The Tribe
Season 1, Episode 6


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December 26, 2015
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Daniel Cooper
Sterling Ryan**
Lia Porter**
TJ Adkins
Dwight Horseman
Chase Black
Angela Ellis**
Carson Reed
Nathan DeVries

Also Starring


Benji Billiams**
Brian Doolins**
Chris Wayans
Greg Castro**
Stewie MacRoy
Emily Reed
Johnathan Washington
Chester Seely
Carlton Phelps

* = Doesn't appear
** = No Lines
*** = Flashback

The Tribe is the Season 1 finale of Danger Of The Dead.

Plot Overview

Stewie begins to plan an attack against the two other neighboring group; The group arrives at the Reed Safe-Zone with most of their members dying during the walk; Chris struggles as he gets chased by MacRoy Safe-Lands soldiers.

Plot Synopsis

Daniel looks as him and the rest of the group moves on towards to Reed Safe-Zone. "This better not be a false hope." Dwight says to Carson. "False hope? I felt that as I watched my family die to those fucking zombies." Nathan says to Dwight. Dwight looks at Nathan, worried about him upsetting him, but decides to not ask him. The survivors arrives at the Reed Safe-Zone, and a woman waits at the main gate with Treyson. "Emily. We got some new members." Carson says to Emily. "Treyson and his squad were saved by two men. They want to look for them." Emily says to Carson. "They're a part of the newcomers' group." Treyson says to Emily. Billy and Vince walks forward. "We saved him and his group. We've lost most of our group during the walk to here." Billy says to Emily. "Since I'm the leader, I'm accepting you all to be a part of our safe-zone. We had recently had a father and his young adult son and daughter. Chris, the father, is still out there tracking down Stewie MacRoy and some of his bodyguards." Carson says to the others. Heath walks towards the group as Bella helps Treyson with closing the gate. "My name is Heath, and my father is Chris." Heath says to the others. Johnathan, a heavily armored guard, walks up to the others. "We're at war with the MacRoy Safe-Lands. The Dereal Colony is planning on forming an alliance with us. In a few weeks, we'll have some of our people go over to their colony to make arrangements for plans of attacks. Stewie is an evil tyrant, and he must be stopped. We must not kill him. We'll let him live, and suffer in a jail cell for eternity. We've done it to some others, including a member of a small cult. The Master is his name. He was forming a zombie army against us. Nathan captured him, and we had The Master starve to death in his cell. The Master was a member of this safe-zone, but I guess that one time after getting sick, he turned crazy, and started to kill many of us before Nathan arrived, and became one of the two bodyguards. Sammy was a part of a zoo nearby. She was originally food, but Carson kept her as a pet and a personal bodyguard to him. If anyone wants to go on a mission setted by myself, answer my calls now." Johnathan says to the others. "I will." TJ says to Johnathan. "Same here." Dwight says to Johnathan. "I'll join." Chase says to Johnathan. "Let me assist." Vince says to Johnathan. Ramirez, another heavily armored guard, arrives. "Go to the armory. We all will meet there. Follow Johnathan." Ramirez says to the others. TJ, Dwight, Chase, and Vince begins to follow Johnathan as Ramirez to the car lot.

Nathan walks to the warehouse as Daniel and the remaining members of Daniel's Group follows. "Why are we in the warehouse?" Daniel asks Nathan. "Everyone must shoot the targets. If you don't know how to use a weapon, you'll be learning now. This is required in order to be members of this safe-zone. We don't accept any weak survivors, which we call those people Dead Weight." Nathan answers to Daniel as the survivors walks up to their booths. "Target set to start in 10 seconds." Nathan says to the others. 10 seconds goes by, as the survivors begins to shoot at the targets. The survivors finishes up as Nathan checks up on the targets. "Not bad. Could use some improvements." Nathan says to the others. "Did I do good?" Devin asks Nathan. Nathan looks at Devin's target sheet. "Sorry to say this, but you'll need improvement. We'll help in every way to get it from your condition to an expert condition." Nathan says to Devin. Carson walks into the warehouse. "Remember! We're at war. To learn to use a gun is one step close to success. One day, it'll be the final test, and it'll be a life or death situation on if you kill or be killed. Luckly, we have had minimal casualties." Carson says to the others.

Johnathan looks at an old photo of himself and The Master. "The Master's name was Caleb Winslow. He was my best friend, but I was in charge of his cell, and I watched him die in the cell." Johnathan says to TJ while the others are hanging out in the same room as Ramirez. A quick flashback shows Caleb crying in his cell.

Chris looks as Stewie, Calvin, and the others hunts for him. Chris runs through the woods, and arrives at a small cabin. Chris gets into the cabin, and watches as Stewie and the others arrives. "We'll get him later." Stewie says to the others. Chris becomes relieved just before he hears whispers within the cabin. "Hello?" Chris asks for anyone in the cabin. Chris pulls out his rifle, and begins to search the cabin, and sees a man with his dying sister, who is laying on the bed. "Don't hurt us. Me and my wife Angie aren't bad people. She's been bitten in the chest. I'm Chester." Chester says to Chris. "Anyone else in the cabin?" Chris asks Chester. "My son, Albert. He's scared." Chester answers to Chris. "Want me to check the wound on Angie?" Chris asks Chester before Angie begins to cough. "Please.....put me out....of my misery...." Angie says to Chris. Chester kisses Angie on the forehead as he gets Albert. Chris looks as Chester and Albert walks out of the cabin. Angie smiles as Chris stabs her in the head. Chris begins to cry as the situation reminds him of his former wife's death. Chester and Albert walks back in as they witness Chris crying. "A few weeks ago, my wife died. I also have kids, both adults, but they're supportive." Chris says to Chester. "If you want, you can stay here for the day, unless if you have somewhere to go to." Chester says to Chris. "I have to go, but best of luck for you and your son. Stay safe out here." Chris says to Chester. "I know that you were hiding from Stewie. Me, Angie, and Albert fled from the MacRoy Safe-Lands. If we could, can we join the Reed Safe-Zone?" Chester asks Chris. "We're at war with the MacRoy Safe-Lands. It'll be best for you and your son to safe out here, where you won't need to worry if you'd like the next day or not, since we're required to do work. Stewie and his men got done murdering members of a community. Carson has been stressed out lately." Chris answers to Chester. Chris exits from the Cabin. "Dad, when are we going to not have to worry about Stewie?" Albert asks Chester. "When he dies." Chester answers to Albert.

Heath, Bella, Treyson, Landon, Emilio, Anna, Brittany, and Rebecca looks as Chris returns to the safe-zone.

Stewie heads back to the MacRoy Safe-Lands. "Calvin, today was a good day." Stewie says to Calvin.

A small band of bandits begins to watch the Reed Safe-Zone. "Wesley, Bidwell, Lewis, Morris, Carley, Noah, Walter, Cody, Stan, Bruce, Collins, Wyatt, and Wade, we'll infiltrate the safe-zone, and take their supplies." Carlton says to his fellow members.

Other Cast





  • First appearance of Emily Wilson.
  • First appearance of Johnathan Washington.
  • First appearance of Ramirez.
  • First appearance of Carlton Phelps.
  • First appearance of Wesley.
  • First appearance of Bidwell.
  • First appearance of Lewis.
  • First appearance of Morris.
  • First appearance of Carley.
  • First appearance of Noah.
  • First appearance of Walter.
  • First appearance of Cody.
  • First appearance of Stan.
  • First appearance of Bruce
  • First appearance of Collins.
  • First appearance of Wyatt.
  • First appearance of Wade.
  • First appearance of Chester Seely.
  • First appearance of Albert Seely.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Angie Seely.
  • First(and Last) appearance of Caleb Winslow. (Flashback)

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