Meeting The Crew
Season 1, Episode 3


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December 23, 2015
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan
Roger Anderson**
Lia Porter
TJ Adkins

Also Starring


Leon Campbell
Sturgess Reynolds
Benji Billiams
Brian Doolins**
Dwight Horseman**
Chase Black**
Burt Sandler
Angela Ellis
Chris Wayans
Owen Winsley

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Meeting The Crew is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Daniel and the remaining members of his group finally settles in with the community as they meet a few of the families; TJ and Benji travels into the nearby city of Chicago with some of the other new supply runners, and faces a problem with zombies; A family struggles as they escape from Chicago; A hostile group attacks the community from within the walls.

Plot Synopsis

Leon cries as he stares at Jared's Corpse. Alisha places her hand on Leon's shoulder. "Let's go hang out at our house." Alisha says to Leon. "Alright." Leon says to Alisha.

Sterling looks as Sturgess, Lia, and the other construction crew members struggles to do some lifting. Sterling begins to help just as some zombies begins to arrive. "Fall back!!!" Sturgess yells for the others. Sterling looks as a woman falls to the ground as she's retreating. "Angela!!!" Lia yells for Angela. Sterling runs forward, and shoots the zombies around Angela in their heads. Sterling grabs Angela, and brings her to the others, and he continues to shoot at the zombies. Angela and another survivor follows Sterling's lead. "Burt, go to the other side." Angela says to Burt. "Got that, Angela." Burt says to Angela. Burt looks as a zombie grabs, and bites into Pablo's neck. Burt shoots the zombie off from Pablo, and mercy kills him just as more zombies arrives.

TJ and Benji looks at Kent, Donald, Sally, and Bryan, who are all behind them. "We all need to be careful out here." Benji says to the four others. "We get that." Kent says to Benji. A zombie grabs, and bites Bryan in his shoulder. "I'm fucked...." Bryan says to the other as he runs away, and gets caught in a small group of zombies. Bryan screams as he gets devoured. TJ looks at Benji. "Let's all get to that damn store so no more of us dies." TJ says to the others. Donald and Sally stares at each other as they follow TJ, Benji, and Kent. Donald pulls out his gun, and accidentally misfires, which the bullet shoots into Kent's leg. Kent holds in his pain as he struggles to keep moving. Donald panics, and runs away. Sally slips down a hill, and breaks her leg open. Sally screams as she tries to climb up the hill. Kent looks at zombies begins to arrive. "TJ and Benji, leave us behind. We're slowing you both down. Tell my wife Susie that I love her, and I'm sorry that I'm not able to get home." Kent says to the two. "You're going to live!!!" TJ yells at Kent as he grabs him. Benji pulls Sally up from the hill. The four looks as zombies begins to get closer to them. "Donald better not try anymore bullshit." Sally says to the others.

Daniel walks around the community, and meets a teenager boy. "Hey mister. I'm Ben Ellis. My older sister is a part of the construction crew. Her name is Angela. She's one of the better workers. I'm planning on joining the supply runners. What's your job around here?" Ben asks Daniel. "I'm a constable. Sterling is a member of the construction crew, Leon was supposed to go on the supply run, but he's too sadden to do so, and Alisha is a guard." Daniel answers to Ben. "My husband is a part of the construction crew. His name is Burt. He's one of the first members of the construction crew. Sturgess was the exact first member of it, and he created it. Sturgess is sometimes a wimp, though." Susan says to Daniel. Ben and Devin walks to a nearby house. "Those two tends to hang out with Walter Goodings and Mallory Thomas." Clement says to Daniel.

Chris looks at his family as they run away from the city of Chicago. "We need to keep going." Chris says to his family. Sasha falls, and gets devoured by zombies. "Mom!!!" Bella yells for Sasha. Heath pulls her back as Chris guides them to a nearby car. The three then drives away from the city.

TJ and the others looks as a city drives past the area on the road. "Those zombies are distracted, let's go." Benji says to the others. The supply runners travels to the city of Chicago, and settles a temporary safe-house in one of the nearby houses. "We'll need to get some medical supplies to help out those two." TJ says to Benji. "You both should just leave us here to die." Sally says to the two. Kent begins to write a goodbye letter to his wife, Susie. Kent places it into TJ's bag, and looks as the Benji exits from the house as TJ stands guard. "Please go..." Kent says to TJ. "Kent, how would Susie feel? Sally, how would Pablo feel?" TJ asks the two. TJ hears a walkie talkie. "Shit! Pablo is dead! The Construction Crew is under attack! I repeat! The construction crew is under attack!!!" Lia says to TJ via Walkie Talkie. Sally cries as she hears about her husband's death. TJ holds her hands. "Never give up." TJ says to Sally.

Sterling looks as zombies begins to overwhelm the crew. "Get into the community! Now!!!" Sterling yells for the others. Angela, Burt, Lia, and the others manages to get in as Sturgess is fatally bit in his neck. Sterling grabs him, and pulls him into the community, and puts him down as the zombies begins to bang at the gate.

A man looks at Roger's Community. "Owen, what should we do?" A disguised survivor asks Owen. "We'll blend in with the zombies, and we'll sneak in, and try to kill as many of those people as we can." Owen answers to the man. "That's what The Sneakers are good at..." The man says to Owen before getting his neck slit open. The four other Sneakers looks on in horror. "When are you all ready?" Owen asks the others. "Now!!!" The 4 Sneakers yells at Owen as they charge at the community alongside Owen. The five manages to successfully make it into the community as Alisha spots them. Alisha is stabbed in the head before she could yell for help. "Loot and kill." Owen says to the others as they begin to sneak around the community. "Mickey and Stan are waiting for us." Owen says to himself.

Daniel spots Alisha's corpse, and gets attacked by a sneaker. "You'll die!!!" The sneaker yells at Daniel. Daniel grabs the sneaker, and chokes the sneaker to death, and stabs her in the head just as another sneaker arrives. Lia shoot the aggresive sneaker in his head, and the two confronts two more sneakers. Daniel shoots one of them in their heads as the other jumps out of the community, and flees. "He won't come back..." Lia says to Daniel. Daniel kisses Lia, which doesn't surprise Lia. "I was always waiting for some man to do that." Lia says to Daniel.

Roger walks out of his house, and gets shot in the head by Owen. "Everyone! Surrender to the sneakers or die!!!" Owen yells at the survivors. Brian tries to intervene, and gets shot in the leg. Dwight pulls out his crossbow, and shoots Owen in the head with the crossbow. Chase tends to Brian's wounds as the zombies breaks open the gate.

Benji arrives back at the house, and sees TJ picking Sally as Kent follows them. Benji helps Kent with walking. The four gets into a nearby car, and begins to drive back to the community, but hears on the walkie talkie about zombies breaking into the community. "Fuck...." Kent says to himself. "Samuel, my son, is going to wonder if I'm still alive or not. We need to go back to the community, and help clear out the zombies." Kent says to the others. "We'll do that, but only me and Benji will be the work." TJ says to Kent. "Thank you for not listening to our requests of abandonment of us." Sally says to TJ. "Do you have any children?" TJ asks Sally. "Yes. Michael and Barbara." Sally answers to TJ. "Billy and Vince will probably be back from their long trip soon." Benji says to TJ.

Other Cast





  • First Appearance of Burt Sandler.
  • First Appearance of Susan Sandler.
  • First Appearance of Devin Sandler.
  • First Appearance of Angela Ellis.
  • First Appearance of Ben Ellis.
  • First Appearance of Kent.
  • First Appearance of Sally.
  • First Appearance of Chris Wayans.
  • First Appearance of Heath Wayans.
  • First Appearance of Bella Wayans.
  • First(and Last) Appearance of Donald. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) Appearance of Bryan.
  • First(and Last) Appearance of Sasha Wayans.
  • First(and Last) Appearance of Owen Winsley.
  • Last Appearance of Jared Campbell. (Corpse Only)
  • Last Appearance of Alisha.
  • Last Appearance of Roger Anderson.
  • Last Appearance of Sturgess Reynolds.
  • Last Appearance of Pablo.
  • First mentions of Susie.
  • First mentions of Walter Goodings.
  • First mentions of Mallory Thomas.
  • First mentions of Mickey.
  • First mentions of Stan.
  • First mentions of Samuel.
  • First mentions of Michael.
  • First mentions of Barbara.
  • First mentions of Billy.
  • First mentions of Vince.

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