Winter is cold
Season 1, Episode 1
Vital statistics
Air date 10/15/2014
Written by ABirARbel11
Directed by ABirARbel11
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N/A Frozen



  • @=No lines
  • @@=Doesn't appear


  • Eddward Gould
  • Jake Larsson
  • Don Verdreaux
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Travis DeVries@


  • Doug Hilliard
  • Billy Greene
  • Matthew McOliven@@
  • Ben Grimes


  • Larry Dolgen
  • Lisa Grimes@


Eddward Gould and Jake Larrson,two twenty year old friend played in the snow as a guy walked slowly over them

"should we throw snowballs at him?" Jake asked "sure" Edd said

suddenly a kid came and bugged the guy "hey loser,playng in the snow" he said as he hit hit the guy

the guy bit the kid in the shoulder "ahhh" he yelled chocking from his own blood

"edd?" "yeah?" "RUN" the dialog was short and the ran in panick to their house

they turned on the radio

"this is Billy Greene""and Doug Hilliard,telling you pepole came and ate pepole today""we want you to go to the radio station,we got a bomb shelter""but be sure to bring supplies"

"did you hear that Jake? Edd asked "Yeah i did" Jake answerd

they ran to the street with only two candy bars,a bottle of 0.5 liters of water and 2 bottles of cola

"Don Verdreaux?" Edd yelled to a guy "yeah?" he asked

"Don listen you have to go to the radio station with your supplies,they got a bomb shelter and we can be safe" Edd told Don

"sure but should we tell others like the Grimes family?" "NO,i was thinking about the DeVries guys,we should go tell Nathan and his cousin Travis." Jake said

"i will go to Ben and Lisa and you will go to Nathan" Don said

"sure" they said and ran to Nathan's house

they knocked on the door many times as he opened

"Nathan listen the radio station have a bomb shelter,we played in snow,a guy came,he bit a kid and then Don and and Radio and-"

"listen guys i know about that,we were just heading out,i wrote my third book and Travis turned on the radio and we heard the news"

"oh, so lets head out" Edd said

as they headed they fought walkers and reached the radio station with the last survivor from the fire station Larry Dolgen

when they got in they saw Don with the sheriff Ben Grimes and his wife Lisa,Billy and Doug brodcasting.

"everyone,its going to be okay." Ben said

"but what if its not going to be okay?,my friends are dead!" Larry said

"then we fight" Edd said


  • Unnamed kid

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