Going Forward With The Plan
Season 4, Episode 1


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January 10, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Christian Cooper
Benji Billiams
Angela Ellis
Susan Sandler
Nathan DeVries
The General
Chance Lopez
Sterling Ryan***

Also Starring


Devin Sandler
Chester Seely
Charles Winston
Lamar Tanner
Loki Wells
Jennifer Billington
Paul Winema
Theodore Adkins

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Going Forward With The Plan is the Season 4 premiere of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

The War Between Daniel's Group and the NWO Colony goes on as Sylvester's plan is completed; Susan and the others discovers where Daniel and the others are at.

Plot Synopsis

Susan closes the gates as several looters begins to shoot at her. Chester gets onto the watchtower, and begins to gun them down. "Susan, are you hurt?" Chester asks Susan. "No. I'm fine." Susan answers to Chester. Devin and Albert exits from cover, and goes back to their construction plans.

Daniel and the others looks down to the other side of the battlefield, and sees The General on his horse with his fellow soldiers surrounding him. "Aim at the leader, Angela. Shoot to kill." Daniel says to Angela. Nathan looks at Charles, who is holding his bible. "Put the bible away. Don't let it get ruined by the gunfight. It's time for you to finally use your rifle now." Nathan says to Charles. "This is my last test before I'm free from your service?" Charles asks Nathan. "Yes. After this test, you can go back to your church, and live out your days there." Nathan answers to Charles.

The General looks as his enemies are in cover. "Everyone, find cover!!!" The General yells for the others before getting shot off from his horse. The General looks as he's bleeding. He looks as his fellow soldiers are getting killed.

Christian runs looks to his side as Paul gets sniped in the head by a soldier. Harry runs to his brother as a rocket is shot at them. "Shoot at the enemies' rocket laucher soldiers!!!" Christian yells for the others.

Nathan looks as Charles gets shot in the neck. Nathan pulls him down. "Nathan.....I'm scared...." Charles says to Nathan before Nathan kills him out of mercy. Nathan begins to cry as he holds his friend's corpse. Nathan gets up, and begins to charge at the enemies. "Die! You mother fuckers!!!" Nathan yells at the NWO Colony soldiers as his advances.

Angela is forced to retreat as multiple enemies charges at her position.

Daniel looks as Benji and Kentli begins to retreat. "Everyone! Retreat!!!" Daniel yells for the others.

Christian grabs his rocket launcher, and shoots it at a NWO Colony military truck collection, killing multiple NWO Colony soldiers. Christian looks up as The General grabs him, and begins to lift him up.

Daniel looks as Christian is stabbed in the stomach by The General. "Christian! No!!!" Daniel yells for Christian before shoots The General in the shoulder. Christian falls down, and quickly grabs one of his bandages, and crawls away.

Lamar shoots at the soldiers charging at Angela's position. "Angela, Daniel wants everyone to retreat!!!" Lamar yells at Angela. Angela follows Lamar to Daniel and most of the others.

Daniel looks as Christian is crawling, and picks him up before retreating.

Nathan looks as his fellow members all retreat. Nathan looks as The General retreats. Nathan shoots at The General, and manages to kill him before he could successfully retreat. Nathan gets shot in the chest by a NWO Colony soldier. The soldier looks down at Nathan, and aims his rifle at Nathan's head before he gets sliced in half by Jennifer. "The other retreated, by I'm not going to retreat." Jennifer says to Nathan.

Loki runs into the Winema Family Warehouse as lots of NWO Colony soldiers chases after him. Loki runs to a nearby armory, and grabs a LMG. He looks as the soldiers at standing outside of the warehouse. "Exit from the warehouse now or die. My name is Arnold, and I'll spare your life if you come to my demands. Even though our leader is dead, we aren't going to stop fighting. Don't act stupid, asshole!!!" Arnold yells for Loki. "I'm not stupid. You're the ones who are stupid, asshole!!!" Loki yells at Arnold.

Sylvester looks as a soldier looks at the missiles, and walks away. "Jordan, check up on the missiles." The soldier says to Jordan. "Alright, sir." Jordan says to the soldier. The soldier walks away as Jordan begins to activate the missiles. Sylvester sneaks up to Jordan, and begins to choke him out before having him pass out. Sylvester ties Jordan to a pole, and duct tapes his mouth.

A soldier looks as Chance is reloading his rifle. The soldier grabs Chance, and pulls his hair. "Surrender, asshole." The soldier says to Chance. "Don't kill me! You don't need to kill anyone anymore." Chance says to the soldier. "I wish that things could've went good so we wouldn't have to kill in order to keep order." The soldier says to Chance. "Let's make a deal. You leave, and never come back, and I'll stay alive." Chance says to the soldier. Chance pulls out his knife, and stabs the soldier in the head just as he grabs the soldier's outfit. Chance begins to disguise himself as a NWO Colony soldier. "Daniel, I'm disguising myself as an enemy soldier. Alert the others." Chance radios to Daniel.

Benji looks as Kentli looks pale. "Benji, I'm sorry." Kentli says to Benji as he reveals a zombie bite. "Kentli, you're going to need to fight the infection. Be the miracle of the human race. Don't give up..." Benji says to Kentli before Kentli commits suicide. Benji looks in sorrow just as NWO Colony soldiers storms into the small house that he was holding up in. The soldiers forces Benji to surrender.

The survivors looks as everyone except for Nathan, Jennifer, Loki, and Chance are there.

Chance looks as Loki escapes from the Winema Family Warehouse as Arnold and his men begins to enter it. Loki aims at Chance. "I'm in disguise, Loki." Chance says to Loki.

Jennifer carries an injured Nathan to the NWO Colony just as multiple soldiers aims at the two. "Just let us be alive for a while at least. He needs medical help. Your leader is dead, and it's time for you all to surrender." Jennifer says to the soldiers. Sylvester shoots at the soldiers. "Go to the medic's office. I'm in charge of here now, and I've disabled the missiles." Sylvester says to the two.

Sylvester walks to the missiles, and sees Logan free. Logan aims his rifle at Sylvester. Sylvester shoots Logan in the leg, and aims at his head. "You're against the NWO Colony if you try to harm me. The General is officially dead, and I'm in control. You'll be held as a prisoner." Sylvester says to Logan before knocking him out.

Arnold and the others looks as Chance and Loki locks them inside of the warehouse. "Let us out!!!" Arnold yells at the two. "Brody and Joshua, go look for any other exits." Arnold says to the two.

Daniel and the others looks as the soldiers surrounding them are radioed to return to the colony by Sylvester. "Bruce, go free the prisoners." Lily says to Bruce. Bruce begins to free the survivors. "Your leader's dead. Time to surrender." Daniel says to the soldiers. "Our new leader asks for us to return, and for the missiles to never used. Your group is welcome to stay with us. We're sorry for what The General have done. He was a tyrant. Everyone was too scared to stand up to him. Sylvester, I guess, betrayed several of my fellow soldiers, and is demanding all of us to retreat, and to be questioned." Lily says to Daniel. The survivors looks as the soldiers walks away in sadness. "Should we follow them?" Angela asks Daniel. "Sure." Daniel answers to Angela.

Sylvester looks as Jennifer and Nathan enters a truck. "Thanks for the help." Nathan says to Sylvester. "You all better stay safe out there. Remember, you and the others in your group are 100% welcome to come back to here. Your leader is the hero of humanity to be honest. NWO Colony will provide help to survivors, but we're a democracy, and we'll be better than everyone." Sylvester says to the two.

Nathan and Jennifer drives past the NWO Colony soldiers, and comes across Daniel and the others. "Let's go back to the Bellings Community." Nathan says to the others.

Chance and Loki unlocks the warehouse and looks as Arnold and the others exits from it. "You all are free to go." Chance says to the soldiers. "We got a radio command to spare you all. Your group won." Arnold says to the two. The two walks away, and returns to the Bellings Community.

Susan and the three others arrives at the Bellings Community, and sees Daniel entering it. "He's alive...." Susan says to herself.

Sylvester looks at the arrested soldiers, and declares for all of them to be possibly in line to be executed.

A man with a metal arm looks as Susan and her fellow survivors enters the Bellings Community. The man turns around, and looks down the road, and the man is revealed to be Theodore Adkins.

A flashback shows Alisha with her husband, Reggie; Sterling with his wife, Michelle, and son, Mikey. Daniel wakes up after having the flashback.

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