Road To Cleveland Colony
Season 2, Episode 6


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January 1, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan
Lia Porter
Brian Doolins
Dwight Horseman**
Angela Ellis**
Chris Wayans
Nathan DeVries
Emily Reed
Melody Smith
Sullivan Martinez**

Also Starring


Benji Billiams**
Fitzgerald Walden**
Johnny Sattory
Tucker Ford

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Road To Cleveland Colony is the season 2 finale of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Soon as the survivors meets up with Benji, Chris, and Johnny, the group once again splits up for either to head to the Cleveland Colony or to head to the nearby Military Checkpoint to look for Sterling and the others; Sterling and the others meets some survivors at the warehouse within the Military Checkpoint.

Plot Synopsis

The group stands outside of the Reed Safe-Zone as Tucker and his two other members of his crew returns to the group. "We'll join your group." Tucker says to the others. Daniel nods at him. "Everyone, half of you will join with Johnny, and head to the Cleveland Colony while the rest will join up with me to head to the rumored nearby Military Checkpoint to find Sterling and the others. Bradley and Kenny are also confirmed to be taken by the military after Chris confirmed it. TJ tolds Dakota about the large majority of the group going missing after a new threat attacked them. The new threat will not be our priorities right now." Daniel says to the others.

Johnny looks as most of the survivors, including Tucker and his two friends, joins up with him while Daniel, Chris, Nathan, Sullivan, Bidwell, Lewis, Clyde, and Dakota heads off to the Military Checkpoint. "They should be safe." Johnny says to the others. "We all should stay safe." Scott says to Johnny. "And that's what's going to happen." Emily says to the others.

Daniel and his squad comes across barbed wires at the Military Checkpoint, and begins to cut the wires. "Find Sterling, Brian, Bradley, and Kenny. If any soldiers catches you, kill them with your silenced weapons." Daniel says to the others. "Ok, everyone. No bullshit. If any of the other prisoners distracts us, kill them." Chris says to the others. "No. We'll free them, and use them as a part of our plan." Nathan says to Chris. "I think that they should be used as bait for the soldiers to confront them." Bidwell says to the others. "We'll do either Nathan or Bidwell's ideas. We don't kill for no reason." Daniel says to the others.

Sterling and the others looks as a man shows his face through the bigger hole in the wall. "Hello. I'm Archer Reedus. Me and the others in here are planning on escaping soon." Archer says to the others. "We might have some of our friends come to save us." Brian says to Archer.

Nathan arrives, and unlocks the cell. "Where's the others?" Sterling asks Nathan. "Hurry up." Nathan answers to Sterling. The four exits from the cell as Archer looks at Nathan. "Free us." Archer says to Nathan. Nathan goes to unlock the cell.

Archer manages to exit, but some of the soldiers spots the others behind Archer escapist. "Raise the alarms!!!" Wyant yells for the others.

Chester, one of the soldiers, goes towards the alarm, but Chris shoots him in the head, and goes towards a nearby supply box, but gets shot in the chest by Troyer. Troyer looks as Sullivan arrives. Sullivan tries to grab his rifle, but gets shot in the head by Troyer with his pistol. "Don't let me be a zombie. Finish me off." Chris says to Troyer. "Your wish shall be granted." Troyer says to Chris just before he executes him.

Daniel watches in anger as he sees his friend get executed. "Chris!!!" Daniel yells for Chris, but Nathan and Lewis pulls him away. Clyde and Bidwell shoots at the guards. "Hopefully, the soldiers won't kill Hilton, Moe, Boris, and Vince." Archer says to the others. "Me saving your ass caused two of our group members to die. Be glad that you ain't going to die tonight." Nathan says to Archer.

Bidwell gets shot in the shoulder by Porter, one of the soldiers guarding Troyer. "Troyer, retreat to the airplane. We'll head to DC as soon as possible." Porter says to Troyer. "Leave some of the guards here for the prisoners to be watched." Benson says to Troyer. The three heads towards Wyant. "Come with us. We're escaping via airplane." Troyer says to Wyant.

Daniel looks as Clyde is sniped in the head by Boyd. Marvin shoots Dakota in the head as Samson manages to shoot Bidwell in the head as he retreats. "There's too many." Lewis says to the others. As the others begins to retreat, Nathan shoots Archer in the stomach. "Payback's a bitch." Nathan says to Archer. Archer panics as he collapses, and runs away, bleeding.

Troyer announces to the guards to execute the escaping prisoners.

Daniel, Lewis, Sterling, Brian, Bradley, Kenny, and Nathan arrives at Johnny and the others' camp. "Where's the rest?" Lia asks the returning members. "We almost died like the others. We were getting surrounded. Nathan almost was killed saving the four." Lewis answers to Lia. "Bidwell?" Carley asks Lewis. "He was the last to die." Lewis answers to Carley. Nathan looks at the fire, angry. "I just want to go back there to kill them all like they did to some of our friends!!!" Nathan yells at the others before crying. "Kill those damn zombies like they did to my family, my friends, my fellow survivors. I want this damm nightmare to end so the misery dies with it." Nathan says to the others. "Let's head to the Cleveland Colony." Daniel says to the others.

The survivors continues their journey towards the Cleveland Colony without anymore incidents just as they arrive at it.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Wyant.
  • First appearance of Porter.
  • First appearance of Benson.
  • First appearance of Boyd.
  • First appearance of Marvin.
  • First appearance of Samson.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Archer Reedus. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Chester.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Hilton.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Moe.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Boris.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Vince.
  • Last appearance of Chris Wayans.
  • Last appearance of Bidwell.
  • Last appearance of Clyde.
  • Last appearance of Sullivan Martinez.
  • Last appearance of Dakota.

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