Season 1, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date 10/15/2014
Written by ABirARbel11
Directed by ABirARbel11
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Winter is cold Ice to meet you



  • @=No lines
  • @@=Doesn't appear


  • Eddward Gould
  • Jake Larsson
  • Don Verdreaux
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Peter McCain
  • Jack McDaniel


  • Matthew McOliven
  • Doug Hilliard
  • Billy Greene
  • Ben Grimes@
  • David Paul


  • Larry Dolgen
  • Travis DeVries@
  • Lisa Grimes@
  • Amy Paul@
  • Zack Coleman@


As every panicked David Paul got into the station with his daughter Amy "help me!,someone shot my daughter!" he yelled

"NO WORRY,IM A DOCTOR" said Jack McDaniel when he got into the station with Peter McCain

"McCain,what are doing outside your stupid ice cream truck?" David sarcasticly said as doctor McDaniel checked on Amy,the five year old daughter of David Paul.

two other guys from the military got into the station

'Im private Matthew McOliven and this is private Zack Coleman" one of them said

"she is...gone." McDaniel said as private Coleman touched her head,that when she turned and bit of his arm "AHHHHHHHH" he said and accidently shot Travis DeVries

"no!" Nathan said as a gunshot was heard and little Amy had a bullet hole in her head

David saw Jake Larsson holding the gun still aiming

"you are a DEAD man! you hear me? DEAD!" he said as he attacked Jake

"no way" Jake said and hit him with the gun,David pushed the gun aside and kept punching Jake as Edd shot him

"snow way you try to kill my friend" Edd said "always you and your puns" Jake told him

"Guys!" Doug Hilliard said as they heard walkers

"lets take weapons and attack the walkers!" Billy Greene said

"who puts you the leader?" Matthew McOliven said

"he's not the leader,Edd is!" Jake said "and who said that?" Matthew said

"everybody!,Jake,Nathan,Billy,Doug,even Travis did!" Larry Dolgen said

"everybody!,take your supplies and go to David's van!" Jake said

Don,Jake,Peter and Edd stayed to pick extra supplied as every body else was in the van

"i almost forgot to shoot Travis" Jake said

"why?" Peter asked

"he will turn" Edd said as Jake shot Travis DeVries in the head

"should we...-" Jake asked as Don said "No" and they got outside to the freezing walker full streets


  • Amy Paul (Alive and zombified)
  • Zack Coleman (Alive)
  • David Paul
  • Travis DeVries (Alive and zombified)

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