Ice To Meet You
Season 1, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date 10/16/2014
Written by ABirARbel11
Directed by ABirARbel11
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Frozen Cold Puns



  • @=No lines
  • @@=Doesn't appear


  • Eddward Gould
  • Jake Larsson
  • Don Verdreaux
  • Nathan DeVries
  • Peter McCain


  • Matthew McOliver
  • Billy Greene
  • Doug Hilliard
  • Jack McDaniel@
  • Oliver Chase
  • Vincent Chase
  • Ben Grimes@@


  • Larry Dolgen@
  • Lisa Grimes@
  • Shawn Benson@


the group got out of the station the twins Oliver and Vincent Chase fought walkers with Larry Dolgen,Doug,Billy,and the soldier Matthew with another soldier named Shawn Benson,Lisa Grimes died and Ben ran from the group and Jack McDaniel got bit.

Jake ran to help the twins and Edd came with him,Peter ran to help Jack and Don just shot walkers

"so many!" Don yelled

"we know sherlock!" Billy Greene said

"ah guys?" Nathan said as more and more walkers came over

"COME ON!" Matthew said as he keep shooting them

"guys relax we can clear it out" Doug said

"he is right,we can do that!" Jake said "he is right i think that too!" Oliver said

"stupid idea" said Matthew "who said its an idea?" Jake said

"my idea is getting int the van" Jake said "NO KEEP SHOOTING" Matthew said

"relax Jack we sort it out " Eddward told Jack

"we cant" Matthew said" i WILL shoot him!

"then i have no other option" Edd said as he took a sword from the van and walked towards Jack

and choped off his arm

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Jack screamed in pain

Don,Pete and Oliver came to the place to help

"we need to stop the blood" Peter said

"the RV!" Don said

"go there and bring the first aid kit!" Peter said

as walkers killed Shawn Benson Don got into te RV

what will happen next?


  • Lisa Grimes
  • Shawn Benson

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