The Windy Arena
Season 4, Episode 4


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January 13, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Christian Cooper
Benji Billiams
Angela Ellis
Susan Sandler
Nathan DeVries
Chance Lopez
Negan Marks
Lance MacRoy
Stewie MacRoy***

Also Starring


Devin Sandler**
Chester Seely
Lamar Tanner
Loki Wells**
Jennifer Billington
Theodore Adkins**
Carth Martinez**
Roger Everett
Fred Dodge
Seth Goetz
Isabella Reedus
Riley Danes

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

The Windy Arena is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Daniel and the others attends a meeting hosted by Nathan; Negan prepares his fellow bandits for an attack on the Bellings Community after finding a map on the ground of it; Someone makes an unusual return.

Plot Synopsis

Christian looks as Nathan walks onto the stage. "What's going on?" Christian asks Nathan. "There's an important matter to announce." Nathan answers to Christian. "What important matter?" Daniel asks Nathan. "A new threat. He radio the message to me. We all need to hear it, not just a hand full of us." Loki says to Daniel. Daniel looks at Nathan.

Negan looks on the ground as he searches Muskegon for Nathan and the others, and comes across a ruined map, and sees a circled portion of Saginaw with a title called Bellings Community. "So he has a place he calls home, huh?" Negan asks himself. "Negan, we should head back. There's a winter storm coming." Kevin says to Negan. "We will soon." Negan says to Kevin. "It's already freezing bad, boss. We should seriously hurry. Those survivors are better off dead out here in the freezing weather." Dan says to Negan. "They may actually be alive in a community outside of town. I guess that Nathan dropped the map of his community." Negan says to Dan. "And where's that community at?" Saul asks Negan. "Saginaw." Negan answers to Saul. "Damn...." Saul says to himself as Negan and the others begins to head back to the vans. "Saul, you coming or you're going to search for any other evidence on your own?" Dan asks Saul. "I'll search some more." Saul answers to Dan. The van drives away as Saul walks towards a barricaded house.

The survivors begins to watch as Nathan announces the news. Daniel walks to his house as Angela and Benji sits in his living room with Susan, Chance, Jennifer, and Chester. "Daniel, just to let you know, I'll serve as one of the co-commanders of an army for here." Chester says to Daniel. "Me and Devin will help with managing the count of the survivors we have here." Susan says to Daniel. "I'll assist with Angela, Lamar, and Christian as one of the several snipers." Benji says to Daniel. "I'll go serve as a spy alongside Fred and Isabella." Chance says to Daniel. "Me, Roger, Seth, and most of the others will serve in the army." Jennifer says to Daniel. "I like this meeting. I'm accepting all of these." Daniel says to the others.

Saul breaks open the barricade as a man sits on a couch. "Thanks for ruining my peace, asshole. I'm the brother of the former leader of the MacRoy Safe-Lands. Lance's my name, dude." Lance says to Saul. "You must come with me. You're a prisoner for the..." Saul says to Lance before getting shot in the head by Merle. "Thanks, Merle." Lance says to Merle. "Soon, we'll find Daniel and his fellow survivors. You're in charge of the safe-lands, as I proposed to everyone." Merle says to Lance. "Maybe, forgiveness is needed. I don't feel like killing them. I'd rather have them look at the brother of a former strong leader. I already know the exact guy who did my brother in. I saw him get chopped down by a man named Nathan DeVries." Lance says to Merle. "What do you want me to do? Tell everyone that we'll side with Stewie's murderers?" Merle asks Lance before Lance repeatedly stabs into Merle's stomach. "Never question a MacRoy, Merle. This is some good evil." Lance says to Merle before Merle is thrown outside into the arms of a zombie. Lance watches as the zombie begins to feast on Merle's corpse, and walks out. A ghost of Stewie looks at Lance. "You can let go of me. I'm needed somewhere else now, brother. Remember, I'll always be with you even if you can't see me." The ghost of Stewie says to Lance before disappearing.

Negan looks as Burt gets up as Dan puts down Treyson as he goes flatlined. Burt looks as he stares at the incident. "Burt, go to the armory. You're back on duty now." Negan says to Burt. Dan looks at Negan. "I've heard from a scout that a new group that's not Nathan's has killed Saul." Dan says to Negan. "Then who are they?" Negan asks Dan. "The MacRoy Safe-Lands." Dan answers to Negan. Doug walks to the armory with Burt.

Lance returns to the safe-lands as he looks as the Dereal Colony survivors are doing good. "I'm glad to make an alliance with those people." Lance says to himself as Austin opens the gates. "Welcome back, Lance." Austin says to Lance.

Roger and Seth walks into the infirmary as Riley lays on the bed in a catatonic condition. "Riley Danes! Snap out of it! We'll need your help! You're the better strategic survivor here. Daniel needs you." Roger says to Riley. "He isn't gonna do shit. After that one incident, he remained like this." Seth says to Roger. Riley gets up, and walks out of the infirmary. "What the fuck happen?" Isabella asks the two as she enters the infirmary.

Daniel looks as Riley enters his house. "Riley! Nice to see you." Daniel says to Riley. "So you need me. I've finally snapped out of my former condition. Time to get to action once again." Riley says to Daniel. "Are you alright?" Daniel asks Riley. "I just want everyone to shut the fuck up about my old self! Make sure that happens, and then I'll help. They criticize me about my ideas, and it drove me crazy." Riley answers to Daniel.

Fred looks as everyone leaves the meeting as Nathan frantically looks into his supplies. "What's wrong?" Fred asks Nathan. "I lost my map! The enemies might have it." Nathan answers to Fred. "You want me to inform Daniel about this?" Fred asks Nathan. Nathan nods as he panics.

Lance enters his brother's old secret basement lab, and sees an unopened vial stash of a mysterious liquid. "He was making a cure." Lance says to himself about his brother.

As Riley leaves his house, Daniel begins to think about Stewie MacRoy. Angela walks in on Daniel worrying about the future. "What's wrong?" Angela asks Daniel. "The war with the new threat end up happening like the war with Stewie and the MacRoy Safe-Lands. We may never destroy them all. It's an organized group. They may be bandits, but what Nathan gave out makes it crazy. There's households with multiple survivors that must live up to the authority lead by the Muskegon Bandit Army. So many groups that could be saved, yet we're not going fast enough." Daniel says to Angela. "Nathan dropped his map there." Fred says to the two as he walks in. "Tell everyone that we're going to travel there to meet with Negan and his men." Daniel says to Fred.

Dan stares at the Bellings Community with a rolled up message to Daniel. Chance and Isabella spots Dan outside the walls. "Show yourself!!!" Chance yells at Dan. Dan rips up the paper, points his fingers at the two. "Attack!!!" Dan yells for the others as multiple gunshots are heard.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Lance MacRoy.
  • First appearance of Roger Everett.
  • First appearance of Fred Dodge.
  • First appearance of Seth Goetz.
  • First appearance of Isabella Reedus.
  • First appearance of Riley Danes.
  • First appearance of Kevin.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Saul.
  • Last appearance of Merle.
  • Last appearance of Treyson.

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