Season 2, Episode 4


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December 31, 2015
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan
Lia Porter
TJ Adkins
Brian Doolins
Dwight Horseman
Angela Ellis
Chris Wayans
Nathan DeVries
Emily Reed
Johnathan Washington
Melody Smith
Sullivan Martinez

Also Starring


Benji Billiams
Susan Sandler**
Heath Wayans
Clara Adams**
Fitzgerald Walden**
Johnny Sattory
Rex Eastwood

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Recovery is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Multiple events happens almost at one time for the survivors.

Plot Synopsis

5 hours prior to current time. Johnny begins to walk towards a Johnny looks as he's being held by Benji and Heath at gunpoint. "Why hold me at gunpoint when I spared you both? I only kill people with a reason. Only if you were to threaten my colony that I'm a supply runner for." Johnny says to the two. Heath stares at Benji, who lowers his gun. "What's your community called?" Benji asks Johnny. "Cleveland Colony." Johnny answers to Benji. "You better be telling the truth." Heath says to Johnny. "I have pictures as proof." Johnny says to Heath as he hands him an envelope full of pictures.

12 hours prior to current time. Rex sits in his office as he realizes that Melody and Sullivan abandoned the colony's cause. "Traitors..." Rex says to himself about the two.

Four hours prior to current time. The survivors gathers up as they take aim at the main gate, prepared from the soon-to-be battle against The Killers. "Daniel, please survive this battle. For any survivors of this battle were to get lost, look for them. Me and my family are loyal to you." Morton says to Daniel. Daniel looks at Natalie and Greg, who are behind him. "Bradley and Kenny, prepare the fuel for the buses. Ashley, Elliot, Barnes, Trenton, Moses, Eddy, and Dakota, stand guard for them." Daniel says to the other survivors.

Current time. Clyde gets up as Johnathan and Fitzgerald stands guard in the woods. "I still can't believe it." Fitzgerald says to the others. The three gets up, and abandons the small campfire. A crawling zombie grabs Johnathan's leg. Johnathan screams as he's bit in the leg while being with Fitzgerald and Clyde. Clyde amputates Johnathan's leg as Kentli and Scott arrives.

Emily and Melody looks as they're separated from the other survivors of the attack.

Three hours prior to current time. Daniel and his fellow survivors hides behind cover as the main gate is destroyed by The Killers. "Leave none of them alive!!!" Daniel yells at the others. Daniel and several others advances. Daniel looks as Morton and Greg retreats as Natalie's corpse is seen on the ground. Daniel gets shot in the leg by a killer. Lia shoots the killer in his head as she helps Daniel with retreating.

Sylvester sneaks into a house, and comes across Nathan. Sylvester tackles Nathan, and stabs into his shoulder just before Nathan smashes Sylvester's head with a glass container. Nathan is about to shoot Sylvester, but Troy shoots Nathan in the back just as Lewis snipes Troy in the head as Morris and Carley grabs the wounded Nathan. "Nathan, Bidwell and Lewis are with us. This safe-zone is destroyed now." Morris says to Nathan. Sylvester escapes from the house just as Nathan passes out.

Current time. Nathan wakes up in a casino as Bidwell, Lewis, Morris, and Carley are playing poker with rations. "Nathan, want to play with us? We didn't take any of your supplies, maybe some of your medical supplies to save your life. Wanna play?" Bidwell asks Nathan. "We'll play fair." Carley says to Nathan, who ignores them. Lewis gets up, and leaves the poker game, and walks over to Nathan. "I understand that you might not like us after what our old group did. Understand that we're even now. Life to life. You better get used to this. The group is dead now." Lewis says to Nathan. "We're letting it die by trying to have fun. I watched my father and siblings get killed by zombies in front of me. My first zombie kill was that of my dad. We must search until we find them." Nathan says to Lewis. "Let us play this game, and then we'll search for them." Lewis says to Nathan. "Last game right here, then we'll leave to search!!!" Lewis yells at the three others. "Alright." Morris says to Lewis. Nathan walks to the bathroom, and looks at his scar. "This scar and any future scars will mark me as a survivor." Nathan says to himself. Nathan looks at his supplies while away from the others inside of the casino in Springfield. "Bidwell and the others don't need me." Nathan says to himself. Bidwell and the others walks behind Nathan. "We're a team now. We all need each other. Grow up, and we'll be fine. Even though we're in the same group doesn't mean that I won't kill you." Bidwell says to Nathan.

Two hours prior to current time. TJ and Johnathan gets stuck in an alleyway in Chicago as zombies closes in on them. "Fuck!!!" Johnathan yells at himself after he accidentally drops his modified baseball bat. TJ looks as a door is unlocked. The two gets into the house. TJ looks at Johnathan. "Go out there, and find any others. We'll have this as our base." TJ says to Johnathan.

Current time. TJ abandons the house as he gets knocked out with the butt of an assault rifle. The man standing over him is revealed to be Rex. Rex picks up TJ, and wakes him up. "Where's Melody and Sullivan?" Rex asks TJ. "The safe-zone splitted apart. I don't know." TJ answers to Rex. Rex abandons TJ, who flees from Chicago, and into the woods.

Three hours prior to current time. Ramirez begins to drive one of the escape buses out of the safe-zone with most of the survivors in it. Kentli and Scott looks as Arlo, Miller, and Sebastian are in it. "Shit..." Kentli says to himself as Scott pulls him towards cover. "We need to escape from him." Scott says Kentli. "Let's run out when the gunfire dies down." Kentli says to Scott.

Current time. Chris meets up with Benji, Heath, and Johnny alongside Bella. "Where's the others?" Benji asks Chris. "Either missing or dead. The safe-zone has fallen into ashes or whatever is left of it.

Two hours prior to current time. Emily cries as she stares at a corpse in the woods as Melody stands guard for her. " should've never died like this." Emily says to the corpse of Clara.

Dwight begins to hunt in the woods as he believes that he's the only survivor of the attack. Dwight walks down the hill towards Lake Michigan as he discovers a boat at the pier.

Lia helps an injured Daniel get up alongside Sullivan. "We better find shelter before it gets dark." Sullivan says to Daniel. "I know." Daniel says to Sullivan as they flee away from several zombies.

Sylvester cries as he hears bad news from a dying killer outside of the mansion within the Reed Safe-Zone. "I shall avenge my fallen brothers." Sylvester says to himself before putting down the dying killer.

The Reed Safe-Zone is shown as an abandoned community just before Chris is seen over a dead body of a survivor. "I'm sorry, Eddy." Chris says to the corpse of Eddy before putting him down.

Current time. Susan and Devin looks up at the door in a wooden shack as they see shadows of zombies. The two turns around, and sees a tamed bear in the shack with a bearded man. "Get over here. Bentley ain't feral. I'm Timothy." Timothy says to the two.

Ramirez parks the bus as the survivors sees a construction site. Ramirez looks at the construction site just as TJ runs up to the bus. "Hostiles!!!" TJ yells at Ramirez. Ramirez unloads the bus. "Run as far as you all can!!!" Ramirez yells for the survivors as he follows TJ. "Why did you tell them to leave us?" TJ asks Ramirez. "I don't know why." Ramirez answers to TJ. The two looks as Rex and his colony's bounty hunters arrives at the bus as they hides some bushes. Rex enters the bus, and spots a survivor. "Who are you?" Rex asks the survivor. The survivor unshields his head. "Arlo." Arlo answers to Rex. Rex shoots Arlo in the head. Two more survivors shows themselves. "Don't kill us!!!" The two yells at Rex. "List your names." Rex says to the two. "Miller and Sebastian." Sebastian says to Rex. Rex shoots Sebastian in the head. Rex exits from the bus, and he and his men walks away from the area. TJ and Ramirez gets onto the bus, and sees Miller crying in a seat. "Miller, come with us." TJ says to Miller. "Don't worry about..." Ramirez says to Miller before getting shot in the back by one of the bounty hunters. "Survivors!!!" A bounty hunter yells for Rex. Rex looks as TJ runs away as Miller exits from the bus, and pulls out his rifle, and aims at Rex, and kills several of the bounty hunters. "Fuck off or I'll kill you. Tell me your name." Miller says to Rex. Rex ignores the question, and then gets sniped in the head by TJ. Miller looks at the remaining bounty hunters as TJ exits from the bushes. Sylvester shoots Miller in the head, and shoots TJ in the shoulder as he aims at the bounty hunters. "Give me all of your supplies." Sylvester says to the others just as a zombified Ramirez, grabs one of them, and bites into his neck. Sylvester looks at TJ, who is nearby, and is about to shoot him in the head, but TJ manages to stab him in the neck, killing him. TJ runs away as he sees Sylvester turn into a zombie.

Lia cries on Daniel's shoulder as he's in a deep sleep. Sullivan looks at Lia. "We aren't staying here for long." Sullivan says to Lia. Daniel looks at Lia as he wakes up. "You and Sullivan should leave, and go look for the others." Daniel says to Lia. "You aren't alright to be alone." Lia says to Daniel. "We're survivors. If we survived that battle, then we're considered survivors. I am fine." Daniel says to Lia just as Dakota arrives with a wounded TJ. "I found him out here while I was searching for the others. He might not make it." Dakota says to the others. Daniel gets up as he checks up on TJ. Daniel discovers a zombie bite on TJ's chest. Daniel begins to cry as he pulls out his revolver, and puts him down.

Clyde looks at a grave that has Johnathan's favorite hat on it. "I can't believe that he died." Clyde says to Kentli. "We all die eventually." Kentli says to Clyde. "I would've been dead if Nathan and the others weren't there to save me from The Killers." Clyde says to Kentli as Fitzgerald and Scott sits at the campfire behind themselves. Dwight arrives at the camp. "Have you found anyone?" Scott asks Dwight. "Nope." Dwight answers to Scott. "Damn..." Scott says to himself.

Emily and Melody comes across Angela with a small bag of supplies. "I'm....hungry...." Angela says to Emily. Emily hands Angela a bottle of water and a bag of chips. Melody sees as Nathan and the others with him arrives at their location. "Over here!!!" Melody yells for Nathan. The survivors comes towards the three.

Sterling and Brian are seen as they're locked up in a military warehouse while in a prison cell together. "Well" Sterling says to Brian. "I know." Brian says to Sterling just as Bradley and Kenny sits by the gates. "Sterling, why did you think of trusting the entrance guards?" Bradley asks Sterling. "We needed somewhere to live in." Sterling answers to Bradley. "We could've looked in Springfield." Kenny says to Sterling. "Now we know!!!" Brian yells at Kenny.

Daniel, Lia, Sullivan, and Dakota comes across Fitzgerald and the others with him just as Nathan and the others with him arrives. "So this is our group, huh?" Daniel asks the others. "I saw military dudes capture Sterling, Brian, Bradley, and Kenny. Chris and Bella went to look for Benji and Heath.

The leader of the military warehouse arrives at Sterling and the others' prison cell. "As you all know, you're here for a reason. The exact reason is for law and order. None of you knows me, but my name is Troyer, and I'm the living highest ranking officer of the US Military. Follow my orders, and the whips won't be done to you." Troyer says to the survivors.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Bradley.
  • First appearance of Kenny.
  • First appearance of Dakota.
  • First appearance of Troyer.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Morton Hanks. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Greg Hanks. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Ashley. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Elliot. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Barnes. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Trenton. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Moses. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Timothy. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Bentley The Bear. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Rex Eastwood.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Natalie Hanks.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Eddy.
  • Last appearance of TJ Adkins.
  • Last appearance of Johnathan Washington.
  • Last appearance of Clara Adams.
  • Last appearance of Ramirez. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Arlo.
  • Last appearance of Miller.
  • Last appearance of Sebastian.
  • Last appearance of Sylvester. (Alive)
  • Last appearance of Troy.

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