The Damned Village
Season 5, Episode 5


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Release Date
January 24, 2016
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Cast Guide


Daniel Cooper
Angela Ellis**
Nathan DeVries
Lamar Tanner*
Loki Wells
Lance MacRoy**
Fred Dodge*

Also Starring


Clifford Walters
Roger Walters
Sylvester Eastwood**
Seth Goetz*
Isabella Reedus**
Riley Danes**

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

The Damned Village is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

A threat attack occurs while Nathan and Loki are at the OV Colony; Lance and Greta meets at a small warehouse in the outskirts of the Bellings Community with two leaders of other large groups; Clifford and Roger attacks Daniel and several others within Daniel's house.

Plot Synopsis

Nathan and Loki looks as several survivors goes to a meeting as Vince has the others survivors get to know the two new survivors. Several members of The Whisperers breaks into the colony, and one of them manages to shoots Vince in the chest. "Everyone! Get to safety!!!" Loki yells for the others. Carter gets shot in the head by Earl. Roger shoots Loki in the head just as Nathan helps Vince to a nearby bathroom. "Don't....let me die...." Vince says to Nathan before dying. Nathan proceeds to putting Vince down just as Earl, Duane, and another whisperer enters the bathroom. "Duane and Shumpert, go check up on the others' kill counts." Earl says to the two before Nathan shoots him and Duane in their heads. "Spare me! I'll surrender!!!" Shumpert yells at Nathan, who knocks him out.

Daniel brings Clifford and Roger into his house. "How long have you been leader?" Clifford asks Daniel. "None of your business." Daniel answers to Clifford. "How the hell did you know that I was here?" Daniel asks Clifford. "We.....didn't kill two of your men. They were close friends or brothers." Roger answers to Daniel. "Guards! Lock these men up in the prison!!!" Daniel yells for his guards. Clifford pulls out his rifle, and aims it at Daniel's head. "It's time for my payback. After the fall of my colony, it's time for the fall of your community." Clifford says to Daniel. Roger aims at Riley and Isabella as they enter Daniel's house. "Get over towards Daniel. Me and my father are taking control of the situation." Roger says to the two.

Nathan looks as Morgan, Roger, and the other whisperers begins to gun down some of the colony's survivors. Roger and another whisperer grabs a young woman, and puts her to the stage. "The blood of your fellow survivors that are spilled on this stage is the start of The Whisperers' terror on society. Time for all of humanity to live as animals!!!" Morgan yells at the survivors as he's about to behead the young woman. Nathan shoots Roger in the chest, and manages to shoot Morgan in the head before using a whisperer as a human shield as he guns down several whisperers. "This so-called plan of your old leader isn't going to happen no more. Surrender to me, and new opportunities will be given as a reward. The Whisperers is just like The Damned Village on TV when things turn to chaotic ways, and the real victor is determined by their mentality." Nathan says to the remaining whisperers. The Whisperers begins to leave the OV Colony. The young woman runs towards Nathan, and hugs him as she cries. "Thank you for saving me!!!" Alicia says to Nathan. An older man walks onto the stage. You've showed my people bravery. For that, we're all in your debt." Harlan says to Nathan. "Instead of feeling like owing me anything, you all can become allies to the Bellings Community." Nathan says to the survivors. The crowd applauds for Nathan.

Lance and Greta drives towards a warehouse as the leader of the Dereal Colony arrives with the current leader of the Dereal Colony and the current leader of the Central Slave Trade Colony. "Hey Parsons. Hey Sylvester." Greta says to the two. "So we're going to get the plan settled on the fate of the final decision with the Bellings Community?" Parsons asks Greta. "That depends. We'll need to speak to Daniel one-on-one." Greta answers to Parsons. The four hears gunshots from within the community's walls.

Angela is revealed to have killed Roger as Clifford is surrendering. "Bring the fucker to our prison. He'll be locked up for life." Daniel says to Angela.

Roger and Shumpert looks as they're locked up in a madeshift jail within the OV Colony as two guards, Ben and Frank, walks by.

Clifford looks as he's in his prison cell as Riley stares at him.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Harlan.
  • First appearance of Parsons.
  • First appearance of Shumpert.
  • First appearance of Alicia.
  • First appearance of Ben.
  • First appearance of Frank.
  • Last appearance of Loki Wells.
  • Last appearance of Roger Walters.
  • Last appearance of Morgan.
  • Last appearance of Vince.
  • Last appearance of Earl.
  • Last appearance of Carter.
  • Last appearance of Duane.

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