Three Groups Colliding With All Falling
Season 3, Episode 2


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Release Date
January 5, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan
Brian Doolins
Dwight Horseman**
Angela Ellis
Nathan DeVries
Emily Reed
Harrison Bell

Also Starring


Benji Billiams
Fitzgerald Walden**
Tucker Ford**
Isham Summerville
Adrianna Welsh
Clifford Walters**
Roger Walters
Charles Winston
Elizabeth Twork
Sylvester Eastwood**

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Three Groups Colliding With All Falling is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Synopsis

While Daniel and the others plans on escaping to several airplanes at the abandoned Military Checkpoint, Roger issues a permanent plan with Elizabeth as the Detroit Scavengers attacks both the colony and several outside survivors.

Plot Synopsis

Daniel walks to an escape vehicle as Tucker looks down the hill with Ben. Rosita exits from the escape vehicle as someone shoots a rocket launcher at the two, killing them. "Tucker! Ben! No!!!" Rosita yells for the two before getting shot in the head. Daniel looks at Bradley and Kenny. "Help me take care of those scavengers." Daniel says to the two. Bradley shoots several of the scavengers in their heads just as a scavenger snipes Kenny in the head. Bradley shoots the sniping scavenger in their head. "Daniel, I'll stay here. Escape while you can. I took down the rocket shooter." Bradley says to Daniel.

Isham, one of the guards, begins to spot bounty hunters from the Central Slave Trade Colony. "Bounty Hunters!!!" Isham yells for the others. A woman walks towards Isham and Harrison as her bounty hunters stands in a line. "Take me to your leader." Elizabeth says to the two. "My father's right here." Roger says to Elizabeth as he brings Clifford out towards her. "Isham and Harrison, bring yourselves and Adrianna, and any others to join Daniel's escape." Roger says to the two. The two runs towards Adrianna, and they run to Daniel's van while the colony begins to fall apart due to rioting. "Let's get the hell out of here." Adrianna says to Daniel. Daniel drives away as Bradley looks as Roger walks backwards as Elizabeth aims her rifle at him. "Lower your rifle, bitch." Bradley says to Elizabeth. Roger pulls out his pistol, and aims at her head. "All Three Sides has arrived, but all will fall." Roger says to Elizabeth before shooting her in the head. Sylvester looks as Elizabeth is dead, and he aims at Clifford.

Benji gets tackled by a man, and as the man tries to pull out his knife, Benji shoots him in the head with his rifle. The man is revealed to be a Detroit Scavenger. Sterling arrives. "Benji, hurry up, and...." Sterling says to Benji before getting sniped by a scavenger. Benji runs to nearby cover, and hides behind a rusty car, and shoots at the scavenger.

Brian, Fitzgerald, and Scott comes across a looted camp on the bridge towards Detroit. Brian gets kicked off from a bridge by a masked man as the other bandits holds Scott and Fitzgerald as hostages. "We are the Detroit Scavengers. We will kill and loot. Time for all of you to die soon." The leader of the Detroit Scavengers says to the two before slicing Fitzgerald's throat open. "Damn you!!!" Scott yells at the man. "Pablo, can we spare the last guy?" A scavenger asks Pablo. "Carl, are you stupid or something?" Pablo asks Carl before shooting him in the shoulder, and kicking him off from the bridge. As he falls off from the bridge, Brian is revealed to have a grip of the bridge while holding Carl's ankle. "If I spare you, you better not betray me." Brian says to Carl. "Alright." Carl says to Brian. The two climbs up, and shoots the other scavengers in their heads just as Scott grabs his and Fitzgerald's supplies and weapons. "Pablo, I could've been a better leader. Us Scavengers could've been allies to the others, not like the bandits. It can be fixed by my actions." Carl says to Pablo. "Fuck you...." Pablo says to Carl before Carl shoots him in the head. "Can you all leave now?" Carl asks the others just as two scavengers arrives. "Casper and Reggie, tell all of the scavengers to come back here for a special meeting." Carl says to the two.

Kentli snipes at several bandits as Dwight carries an injured Emily out of a small house in the outskirts of Detroit. "Fall back!!!" Kentli yells for the two. Angela arrives, and sees Dwight getting sniped in the head by a scavenger just as Emily falls down. Emily looks as Benji grabs her, and runs up the hill. "Everyone! Retreat!!!" Daniel radios to the others.

Brian and Scott arrives at Daniel's truck. "Where's the rest?" Brian asks Daniel. "We're waiting for everyone to come to here." Daniel answers to Brian. Benji, Emily, Angela, and Kentli arrives. "Sterling and Dwight are killed." Angela says to Daniel. "We've lost some of the others back within the colony. Roger and Bradley decided to stay there to take back some control." Daniel says to the others. "Lia?" Emily asks Daniel. "She's.....dead." Daniel answers to Emily. "Oh....god. I'm sorry for your loss." Emily says to Daniel. "Meet us at the abandoned Military Checkpoint now." Charles radios to the others.

The group arrives at the meeting place just as Charles runs towards them as a bloodied Nathan arrives. Nathan stares at Harrison. "I killed Troyer. The US soldiers are no longer a threat to the group, or at least has backup leadership that are humane." Nathan says to the others. "Nathan, I'm sorry for..." Harrison says to Nathan before getting knocked out by him. Nathan realizes that the group is missing several members. "So everyone else are mainly dead, like Morris and maybe Carley. Is Eisenberg and Cletus, the two chefs, still alive?" Nathan asks Adrianna. "I don't know." Adrianna answers to Nathan. "So we're back on the same damn road. Oh great...." Nathan says to the others as he discover a working airplane. "We might find a safe place with this." Isham says to the others. "Can't run the risks." Daniel says to Isham.

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