Raging Crazy Clowns Of Plainwell Colony
Season 5, Episode 2


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January 21, 2016
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Daniel Cooper
Angela Ellis
Nathan DeVries
Lamar Tanner
Loki Wells
Lance MacRoy
Fred Dodge
Roger Everett
Nicholas Everett

Also Starring


Seth Goetz**
Isabella Reedus**
Riley Danes**
Barnaby Wilson

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Raging Crazy Clowns Of Plainwell Colony is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

While the rest of the Bellings Community Army attacks the walls guards of Plainwell Colony, Daniel and Nathan must escape from within the colony if they want to live; After begins told to leave, Lance returns to the MacRoy Safe-Lands, but gets a dangerous surprise.

Plot Synopsis

Angela and the others advances towards the wall guards. "Keep advancing!!!" Angela yells for the others.

Barnaby retreats into a nearby armory as he's been wounded.

Daniel and Nathan runs towards the gates while the guards are distracted, but Billy and Ken catches up to them. Lamar guns the two enemies down, and helps with Daniel and Nathan escaping. "Angela, I got Daniel and Nathan to safety. Call for all of the soldiers to retreat to our base." Lamar radios to Angela before getting shot in the back. Nathan grabs Lamar's rifle, and shoots Mallory in the head. "Daniel, bring Lamar to the others. I'm going to hunt down the remaining members of Plainwell Colony." Nathan says to Daniel. "You're coming with me!!!" Daniel yells at Nathan. Nathan reluctantly follows Daniel's orders.

Barnaby looks as several manages to enter the armory. Barnaby realizes that he's too weak to do anything anymore. "I shall die as a sacrifice to the human race!!!!" Barnaby yells at himself before getting devoured by the zombies.

The survivors looks as the Plainwell Colony gets overran by zombies. "Whoever's still in there are most likely dead." Roger says to the others. "Damn right." Fred says to Roger. "Hopefully, Lamar and the two others arrives." Nicholas says to the others just as Daniel brings a wounded Lamar as Nathan is missing. "Where's Nathan?" Angela asks Daniel. "His left ankle is caught in a bear trap. I had to leave him behind for Lamar's safety." Daniel answers to Angela. Daniel brings several others to Nathan's location just as zombies begins to go for Nathan. "Kill the fucking zombies!!!" Nathan yells for the others. A zombie falls onto Nathan, and tries to bite him. "Get it off from me! Help!!!" Nathan yells for the others. The zombies are eventually killed as Angela is forced to amputate Nathan's foot. Nathan passes out due to the amputation. The survivors then returns to the community.

Lance returns to the MacRoy Safe-Lands as Austin and two other guards waits nears the gates. "Welcome back, Lance." Dallas says to Lance. "We were waiting a long time, Lance." Austin says to Lance. "What's going on?" Lance asks the others. "Morale has been low while you were gone." Austin answers to Lance. "Even your girlfriend's been sleeping with the local bar owner." Hugo says to Lance. "Why would Amber sleep with Gustavo?" Lance asks Hugo. "Because I'm a bigger man than you, Lance." Gustavo answers to Lance as Amber hides behind Gustavo. "Back off, Gustavo. You're threatening our leader." Austin says to Gustavo. "Well....he's a my ex-boyfriend now." Amber says to Austin. Gustavo pulls out a switchblade. "You're a fool to bring a knife to a duel." Lance says to Gustavo before pulling out his revolver, and shooting Gustavo in the chest. Amber screams in horror as she stares at a wounded Gustavo. "You and Gustavo are out of here now!!!" Lance yells at Amber. "He needs medical help." Amber says to Lance. "You're wrong for what you've done. You should've subdue him, and placed him in our prison." Dallas says to Lance. "Well, how about you bring him to it alongside a medic." Lance says to Dallas. "You were in the wrong, Lance. That's what your brother would've done." Will says to Lance. "Don't say that about my dead brother!!!" Lance yells at Will. "Stewie's dead?" Will asks Lance. "Yes. He's dead." Lance answers to Will. "You better raise the morale around here or I might have to form a rebellion crew. You don't want that, right?" Mitch asks Lance. "I don't want that." Lance answers to Mitch.

Austin looks as Gustavo is getting medical treatment. Austin pulls out his silenced pistol. "No mercy." Austin says to himself.

Lamar opens his eyes as he's stuck in a flashback of life before Daniel and the others joined it as he's in his house as his old baseball bat was on his bed. "Is this a dream?" Lamar asks himself. Lamar picks a package on the table, and it's revealed to be a living picture frame to shows himself in reality while laying on a infirmary bed. "You're in a flashback. Survive the flashback, and you'll return to reality. If you fail your objective, you'll be dead in reality." A message on the package says to Lamar. Lamar screams.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Dallas.
  • First appearance of Hugo.
  • First appearance of Amber.
  • First appearance of Gustavo.
  • First appearance of Mitch.
  • Last appearance of Barnaby Wilson.
  • Last appearance of Ken.
  • Last appearance of Billy.
  • Last appearance of Mallory.
  • Last appearance of Logan.
  • Last appearance of Benji.

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