Check Up
Season 1, Episode 2


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December 22, 2015
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan**
Roger Anderson
Lia Porter
TJ Adkins

Also Starring


Leon Campbell
Sturgess Reynolds*
Benji Billiams
Brian Doolins
Quinton Marksman
Sandra Lopez
Stephen Douglas
Dwight Horseman
Chase Black

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Check Up is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

While some survivors in Roger's Community tends to Jared's wounds, Daniel and Leon goes on a supply run with TJ, Benji, and Stephen, which turns deadly for one of them; Quinton begins to make mistakes, and gets a replacement; Lia gives out some bad news.

Plot Synopsis

Lia closes the door as her, Sterling, and Alisha looks at Jared. laying on the table. "Go wait outside." Lia says to the two.

Daniel looks at TJ, who moves up to the hospital. "There's a gang in there." TJ says to Daniel. "We should try to check up on another place to get supplies." Stephen says to TJ. "My brother needs those meds now!!!" Leon yells at Stephen as a wounded gang member runs out of the hospital. "Don't kill me!!!" The gang member yells at the survivors before clumsly falling off the railings, dying from the long fall. "Poor bastard." Reeves says to himself just before he turns around. Leon shoots Reeves in the head as TJ shoots Xander in his chest. Saul tackles Daniel, and stabs a knife into his shoulder. "Dwight, escape!!!" Saul yells for Dwight. Benji kicks Saul off from Daniel, and holds him at gunpoint. Dwight walks out with his hands on his head. "We've been attacked by zombies, and I surrender." Dwight says to the survivors. Benji looks at Saul. "I dare you to let me live..." Saul says to Benji just as TJ shoots him in the head. "We have no medicine. The FEMA Facility nearby has them. I won't try anything stupid. Spare me, and I'll assist in your group's efforts." Dwight says to Stephen. "We should let him live." Benji says to the others. "Kill him." TJ says to Stephen. "I agree with TJ." Leon says to Stephen. "We'll need more firepower." Daniel says to Stephen. Stephen lowers his gun. "Stick with us." Stephen says to Dwight just before getting sniped in the head. "Sniper!!!" Dwight yells for the others. Leon looks up, and shoots the sniper down from his position. "Help! Go get our boss, The Marksman. Hurry!!!" The wounded sniper yells for the other sniper. The other sniper mercy kills his fellow before getting knocked out by TJ. "Don't kill me. My friend was too stupid to realize that The Marksman doesn't want us to not kill the good people. He must've thought that you were bandits." The other sniper says to TJ. "Get out of here before we think of executing you." Leon says to the sniper. Another sniper stands nearby. "Frank, let's get out of here! The Marksman will be upset knowing that one of us is dead." The sniper to Frank just he gets close to him.

Quinton looks as two tired wounded survivors walks towards the community, and mistakes them as zombies. Quinton shoots one of them in their heads. "Brody! He's dead!!!" The survivors yells at his dead friend. Quinton begins to regret killing the survivor. Sandra stares at Quinton. "Well, you're screwed." Sandra says to Quinton. Quinton realizes that he must stop Sandra, and kill the other survivor in order to keep his position. "Sandra, calm down that survivor." Quinton says to Sandra. Sandra follows Quinton's orders, and walks towards the crying survivor. "Hey...Quinton, the guy that killed your friend is going to get punished. What's your name?" Sandra asks the survivor. "Joe." Joe answers to Sandra just before shoots her in the stomach, and grabbing her's and Brody's supplies, and running away as Quinton fails to kill him. Roger walks up to Quinton alongside Brian. "What the hell are you doing?" Roger asks Quinton. Quinton turns around, and is shocked to be confronted. "Nothing." Quinton answers to Roger. Roger pulls out his revolver, and shoots Quinton in the head, and repeated shoots his body. "Nobody lies to me. Brian, you'll take over his duty." Roger says to Brian. A guard runs up to Brian. "Don't be an ass like Quinton was." The guard says to Brian. "I won't, Clement." Brian says to Clement.

Daniel and the others arrives at the FEMA Facility, and sees that the main entrance is locked. The only member of the facility walks up to the door, and unlocks it. The man walks out. "Who are you?" Daniel asks the man. "Chase Black. The Director of this FEMA Facility." Chase answers to Daniel. "I have a truck filled with medical supplies. Take it, and don't come back." Chase says to the survivors. "Come with us. We don't have an official doctor at our community." TJ says to Chase. "Fine." Chase says to TJ. Chase shows the survivors the truck, and the survivors gets into the truck, and drives their way back to the community, and looks as Lia looks worrily at them. Leon runs out of the truck, and goes up to her. "Is my brother still alive?" Leon asks Lia. "He died from his wounds. You came here late. He died a few minutes ago." Lia answers to Leon. "Can I view him before his body is taken care of?" Leon asks Lia. Lia nods to Leon. Leon cries as he goes to see his brother's corpse.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Dwight Horseman.
  • First appearance of Chase Black.
  • First appearance of Tucker Ford.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Frank. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Joe. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Xander.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Reeves.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Brody.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Kyle.
  • Last appearance of Stephen Douglas.
  • Last appearance of Sandra Lopez.
  • Last appearance of Quinton Marksman.
  • Last appearance of Jared Campbell. (Alive)
  • First mentions of The Marksman.

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