Defining The Truth
Season 1, Episode 4


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Release Date
December 24, 2015
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Cast Guide


Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan
Lia Porter
TJ Adkins
Leon Campbell
Dwight Horseman
Chase Black**

Also Starring


Benji Billiams
Brian Doolins**
Burt Sandler
Angela Ellis**
Carson Reed
Greg Castro
Nathan DeVries
Stewie MacRoy

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

Defining The Truth is an episode of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

The survivors within the community struggles with fending off the invading zombies as a new group arrives as helping hands; TJ and the others are ambushed by a small group of bandits as Sally desperately runs away; Two members of the community comes across several survivors in need of help.

Plot Synopsis

Zombies grabs Clement, and bites into his shoulder as a truck drives into the horde of zombies. A tiger, Sammy, exits from the truck, and begins to feast on the crawling zombies as three men begins to shoot their assault rifle at the zombies. "Everyone, get to safety!!!" Nathan yells at the survivors. "Greg, stay close to Nathan." Carson says to Greg. "Alright." Greg says to Carson. After the zombies are finally killed, Daniel walks onto a platform. "I'm the leader now, and I expect everyone to grow the hell up now!!!" Daniel yells at the survivors. "What is needed?" Burt asks Daniel. "Sterling, tell them." Daniel says to Sterling. "We must not give up!!!" Sterling yells at the other survivors. "We're here for a reason. Not to sit around, and plan some activities for whenever you get bored. Work around here. Daniel will lead that example soon." Sterling says to the others. Carson and Greg watches the meeting from their trucks. "We should show them our safe-zone." Greg says to Carson. "We will." Carson says to Greg. "No Mercy For The Enemies of ours!!!" Leon yells at the others. The survivors begins to cheer for Daniel's leadership just as Carson walks onto the platform. "You should pack up your things, and join my group. The Reed Safe-Zone. We'll assist in checking the weapons." Carson says to the others. Lia and Dwight stands near Greg and Nathan. Lia stares at Nathan, who inspects some of the weapons. "Leave our community alone, and leave!!!" Lia yells at Nathan. "We're here to tell you to join my friend's safe-zone." Nathan says to Lia. "We're fine here." Dwight says to Nathan. "Then how the fuck did those damn zombie break in? We have cement walls, not wooden walls. We're safe from zombies, and we've had to kill many hostile groups, but we're dealing with two neighboring groups that are in a feud." Nathan says to Dwight. Lia walks away as Dwight grows suspicious of Nathan.

Daniel looks at his family photo, and cries as Lia walks into his house. "Get everyone to the main gate. We're all leaving." Daniel says to Lia.

Billy and Vince comes across a vehicle on the side of the road, and sees several survivors fighting off several zombies. Billy looks at Vince. "Use your sniper rifle, and kill the zombies that closes on me and the survivors." Billy says to Vince. "Alright." Vince says to Billy. Billy jumps down from the end of the bridge, and begins to shoot the zombies in their heads. The survivors looks at Billy. "Thanks. We're just heading to our group. The Reed Safe-Zone is it. If you want, you can join us. Our leader, his pet tiger, and two of our best men are out here still." Treyson says to Billy. "We got a place of our own, but thanks for the offer." Billy says to Treyson, who he and his fellow survivors walks away.

TJ, Benji, and Kent are pulled out of their car as four bandits begins to rob them. One of the bandits grabs Sally, and begins to try to rape her. "Mitchell, I'm getting the lady!!!" Mitchell yells for Troy. "Fuck her hard." Troy says to Mitchell, who is stabbed in the neck by Sally. Sally falls down the side of the highway, and lands in a small river as she crawls away from the others just as Benji shoots Troy in the head. "Me and Bob will give up now." Nelson says to Benji. Benji aims at the two remaining bandits in the woods with TJ and Kent behind him. "Let's spare them so we can have more bullets for later." Kent says to Benji. TJ begins to take the bandits' supplies, and places the supplies into the car. "Scram..." Benji says to the two, who runs away. "Sally!!!" TJ yells for Sally. "Let's head back, and tell the others." Benji says to the others.

A masked man with an eyepatch stares at the community. "The MacRoy Safe-Lands will seek more supplies." Stewie says to himself.

Susan looks as Susie walks to the gates with Samuel. Michael and Barbara begins to ask some of the others when their mother is supposed to come back.

Sally arrives at an abandoned campfire, and then collapses.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Carson Reed.
  • First appearance of Greg Castro.
  • First appearance of Nathan DeVries.
  • First appearance of Sammy The Tiger.
  • First appearance of Susie.
  • First appearance of Samuel.
  • First appearance of Michael.
  • First appearance of Barbara.
  • First appearance of Treyson.
  • First appearance of Landon.
  • First appearance of Emilio.
  • First appearance of Anna.
  • First appearance of Brittany.
  • First appearance of Rebecca.
  • First appearance of Billy.
  • First appearance of Vince.
  • First appearance of Stewie MacRoy.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Nelson. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Bob. (Unknown)
  • First(and Last) appearance of Troy.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Mitchell.
  • Last appearance of Clement.

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