Narrow Path
Season 4, Episode 5


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January 14, 2016
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Daniel Cooper**
Christian Cooper**
Benji Billiams**
Angela Ellis**
Susan Sandler**
Nathan DeVries**
Chance Lopez**
Negan Marks
Lance MacRoy

Also Starring


Devin Sandler**
Chester Seely**
Lamar Tanner**
Loki Wells**
Jennifer Billington**
Theodore Adkins**
Carth Martinez**
Roger Everett**
Fred Dodge**
Seth Goetz**
Isabella Reedus**
Riley Danes**
Nicholas Everett

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Narrow Path is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

The Muskegon Bandit Army begins their assault on the Bellings Community while a squad from the community launches a counterattack on the Army's base; Lance becomes determined to return to Muskegon to search for more groups.

Plot Synopsis

The bandits begins to shoot at Chance and Jennifer. Chance pushes Jennifer off from the platform as he's shot in the head. Jennifer falls down, and breaks her legs and left arm. Jennifer discovers zombies within the community. As Daniel, Nathan, and the others runs towards the gate, the zombies begins to devour on Jennifer. Daniel kills Jennifer out of mercy as Nathan and Fred begins to get up to the wall, and begins to shoot at the bandits.

A small truck drives towards Muskegon. A Bellings Community guard looks at the three others with him. "Everyone, we're attacking these bandits in request of Daniel." Nicholas says to the others. "This better go good for all of us." Ray says to Nicholas. "Hopefully." Max says to Ray. "Let's quit worrying." Ben says to the others. Nicholas looks as he comes up to a stop sign. Ray, Max, and Ben exits from the truck, and aims at the nearby bandits. Nicholas looks as the bandits are armed with assault rifle. "Get in the car!!!" Nicholas yells for the others before a gunfight starts.

Lance sits in his brother's lab, and begins to make plans. "I need to search for more groups within Muskegon. There's the Muskegon Bandit Army, which is too powerful for us to handle. There's the Bellings Community, which is too far." Lance says to himself.

Nicholas looks as Ray and Max lay dead on the ground while Ben hides behind cover as the bandits were all killed. Nicholas exits from the car. "Ben, are you alright?" Nicholas asks Ben. "I've been shot." Ben says to Nicholas. "Where?" Nicholas asks Ben. Ben shows the gunshot wound, which is revealed to be a zombie bite. As Nicholas is about to kill Ben, Ben stops him. "Let me turn." Ben says to Nicholas. "Your wishes aren't granted." Nicholas says to Ben before shooting him in the head out of mercy.

Daniel looks as an armored truck drives through the gates. Albert gets hit by the truck as Chester and the others gets out of the way. Albert lays on the ground, severely wounded. Chester rushes to his wounded son, and brings him to the infirmary just as Daniel and the others begins to shoot at the bandits.

Lance looks outside of his house as Austin is sitting on a bench.

Nicholas enters Muskegon alone as he gets bit in his left arm by a zombie. Nicholas stabs the zombie in the head before staring at his arm. Nicholas reluctantly begins to amputate his arm just as a member of a small group meets up with him. "Come with me." Alexis says to Nicholas. Nicholas passes out from the blood loss.

Nicholas wakes up in a large house with the windows barricaded. "You must've been crazy to enter that city. Welcome to my group. Justin is the leader and my father." Alexis says to Nicholas. Nicholas looks as a robotic arm is implanted as his new arm. Justin walks in. "Don't need to question who did it because I personally did it." Justin says to Nicholas.

Kevin, Burt, Doug, and the other bandits follows Dan's lead as they storm into the community.

Negan looks as Stephen, a doctor, brings Treyson's organs to the medical freezer. "Treyson was a good man. He died for my life. For now on, I owe him like the others." Negan says to himself.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Nicholas Everett.
  • First appearance of Justin.
  • First appearance of Alexis.
  • First appearance of Stephen.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Ray.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Max.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Ben.
  • Last appearance of Chance Lopez.
  • Last appearance of Jennifer Billington.

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