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January 6, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Christian Cooper
Benji Billiams
Brian Doolins
Angela Ellis
Nathan DeVries
Emily Reed
Harrison Bell
Saul Billington

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Isham Summerville
Adrianna Welsh
Charles Winston
Samuel Eckert
Lamar Tanner
Loki Wells
Jennifer Billington
Chance Lopez
The General
Samuel Andrewstone

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Encounters is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

The group comes across a new group as Daniel reunites with someone.

Plot Synopsis

The group looks as the vehicle burns into a large ball of flames. "We'll just walk on our endless journey." Daniel says to the others. "We are on a journey that we all don't know yet." Charles says to Daniel. "Just shut it. It'll drive us crazy." Brian says to Charles. "Hope is needed, Brian. Don't bully him." Angela says to Brian. "I've always wandered when the next day that I'll see my family. Hope is dead." Brian says to Angela. "Bullshit. I would've gave up if hope is dead." Nathan says to Brian. Brian pulls out his pistol, and aims at Daniel. "Explain hope when I kill Daniel." Brian says to the others before getting shot in the head by a masked man. "Don't hurt my brother!!!" Christian yells at Brian's corpse as he runs towards Daniel. "Everyone, don't hurt my brother. He's cool." Daniel says to the others as Christian drops his rifle, and takes off his mask. "Christian, you must've came across others. Where are they?" Daniel asks Christian. "I'm a recruiter for the Bellings Community." Christian answers to Daniel. Isham knocks Christian out. "He ain't a part of the group. Death of him is punishment for Brian's murder." Isham says to Daniel. "I can't just let my brother die for my safety." Daniel says to Isham. "Maybe this group don't need you anymore. Maybe you can go to Bellings Community, and stay there while we're busy surviving." Emily says to Daniel. Daniel feels betrayed by the two. "If anyone here wants to join me and my brother, go ahead." Daniel says to the others. Benji walks up to Daniel. "Please don't take this personal. We've ended up in situations where at least one of us dies in. In the last situation, we lost good people, including Tucker, Melody, even Lia." Benji says to Daniel. Be careful." Benji says to Daniel. Daniel looks as the group walks away. Christian wakes up. "Where's the others?" Christian asks Daniel. "They're not coming." Daniel answers to Christian.

Nathan writes a note entry into his journal as the others are sleeping at the group's camp. Nathan leaves behind a note to the others as he leaves to search for Daniel.

The group wakes up with Harrison reading Nathan's note. "Nathan left last night to join up with Daniel." Harrison says to the others. "Maybe we were wrong." Angela says to the others. "I hope that he doesn't want us dead." Scott says to the others.

Daniel cries from remembering a recent loss. Christian walks up to Daniel. "This isn't time to cry. We need to get to the community now." Christian says to Daniel just as Nathan arrives. Christian aims at Nathan. "Wait! Don't shoot!!!" Nathan yells at Christian. Daniel looks as Nathan is alone. "I'm sorry for...." Nathan says to Daniel before Daniel covers Nathan's mouth. "I understand. Leave now." Daniel says to Nathan. "The others might not accept me back." Nathan says to Daniel. Daniel glares at Christian.

Benji and the others comes across a crashed car just as spotlights shoots at them. "Hands up." Samuel says to the others. "Samuel, are they parts of the looters lately?" Lamar asks Samuel. Loki and Saul runs towards the group while aiming their LMGs at them. "They're not looters. Let them in!!!" Loki yells for the others. "We shouldn't let these freeloaders in! They haven't earn their keep yet!!!" Saul yells at Samuel. "Samuel, Saul has a point." Jennifer says to Samuel. "No, we should let these newcomers join. Christian is out there, looking for people. Kicking these people away, and telling him about this once he returns will piss him off, and he'll surely leave." Chance says to Samuel. "Send them to the guest houses. We'll check all of their supplies, and if something seems fishy, they all meets the sewers." Samuel says to the others. Christian arrives with newcomers Daniel and Nathan. "They're all good people! No punishments!!!" Christian yells at Samuel. Samuel nods at Christian.

A man with a top hat smiles as he looks at his giant colony. "This is The New World Order! I shall rule the whole world!!!" The General yells at himself as he laughes. A man walks in. "Sir, the Central Slave Trade Colony has fallen into seperations. We must take the duty of leading as the slave holders." Sylvester says to The General.

While on a trip to a small museum, Daniel and Benji discovers an injured Donald. "You're both still alive? I fucked up back then." Donald says to the two. Before Daniel could say something, Benji brutally kills Donald. "He left us behind for us to die." Benji says to Daniel.

Nathan looks in the group's house as a zombie lurks behind him as it enters behind him.

Samuel and Lamar walks down the street as they hear gunshots. The others runs to the scene as Emily is laying on the ground as Nathan stares as a zombie is biting Emily in her neck. Nathan looks on in shock. "She sacrificed her life for mine." Nathan says to Samuel as Lamar kills the zombie, and puts Emily down. "Maybe this situation could be a sign that you might die sooner than you think." Samuel says to Nathan. Nathan becomes worried as the others mourns the loss of Emily. Isham walks in, and sees Nathan crying.

Daniel and Benji comes across a lone survivor in an apartment. "Hello." Samuel says to the two. "Is it only you in there?" Daniel asks Samuel. Samuel doesn't answer to Daniel, and just looks up in the sky. "Why do you just ask?" Samuel asks Daniel. Benji aims his rifle at Samuel. A woman shoots Benji in his chest. Daniel reaches for his gun. "You aren't going to do anything, punk." Samuel says to Daniel. The woman walks out of the apartment, and kisses Samuel. "My wife, Betty, wanted trespassers to leave. You can leave, but you can't save your friend, unless you want to suffer the same fate." Samuel says to Daniel. Benji begins to scream as his pain gets worse. Daniel looks as zombies begins to arrive. Daniel pulls out his pistol, and shoots Betty in the head, and manages to save Benji, and escape. Samuel looks as zombies begins to arrive. He reluctantly let his wife's corpse be used as bait as he escapes from the apartment.

Harrison and Saul hangs out in Saul's basement. "I don't know why, but your sister likes me. What should I do to impress her?" Harrison asks Saul. "Be nice to her or else." Saul answers to Harrison. "Or else what?" Harrison asks Saul. Saul stabs Harrison in the head. "Nobody's touching Jennifer." Saul says to Harrison's corpse as Isham walks in alongside Adrianna. Saul grabs a button, and presses it as a large group of zombies arrives. Saul runs up the stairs, and locks it as Isham and Adrianna screams for help. Saul hears the chews of the human flesh as he has his head at the door. Saul presses the button as the zombie goes back to their chambers as Saul finds Isham's reanimated body devouring on Adrianna's corpse. Saul places Isham's zombified self into the nearby empty chamber, and throws Adrianna and Harrison's corpses into it.

The group sets up their own meeting as they realize that Harrison, Adrianna, Isham, and Nathan are missing. "Something's going on here, and we're going to find out it." Daniel says to the others as Christian sits next to him. "Where were they at last?" Kentli asks Daniel. "Nathan was at the main gate while the others were at Saul's house." Angela says to the others.

Nathan walks back to the house as he sees Saul acting strange.

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