The Fog
Season 6, Episode 1


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January 28, 2016
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Cast Guide


Daniel Cooper
Nathan DeVries
Lamar Tanner
Samuel Andrewstone
Lance MacRoy
Angela Ellis***
Stewie MacRoy***

Also Starring


Clifford Walters
Sylvester Eastwood*
Isabella Reedus

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

The Fog is the Season 6 premiere of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Nathan investigates the location where Angela and her squadron were murdered; Samuel begins to look at his newly acquired weapons; Daniel, Lamar, Isabella, and the others begins to abandon the Bellings Community as they move into the OV Colony as several others moves all of the supplies and storages to the Dereal Colony; Lance begins to turn evil just like Stewie was.

Plot Synopsis

Bradley gets up from his chair as Kirk walks towards him. "Bradley, there's a gathering that you" Kirk says to Bradley. "Alright." Bradley says to Kirk.

Nathan discovers an abandoned motorcycle, and drives it towards the massacre that Angela and the others were killed in. Nathan sees as the bodies are in a large burning pile. "None of them deserved this type of treatment." Nathan says to himself. Nathan looks in a burning car, and sees a rifle bag with Angela's special modified sniper rifle. Nathan grabs it, and cries as he holds it. "Angela and everyone that died here, I'll avenge you all. Those bastards that killed you all will pay." Nathan says to the corpses of the deceased members of the Bellings Community.

Daniel, Lamar, Isabella, and most of the others arrives at the OV Colony just as Harlan and the others are constructing multiple buildings. "I want to let you all know that you all can feel free to relax in the school." Harlan says to the survivors. "We'll help out with the construction." Daniel says to Harlan. "I second that decision." Lamar says to Harlan. "Same here." Isabella says to Harlan.

Samuel looks at the new weapons as the other bandits goes hunting for any supplies. "There's so many to choose still." Samuel says to himself.

Nathan looks as several of the same bandits that killed Angela and the others returns. The bandits discovers Nathan's motorcycle before Nathan snipes them from the hills nearby. Nathan begins to loot the bandits' corpse, and discovers a map to the bandit's camp. "Time for me to go killing some bandits." Nathan says to himself.

Several of the Bellings Community survivors begins to move all of the supplies and storages to the Dereal Colony just as they interrupt Parsons' speech.

Lance looks as Gustavo lays on the prison floor, almost dead. "Don't do anymore." Gustavo says to Lance. "You'll die now!!!" Lance yells at Gustavo just before smashing his skull repeatedly with his nailed baseball bat. Lance walks to the mirror, and sees Stewie's face in the mirror. Lance turns around, and sees Stewie standing outside of the cell. "You're fucking up like I did!!!" Stewie's ghost yells at Lance before disappearing.

As Daniel walks to his tent, he sees a ghost of Angela sleeping in his tent. Daniel begins to cry before entering the tent. "I'll always watch over you. I sense that someone that you're an ally to will become evil." Angela says to Daniel before disappearing.

Austin packs his supplies up, and heads towards the MacRoy Safe-Lands' gates, and leaves the safe-lands, leaving his traces to be disappeared as he disappears as he enters the nearby forest.

Clifford looks as he's placed in the OV Colony's jail as he looks as Roger and Shumpert within the cell. "Hello." Clifford says to the two.

Other Cast




  • Gustavo
  • Several unnamed members of Samuel's Gang


  • Last appearance of Austin. (Unknown)
  • Last appearance of Gustavo.
  • Last appearance of Angela Ellis. (Ghost)
  • Last appearance of Stewie MacRoy. (Ghost)

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