The DeVries Community guards faces the Westlington Colony guards; Noah faces against Nathan face to face as he sneaks into the Westlington Colony with the help of Stone; Serena confronts Bobby and Elizabeth, and does the unthinkable; Liam Jr and Ryan meets with two survivors.

Episode 8

Noah looks as his guards prepares for war. He looks as Jack and Joshua stays at the gates with another guard. "Jack, Joshua, and Parker. Those cunning bastards." Noah says to himself. "Yeah. I already told them to not risk serving you. I already told Nathan of your attack." Noah shoots Stone in the head. Nathan walks in, and shoots Noah's gun. "Fight like a man. Mono y mono." Nathan says to Noah. Noah charges at Nathan.

Nathan Jr runs to a defense wall with his son. "Stay with me." Nathan Jr says to Nathan III. Art looks at the charging enemies, but gets sniped in the head.

Serena looks as Bobby sleeps with Elizabeth. Serena slaps Bobby in the face before shooting him in the head with her shotgun, and aims at Elizabeth, and kills her as she shoots through her chest.

"Scott, stick in the covers." Mark says to Scott before he is shot in the head. "Fuck! We're getting killed over here!!!" Mark yells for Nathan Jr before a sniper shoots him in the head.

Serena looks as her sons are sleeping on their beds. She aims her pistol at them, and kills them before committing suicide.

As a zombie is about to bite Stacy, Justin smashes the zombie's skull with his metal baseball bat. "Thanks...." Stacy says to Justin.

Sophia cries in her cells as she sees the survivors that aren't fighting worried and crying. "I want to redeem myself." Sophia says to herself.

Nathan Jr and Nathan III runs to another barricade, but a guard shoots Nathan III in the eye, taking his eye out. "No!!!" Nathan Jr yells for Nathan III as he grabs him, and runs into the community. Allie and the others helps to save Nathan III's life.

Nathan slams Noah onto the table, and begins to beat Noah's head in with his fists. Jack, Joshua, and Parker arrives with Dexter. "Where's Bobby?" Nathan asks Jack. "He was......murdered...."

Marco is shot in the head as he retreats into the community. Allie, Amy, and the others looks at Marco's corpse in horror.

The guards outside looks as a large zombie herd finishes off the remaining enemies.

Nathan, Jack, Joshua, Parker, and Dexter watches in horror as the large zombie herd begins to arrive at the DeVries Community, which several zombies begins to devour on the bodies of two guards outside of it's gates.

Ryan and Liam Jr meets up with two scout of another colony.


@=Doesn't Appear, @@=Flashback


  • Nathan DeVries
  • Nathan DeVries Jr
  • Noah Chance
  • Jack Wayans
  • Sophia Gomez
  • Bobby Wayans
  • Stacy Mallard
  • Nathan DeVries III
  • Joshua Wayans


  • Mikey Wilson
  • Salazar Goede
  • Serena MacMiller
  • Mark Malecki
  • Caleb Hyatt
  • Liam Wilkinson Jr
  • Dana Lopez
  • Ryan Javier
  • Jonas Rivera @
  • Parker Martinez
  • Dexter Manson


  • Allie Mitchell
  • Marco Wilkinson
  • Amy Jones
  • Stone Carrigans
  • Justin Ronnings
  • Donald MacMiller
  • Ryan MacMiller
  • Dante Licaros
  • Lia Kenway @
  • Ethan Kenway @
  • Kiki Michaels
  • Saul MacRoy


  • Elizabeth Troyer
  • Art Minzey
  • Scott Mason


  • Stone Carrigans
  • Art Minzey
  • Bobby Wayans
  • Elizabeth Troyer
  • Scott Mason
  • Mark Malecki
  • Donald MacMiller
  • Ryan MacMiller
  • Serena MacMiller
  • Noah Chance
  • Marco Wilkinson
  • Several unnamed DeVries Community guards
  • Numerous unnamed Westlington Colony guards


  • First appearance of Parker Martinez.
  • First appearance of Dexter Manson.
  • First appearance of Kiki Michaels.
  • First appearance of Saul MacRoy.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Scott Mason.
  • Last appearance of Stone Carrigans.
  • Last appearance of Art Minzey.
  • Last appearance of Bobby Wayans.
  • Last appearance of Elizabeth Troyer.
  • Last appearance of Mark Malecki.
  • Last appearance of Donald MacMiller.
  • Last appearance of Ryan MacMiller.
  • Last appearance of Serena MacMiller.
  • Last appearance of Noah Chance.
  • Last appearance of Marco Wilkinson.

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