Signs Of Life
Season 3, Episode 4


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Release Date
January 7, 2016
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Cast Guide


Daniel Cooper**
Christian Cooper**
Benji Billiams**
Angela Ellis**
Nathan DeVries
Saul Billington

Also Starring


Charles Winston**
Samuel Eckert
Lamar Tanner**
Loki Wells**
Jennifer Billington**
Chance Lopez
The General*

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Signs Of Life is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Nathan investigates the community while Saul makes an evil plan of his own.

Plot Synopsis

Nathan walks to the armory, and sees Chance sitting on a chair. "How's things going for you?" Chance asks Nathan. "Alright." Nathan answers to Chance. "Can you tell me several things about Saul?" Nathan asks Chance. "He's protective over his wife. There's rumors that he has zombies in his basement. We checked it, and those rumors are false." Chance answers to Nathan.

Saul greets Samuel at his door. "Welcome. I have the food in my basement. Make yourself home here while I get the food." Saul says to Samuel. "Thanks." Samuel says to Saul. Samuel sits onto the couch in Saul's house. Samuel looks at a small hole. As he places his finger into the hole, he gets bit by a zombie in the secret chamber. "Something bit me, Saul." Samuel says to Saul just before he goes downstairs. Samuel stares at the hole, and sees one of the zombies' eyes. Samuel looks at the nearby knife, and amputates his finger. Saul walks in with a rifle. "You've discovered my secret. You shall die alongside the newcomers." Saul says to Samuel.

Nathan sneaks into Saul's backyard, and discovers the chambers of zombies. Nathan frees the zombies, and pulls out the katana of Chris Wayans, and begins to kill off each zombie before discovering a zombified Isham devouring on Adrianna's corpse as a skeleton of Harrison remains nearby. Nathan puts down the zombified Isham just as he sees Saul aiming at Samuel with a rifle. Nathan runs towards the door, and hears the situation unfold. Nathan looks up as Saul is at the door with the decapitated head of Samuel that was already put down. Nathan stares at Saul, and aims the katana towards his head. Saul locks the door, and presses a button. Nathan looks as zombies begins to arrive from two more chambers. Saul walks to the main door, and looks as the others looks at Saul with Samuel's head. "Everyone! I'm in charge now!!!" Saul yells at the survivors.



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