serena walks past Stone, who is sitting the apartment lobby nervously. "Stone, what's wrong?" Serena asks Stone. "I gotta tell you Bobby's biggest secret. It's killing me with stress. I hope he doesn't hurt me after what I have to say to you." Stone answers to Serena as he hands her a video camera. Serena watches as Bobby confesses to Stone about him having an affair with another woman. Serena looks as Stone is scared. "Why didn't you tell me?" Serena asks Stone. A guard walks up to Stone, and pulls out a pistol. Serena stands in the way. "Who hired you to try to kill Stone?" Serena asks the man. "Bobby." The man answers to Serena. "Jacob, we're being played. There's no need for you to kill me." Stone says to Jacob. "I guess that you're right. I'm leaving this shitty colony." Jacob says to Stone as he walks out of the apartment complex.

Nathan Jr and Caleb looks as Sophia's left leg is handcuffed to the bed. "I hope this bitch dies soon." Caleb says to Nathan Jr. "Yeah, Dante wanted this for everyone to meet and threaten the killer behind the fallen members that were the heads on the pikes." Nathan Jr says to Caleb.

Ryan and Liam Jr walks outside the gates as Art is taking up guard duty at the gates. "Be safe out there." Art says to the two.

Stone looks outside the window as Jacob leaves the colony. "I should've left with him. I'm tired of being one of Bobby's goons." Stone says to himself.

Bobby walks to his apartment room, and sees as his mistress is laying naked on the couch. "Hurry, my lover. The game is about to start once you get on this couch." The woman says to Bobby. Bobby takes his clothes off, and he walks up to his mistress, and the two begins to make out.

Serena walks to Bobby's room, and waits at the door.

Nathan slams his walkie talkie after having a heated argument with Noah over the trading treaty. Dana walks in, and looks as Nathan smashes the bathroom mirror. "That cunning son of a bitch isn't gonna get away with his tricks. We'll see...." Nathan says to Dana. Dana walks up to Nathan, and kisses him.

A flashback occurs as Noah and Nathan are in the conference room. "You're a piece of shit that this colony will have to deal with." Noah says to Nathan. Nathan packs up his stuff, and heads for the doors. "Don't ignore me!!!" Noah yells at Nathan as he walks away from the conference table. Noah rushes to the door, and pushes Nathan back. "Don't lay another finger on me!!!" Nathan yells at Noah. Noah pushes him again, and Nathan tackles him out through the window. Nathan looks as Noah gets up, and aims his pistol at his head. "I hope your community dies after you die." Noah says to Nathan. Jack shoots his gun in the air. "Let Nathan go, and I'll assist you. Kill him, and I'll kill you." Jack says to Noah. "Fine." Noah says to Jack. Nathan walks to the gate as Dante and Salazar waits for him.

Two children looks at each other. "Ethan, when is the others gonna come help us?" Lia asks Ethan. "I don't know. Our father was exiled for assisting in Nathan's attempted takeover." Ethan answers to Lia. Several breaks into the house. "Anyone here for us to beat to death?" The looters asks for anyone to respond, but to silence. Lia covers Ethan's mouth as they see several sets of feets.


@=Doesn't Appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr
  • Noah Chance @@
  • Jack Wayans
  • Sophia Gomez
  • Bobby Wayans
  • Stacy Mallard @
  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Joshua Wayans


  • Mikey Wilson @
  • Salazar Goede @@
  • Serena MacMiller
  • Mark Malecki @
  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr
  • Dana Lopez
  • Benji Billiams
  • Ryan Javier
  • Jonas Rivera


  • Allie Mitchell @
  • Marco Wilkinson @
  • Amy Jones @
  • Stone Carrigans
  • Justin Ronnings @
  • Donald MacMiller @
  • Ryan MacMiller @
  • Dante Licaros
  • Lia Kenway
  • Ethan Kenway


  • Ty
  • Jacob
  • Elizabeth Troyer
  • Art Minzey


  • Ty
  • Benji Billiams
  • Several unnamed Disguised survivors
  • Several unnamed masked bandits


  • First appearance of Joshua Wayans.
  • First appearance of Jonas Rivera.
  • First appearance of Dante Licaros.
  • First appearance of Lia Kenway.
  • First appearance of Ethan Kenway.
  • First appearance of Elizabeth Troyer.
  • First appearance of Art Minzey.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Jacob. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Ty.
  • Last appearance of Benji Billiams.

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